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Best endoscope inspection camera

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Endoscope inspection cameras – Buying guide & Comparison


Should you be interested in getting the best endoscope inspection camera available at the moment, we have here all the information you need to make a solid choice. The DEPSTECH The Third Version is the model we unanimously decided to be our first recommendation since it has gathered the highest number of positive reviews, and the sales figures point it as the winner, too. This model works with both Android and iOS devices, so there is quite a good range of compatibility to consider. While the probe is tiny and can reach areas that you wouldn’t be able to inspect otherwise, its resolution is clear and provides you with an excellent vision for inspection work. The LED lights can be adjusted so that you can adapt your camera to the conditions available. In the eventuality that you cannot find this model anymore, the BlueFire Semi-Rigid is the next best thing, according to our research team.



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Small, versatile cameras for inspection work are all over the market, but while this abundance of products might make you happy, it may also put you in a terrible conundrum. Which one to pick? If you are unsure what model to purchase, the following guide on this type of cameras will make everything clearer for you.

Connectivity and compatibility

A wireless camera is nothing unusual in this day and age. Built-in WiFi connectivity is almost a requirement, and not a luxury feature, so you can expect plenty of models to come equipped with this kind of features. However, this does not mean that you should settle for this feature only.

Connectivity can be a bit more elaborated than just built-in WiFi. For instance, a model that works with both USB and micro USB connections is much more useful than one that is limited to one or another. The more connectivity options you have at your disposal, the better.

Let’s talk a little about compatibility, too. All the endoscope inspection camera reviews point out at the necessity for extended compatibility with a wide range of devices. You may like using your inspection camera with your smartphone, or you’re your laptop. As long as the manufacturer allows you to work on any device you want, you will be at an advantage.

You will notice that each model on the market includes, in its specs, information on compatibility. It is highly advisable to read this information before anything else, to avoid spending money on a product that will not work with the devices you have at your disposal.


Is your camera waterproof?

Inspection work requires some prerequisites, and you should pay attention to this particular aspect. For instance, the chances are that you will have to use your camera underwater, for inspecting pipes, or for wildlife surveillance. Regardless of the reason, a waterproof camera will come in handy.

There is a certain system of ratings for waterproof cameras. Some work in slightly humid environments, others can be used underwater. The latter are preferred because they offer you the widest range of applications.

A camera with a rating of IP67 is an excellent recommendation. You will be able to use this model for examining underwater pipes and other hard to reach areas that require a camera resistant to water.



If you want a good endoscope inspection camera, you will have to search for a model that is versatile enough to comply with various requirements, depending on what you want to achieve. There are a few aspects to bear in mind if this is the case.

For starters, you will need a camera that can transmit a live feed to your phone, tablet, or computer. The quality of the video content delivered should be optimal, so you can truly run your inspection work with maximum efficiency. Aspects like resolution options, illumination, and fps rate, count towards the overall quality of the camera.

Don’t forget that your endoscope camera should reach difficult areas. That means that a flexible or semi-rigid camera will do a better job at navigating all the pipes and difficult areas that you need to inspect. The more versatile your camera is, the more chances you will have to acquire the information you seek.



5 Best Endoscope Inspection Cameras (Reviews) in 2021


The products listed below score high in all the buyers’ preferences, and they are solid options. You will not be disappointed, no matter which one you pick over the rest.



1. Wireless Endoscope Goodsmiley HD1080P Wifi USB IP68 Waterproof 

Among the many various models available for sale, you will find the Goodsmiley Wireless WFE001. One of the first things you will notice and like about this camera is that it does not need any adapters or cables because it is completely wireless. All you have to do is to connect the unit to your phone over WiFi and enjoy all its features. The required app is easy to install and use.

The unit comes equipped with a high definition camera so that you can record videos in AVI format. You can also take pictures, and you can adjust the resolution, depending on the amount of details you want to obtain.

