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EatSmart Nutrition Scale – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this device has many advanced technologies incorporated so that you can enjoy great accuracy and better results than before.

The weight capacity of this reliable electronic scale has been increased to 11 lbs by using better materials and more efficient pressure sensors. 4 of them are used for this model, which has an excellent accuracy of 1 gram and .1 ounces. Apart from these technical features, many other functions are integrated.


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In-depth information


Including the most effective technologies you can get at this price, the EatSmart digital scale is an excellent choice for someone who wants to keep a precise and detailed record of their dietary habits.

Designed by a team of medical experts, the built-in database contains the nutritional values of approximately 1000 foods which have been selected to include healthy, whole meals usually enjoyed by those who opt for a healthy lifestyle or in need of a diet.

Apart from the presets, this good nutrition scale contains a memory mode with which you can save up to 99 other entries for daily or weekly tracking.

Whether in memory mode or by using the preset data included, you can use the item to calculate the intake of some essential substances such as calories, fiber, sodium, magnesium and total fat.

The scale instantly calculates the quantity, offering you detailed and explicit results. Furthermore, you can do this for any food with a USDA Nutrition Facts label, being one of the most comprehensive scales in this category.

To be a winner in terms of versatility, the gadget weighs in grams (approximating to the nearest whole gram) and ounces (to the nearest .1 ounces). It has a capacity of 11 pounds or approximately 5 kilograms, enough for the everyday needs of most customers. The tare feature enables you to weigh ingredients in a bowl.

Other cool functions include auto power off, which increases battery life by automatically turning it off when not in use.

The backlit screen solves a problem commonly seen in many other products – visibility in poorly lit rooms is ensured, and, regardless of your eyesight, you can read the numbers without any issue. It is made to be as easy to operate as possible, the buttons on the front being large and explicitly labeled.

Known issues


The built-in functions are not exceptionally user-friendly, and one has to thoroughly read the instruction manual to enjoy the EatSmart digital scale.

Some customers claimed that it takes quite a while to figure out how to calculate the daily intake, as you have to search for every ingredient manually. It is prone to sustaining irreparable damage when knocked off the table or accidentally hit, which might render it useless and, usually, this malfunction cannot be fixed.

The gadget is therefore not very resistant and can break down pretty fast; however, the included 2-year warranty and guarantee solve this issue.


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