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Greater Goods Kitchen Scale 451 – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21



Main technical features


The Greater Goods scale is known for being very accurate; it has four high precision weighing sensors, which give it an accuracy within 1 oz/1gm. The device is well calibrated and has a tare weight function, which can be activated by pressing the ZERO button.

It is accompanied by an Android or iOS app with codes and product name searching. The mechanisms and materials used for this scale are highly durable and will allow you to carefully measure anything up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms in weight. It operates using 3 AAA batteries.


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In-depth information


This reliable electronic scale is perfect for keeping track of your dietary habits; it will show you valuable information regarding your eating routine, calorie intake and many other factors which influence a healthy lifestyle.

With a vast built-in database which contains nutrition facts for 2000 different foods which allow the user to add up to 99 more custom entries, this model is capable of offering you exact information regarding how nutritious and healthy a particular meal is.

Its special functions allow you to measure individual ingredients and track whole dishes. Together with the built-in database, the scale will calculate the daily total and offer you detailed insight, which can help you adapt your diet more comfortably and with better results for a healthy lifestyle.

The scale has other useful features, such as auto shut-down which turns off the power after 1 minute since last used, an automatic calibration function and one for tare, which allows you to measure ingredients in a bowl.

The non-slip, scratch resistant feet are great safety features which prevent it from accidentally falling off the table. The top is made from durable tempered glass, allowing you a maximum weight of 11 pounds or 5 kilograms.

The operation can be done by pressing the touch-sensitive buttons, the surface covering them being waterproof. You can quickly wash and clean the product after using it. Both imperial and metric units can be selected.

This great nutrition scale has a modern and sleek design, which is not only good-looking but also functional, allowing you to store it in a small space since it is very slim. Operating with the three included AAA batteries, it requires no power source and can be used in many environments.

Accuracy is guaranteed by four pressure sensors, which are very well calibrated and known for being reliable and also durable.

Known Issues


The pre-programmed codes include a lot of heavily processed food and junk food, meals that someone who is keeping track of their calorie income is less likely to consume.

There are too few whole foods already included in the database. Another issue customers dislike is the auto shutdown function, which turns it off after only 1 minute of not using the gadget, and that’s not adjustable and cannot be changed to a more extended period of time.

The screen is not backlit, and people with vision problems or operating it in a poorly lit room will have a hard time reading the numbers.


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