Working with iOS, Windows, and Android devices, this model is highly versatile. Waterproof and equipped with a semi-rigid cable, it can reach difficult areas and do a great job, regardless of conditions.

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2. BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof WiFi

It doesn’t matter where you have an Android phone or an iPhone, especially if you have one of the latest models. This unit will work with any of such phones, offering plenty of versatility in this respect. The high quality camera, as well as other benefits, make this model a popular option among those who like running complex inspection work.

The built-in Wi-Fi is a definite plus. There is no need for cumbersome cables and other extras, as the endoscope camera will just connect to your phone via WiFi. You only need to download the necessary application on your phone, install it, and then open it so you can start using it.

The unit comes with a Li-Ion battery that can be recharged as needed. These are but a few of the various advantages offered by this model. There are 3 resolutions to choose from and 6 LEDs you can adjust, as well, to obtain the image quality you are after.

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3. Wireless Inspection Camera Depstech Premium IP67 Waterproof WiFi

No matter what kind of inspection work you need to carry out, the Depstech Wireless will be a reliable companion. The model uses blue LEDs, to enhance image brightness, even when you use your camera in less than ideal conditions; in other words, you will be able to run your examination even in the dark.

You can record video content in AVI format, and take pictures in JPEG format. There are three available resolutions to choose from, depending on the amount of detail you need for your content.

The 11.5-foot cable will allow you reach areas that you would not normally be able to examine without any tools. The 8.5mm camera will do all the heavy work for you, and the semi-rigid cable will take the shape of the environment to provide you with the necessary versatility required for such work. The 30fps rate for videos qualifies this model among the most capable of the market.

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4. HD Endoscope Camera Shekar 2.0 Megapixel 1200P Inspection Camera

There are many things to like about this particular model. The SHEKAR Snake Camera is a dependable plug and play model that will make your inspection work easy. You only need to plug the camera into the USB port of your device, and install the necessary software. The endoscope camera will be ready to serve you right away.

The maximum resolution the camera can achieve is 1600 x 1200, which say something about the overall capabilities of the unit. You can store all the images and videos recorded on your computer for further use, and this type of convenience makes this particular model so popular with users.

In dark areas, the camera can be just as helpful. All you need to do is to adjust the 6 LEDs it comes equipped with, and you will see the image on your screen, bright and crisp. No matter what kind of applications you need the camera for, you will be able to most out of your work.

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5. Foxwell Car Engine Inspection Camera HD 1080P Wireless Endoscope


If versatility is the first thing on your mind when you go shopping for a borescope camera, then this model should be one to consider. The 5.5mm camera lens is capable of reaching anywhere, no matter how cramped the place, while the 33-foot cable is ideal for a wide range of applications.

It must be noted that the cable is semi-rigid and can bend to follow the anatomy of pipes buried inside a wall, or any other places that are not easy to inspect. In terms of what tasks this borescope can achieve, it is enough to mention that you can use it for air conditioner maintenance, as well as for plumbing repairs, and other mechanical inspection work.

You may be interested to know how much running time you can expect from this model. On a full charge, the 2,200mAh battery will keep your device running for 4-5 hours without a glitch.

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Unavailable products


Amicool 2 in 1 KUS-10588-N

If you’re looking for a waterproof camera, the Amicool 2 in 1 KUS-10588-N may be exactly what you’re searching for. The IP67 waterproof rating says a lot about what this camera can do. And it doesn’t matter if you need to run your inspection work in the dark. The adjustable lights will do all the work for you when it comes to obtaining image clarity for your work.

If you need to inspect pipes, carry out some surveillance work, or just run some lab experiments, you will find this model an optimal choice for a broad range of projects. The model comes with a 3.5-meter cable that will expand your possibility to inspect different areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

The flexible cable lets you connect the camera to any device. You will also notice a small handle knob that lets you adjust illumination as you see fit. The LED lights come in handy for obtaining superior image quality.




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