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Best spotting scopes under 100 in 2021 – Comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Top 5 Spotting Scopes under 100 This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


Do you want to get the best spotting scope under 100, but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands? We offer here, in this short paragraph, all the information you need for an informed decision. According to all the reviews, opinions, and comments from buyers and experts, the Gskyer Bird Watching should be the first name on your list. You will enjoy the clear view image this model delivers, due to the multi-coated optics it comes equipped with, and the high-quality glass used. You will appreciate the included tripod that will offer you the much-needed stabilization for easy use. The dynamic focusing system will allow you to follow objects in motion, for an excellent performance. Should the Gskyer Bird Watching be out of stock, we can also recommend an alternative, the Celestron 52322 Landscout, a model that is almost as good.



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A spotting scope doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver all the needed functionalities for hunting and other outdoor activities. We are here to provide you a solution, by giving you the information needed for purchasing a spotting scope that costs less than 100 dollars.

Magnification power and lens size

When you read the specs for any spotting scope, you will notice that the first things the manufacturer mentions are the magnification power and the lens size. These appear as a succession of numbers, that can look like 15-75×60, or 20-60×80, and so on. The variable number is the magnification power.

Depending on what distance you consider comfortable for stalking your prey, you will need a higher magnification power, or you can settle for some average values. It is a good idea to get a model with variable zoom, because you may want to examine objects that are within different distances from you.

A good spotting scope under 100 should come with variable magnification, and offer you the possibility to bring the image as close to you as possible. However, there is no point talking only about zoom, when there is another aspect that should interest you, that being the field of view.

To have a decent field of view, you need a large enough lens. The diameter of the objective, or the lens, can be anywhere between 50mm and 100mm. The fact that you are purchasing a cheaper model should not have an impact on these numbers. You can find a model with excellent magnification and more than average lens size under 100 dollars.


The quality of the delivered image

The number one reason why hunters purchase spotting scopes is to be able to examine moving targets from a safe distance. While aspects such as the ones mentioned earlier clearly have vital importance, you should never forget about image quality. If all you can see are unclear details, the field of view and magnification will not matter that much.

Some people wonder why they should not simply get a compact monocular to watch the wild animals they want to hunt. A spotting scope, even a cheap one, can offer better results than a monocular, regarding image quality, but not only. A few things should be remembered when you try to gauge the image quality a model delivers.

For starters, you should check what sort of materials the lenses are made of. There are a few options available, and even cheap models use decent quality glass for their lenses. You should also look for something called multi-coated optics, as these deliver superior image quality by filtering light and offering high color fidelity.


Must have accessories

You might not expect manufacturers that sell spotting scopes under 100 dollars to throw in extra goodies, but the truth is that you can find models that are delivered together with a few nice accessories that will save you some money. For instance, it is a good idea to get a spotting scope that comes with its own tripod.

Some may look for a binocular tripod adapter, but even if the tripod delivered with your purchase is only a good fit for the respective spotting scope, that is still a good deal. You will also find useful a carrying case and a cleaning cloth that will allow you to keep your spotting scope in top notch condition.



5 Best Spotting Scopes under 100 (Reviews) in 2021


With so many cheap spotting scopes for sale, it may seem difficult to find one that you can truly be sure that it offers a good value for the money. Here are the most popular models available, based on consumers’ preferences.



1. Hawkeye Waterproof Scope for Birdwatching


Most of the reviews of spotting scopes under 100 talk about this particular model as an excellent choice since it offers superior value for the money. The angled design allows you to bring along a hunting buddy and switch from one to another when you need to watch the wildlife you intend to take down, by taking turns at watching it through the spotting scope.

The magnification range on this model is quite outstanding, seeing that you pay little for it. The magnification goes from 15x to 75x, which means that you will be able to bring the objects you examine through the lens 75 times closer! The 60mm lens offers a large enough field of view.

This model can be used as a monocular for bird watching, but it is the ideal choice for a large variety of outdoor activities, from hiking and camping, to hunting and target shooting.


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2. Celestron 52322 Landscout Spotting Scope


You will not easily find better models at a fair price than this Celestron spotting scope. The first thing that must be mentioned is that this model uses fully coated optics, which means that you will be able to enjoy image quality that is superior to many models within this price range.

The fully coated lens will allow excellent light transmission so that the image you will see through the spotting scope will be bright with crisp colors and level of detail. While the image quality delivered is superior, you may be surprised to see that the spotting scope is compact and lightweight.

The model comes with a rotating mount for a tripod, so that you can easily move it around, something that will come in handy when you want to follow moving targets through the scope. The large focus wheel is very easy to use and it comes with a rubber grip for extra convenience.


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3. Barska Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope


Sporting excellent field of view and a convenient eye relief, the BARSKA Colorado is among those options that you should never overlook if you are looking for a good value and price balance. The 60mm lens diameter is large enough to have proper light gathering abilities for a clear image.

You might have heard the name Barska before, and always in regards to high quality optics used by hunters. It should come as no surprise that this inexpensive model offers superior image quality, as well as other extra advantages. For instance, it is both waterproof and fog proof.

That means that you will be able to take this spotting scope with you in any kind of weather. You will love the extras delivered with your purchase. The tripod will help stabilizing the image, while the carrying case will protect it against dust and debris when not in use. The neck strap is a nice touch, as well.


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4. Barska Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope


With a magnification power that ranges from 20x to 60x, this spotting scope will help you bring closer objects at a large distance, so that wildlife cannot spot you. The 60mm objective lens is part of what makes this particular model so great, as it ensures proper field of view and also helps to deliver a bright, crisp image.

You will be able to focus on details at large distances, due to the focusing knob employed on this model. You will find the spotting scope a great option for bird watching, and hunting, as the smooth focusing feature will let you take in all the details. The model is very versatile, and some people even use it for lunar observations.

The spotting scope comes with fully coated optics, for excellent image quality. The straight body design makes it easy to use when you want to examine animals dropped to the ground. A flip-down cover for the lens ensures that the optics are protected from debris.


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5. Firefield Spotting Scope Kit


This is a practical model that offers you the possibility to examine wildlife from a safe distance, while taking advantage of all the excellent features it delivers. The multi-coated optics are a great plus in a product this inexpensive, and you will appreciate the light gathering and transmission abilities of this model.

The spotting scope has a waterproof rating of IPX6, and it is nitrogen purged, to ensure resistance to water. You cannot help noticing the durable construction that will ensure that you are making a sound investment in this model.

Tactical spotting is possible, due to the easy to use zoom feature. No matter how far or close the object is, you will be able to examine it to your heart’s content, while making the image as clear as possible. The model comes with a tripod that will help you keep the spotting scope unmoved while you observe the wildlife.


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