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Best Nikon spotting scope

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Nikon spotting scopes – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are here for the best Nikon spotting scope, you have come to the right place. In this paragraph, you will learn everything about the model that scores the highest in consumers’ preferences at the moment. The Nikon 16381 came up on top in all the surveys conducted among buyers, by offering outstanding quality for the price. The aluminum material used for the body is the same that is utilized in the making of airplanes, which says something about the tremendous quality of this particular model. The generous eye relief is a great plus for many users who consider that this model from Nikon is much more convenient and easy to use than others on the market. The easy adjustment between different reticles is a much-appreciated extra. If the Nikon 16381 is nowhere to be found, you can try the Nikon Prostaff, another competitive spotting scope that will not let you down.



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Nikon is a company with a long-standing tradition in making high-quality optics so it should come as no surprise that they also make reliable spotting scopes. Without further ado, let’s see what interesting features your Nikon scope should have to satisfy the highest demands.

Anti-glare, waterproof and fog proof

If you want the best spotting scope from Nikon, you will have to search for a model that satisfies all the aspects mentioned above. You surely do not want the sunrays to get in the way of your experience when trying to spot game or watch birds in their natural habitat.

That means that a form of anti-glare feature should be in order. You will like having a model with a sunshade included because that will not let the glare to make an appearance. The chances are, however, that you will not always enjoy sunny weather when you go hunting, so your spotting scope should perform better in other areas, too.

For instance, you should make sure that the spotting scope is really waterproof. An O-ring sealer will usually do the trick, and, as long as nothing but the best materials are used, you have nothing to worry about.

The Nikon spotting scope reviews say that it would not be a bad thing to have a model that is fog proof, as well. Fog build-up can be a problem and can make the lens close to being impossible to use, which is why such a feature is more than welcome.


What does multi-coated mean?

When you read about various models on the market, you may notice that certain terms are used in relation to the lens. For instance, if the lens is just coated, that means that there is only one coating applied to it. Multi-coated optics enjoy more popularity because they offer the possibility to increase image quality without a glitch.

Now you will have to choose whether you want a model with a just multi-coated lens, or with fully multi-coated optics. The later means that all the surfaces, air-to-glass, are protected with the special coatings.

Besides preserving the lens in the best shape possible, these coatings serve the purpose of better absorbing the light from the surrounding environment. While that may not sound too important to you, you should know it is. Image quality depends on good light absorption, and having multiple coatings is almost a must.


Magnification power and lens size

Certain things are important when purchasing a new spotting scope. For instance, the magnification power tells you how close you can bring the image in front of you, with the adjustments offered by the device. This value can vary a lot, but you should get a model with superior magnification power, regardless of what you have in mind for it.

You will also notice that lens size is also mentioned and that is paramount for the performance offered. The larger the lens, the better the field of view will be. Such aspects should not be overlooked as they give you a clear idea of what a spotting scope can do. Now you can rely on more than just a simple spotting scope, and get one that performs well.



5 Best Nikon Spotting Scopes (Reviews) in 2021


With so many spotting scopes for sale, it may be a difficult task to spend money just on one model without having regrets later. We did the necessary homework for you, and we list the most popular models from Nikon that you should consider giving a choice.



1. Nikon 16381 X1000 Matte x-MOA Reticle Spotting Scope


Lens quality is the first thing that you need to read and learn about when evaluating different spotting scopes available for purchase. That is how you will know that a good Nikon spotting scope should come with multi-coated optics, like this product reviewed here. Let’s see what other features make the model stand out.

This model is built for precision, and that shows in its entire construction and configuration. Any shooter who wants to make sure that their aim never falters will appreciate the many features this model offers, such as the choice of reticle, for different situations.

The high versatility and ease of adjustment present on the Nikon 16381 highly recommend it. You can count on the side focus Parallax system for easy adjustments, and you will find that the change between different types of reticle is done without a glitch. The high-grade aluminum used for the housing keeps the model to a minimum weight.


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2. Nikon Prostaff 5 Spotting 82-Straight with Zoom


Is glare a problem you would be better off without? Then you should consider this particular model. It comes with a sliding sunshade that will help you protect the lens against direct light, so you can always enjoy the same crisp and crystal clear image. The entire construction is designed to keep rain and dust away, allowing you to use the scope in all sorts of weather conditions.

The optical glass used is high-quality and features multiple coatings. Image quality is superior, and the ability to render true colors is worth being mentioned here. There will be no chromatic aberrations to be aware of and overall the image will have good contrast.

A focus knob can be found on top of the device. That means that you will find easy to operate adjustments, to bring the image closer, or for following moving targets, such as birds taking flight. Target acquisition is not an issue for this spotting scope and you will love its reliable performance.


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3. Nikon D610 Digital SLR Camera with Lens Kit


You will get more than just a spotting scope when you purchase this particular model. The package you will receive contains four different pieces. First of all, you get this angled spotting scope along with its eyepiece, which is actually the most important. The company also supplies a special anti-fog cloth that will allow you to wipe clean the lens without risking to damage it.


An entire lens cleaning system is also included. You will not have to worry you’re your spotting scope will become unusable, as you will be ready to clean it well. Another cloth, made from microfiber is also included for your maximum convenience.

The 82mm lens will let enough light through, which means that you will be able to enjoy the same excellent image quality as you would expect from any Nikon product. At the same time, you will get a generous field of view that will let you spot your game with ease.


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4. Nikon Prostaff 5 Fieldscope Straight Spotting Scope


You don’t have to worry that glare will ruin your experience, or that dust, debris and water will get inside the scope, rendering it useless. There are many things to like about this particular model, but most probably its ruggedness and ability to prevent any damage score high on top of the list.

The model is waterproof and the O-ring sealer will keep any particles of dust away. The nitrogen filling does not allow fog to build upon the lens, another great plus, if you are the sort of user that prefers to take the spotting scope out for a ride in any kind of weather.

The special surface of the lens makes light loss an issue that will not bother you. That leads to the creation of a beautiful image that is bright, crisp, and easy to view. No matter what sort of activity you want to enjoy, this spotting scope will serve your purpose without a glitch.


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5. Nikon Fieldscope 13 ED Angled Spotting Scope


Everything you like in a Nikon spotting scope is readily available in this model. The sliding sunshade is almost a signature feature, and it greatly helps with reducing glare. A lot of care and attention is invested into protecting the lens against any damage, which is why lens covers are supplied with your purchase.

The eyepiece has an adjustable zoom of 13x to 30x, allowing you to bring closer the image in front of you with ease. The 50mm size helps with achieving a more than decent field of view and contributes to image quality, as a general rule. The model is both waterproof and fog proof, and it performs beautifully, regardless of weather conditions.

A travel pouch for the eyepiece is readily provided with your purchase. The manufacturer also includes carry straps that can be adjusted as you see fit. The generous eye relief is another excellent feature that you may not want to overlook.


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