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Best Meade Spotting Scope

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Meade Spotting Scopes – Buying guide & Comparison


When shopping for the best Meade spotting scope, while being pressed for time, take a moment to look at this short paragraph. It will only take a minute of your time, and you will be able to see what model is worth spending money on. According to our research, this model is the Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness, a product that combines excellent value with a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about the image you see through the scope not having enough brightness, as the 80mm lens ensures proper light transmission. The nitrogen purged construction ensures that fog will never be a problem, and guarantees years of use. Don’t be surprised to find that the unit is also waterproof. If the Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness is no longer in stock, consider the Meade Instruments 126002 Wilderness as a close second option that offers almost the same performance and outstanding features.



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There are many things to look at when selecting a spotting scope, starting with the overall quality and what the lens construction tells you. We bring together all the essential features you should find in the best spotting scope from Meade so that you can pick the right one without a glitch.

Is there such a thing as an ideal lens size?

When you read the specs for a spotting scope, you will notice that the size of the objective lens is mentioned right away. There is a bit of a debate going on in regards what an ideal size for a lens should be. If you want superior image quality, you are often advised to go for a smaller model as this can focus the image better.

However, you should know that a larger lens is more capable of gathering light and making the image you see bright and easy to observe. If you want to learn about the ideal size, that would be somewhere between 60mm and 100mm, and many models from Meade abide by this rule.

The wider field of view is another plus for models with a larger objective lens. However, you may not be happy with how bulky such models become. You will want to make sure that you can carry the spotting scope around, so you don’t have to take extra precautions just for it.

This is the number one reason why many will tell you that a 50mm lens is a good bargain. You still get proper image quality, but you don’t have to haul it around with difficulty. However, since many models come with their own case, that may not be such a bother for you. In the end, it all boils down to your preferences, and that is something to bear in mind.


Features to look for in a spotting scope

It is quite likely that the spotting scope you purchase will be used in quite extreme weather, such as heavy rain. That means that it never hurts to get a model that is waterproof and resistant to fog, as well. Tiny droplets of water may reach inside and damage the mechanisms of the scope, which can lead to only one conclusion: you should get a model that is 100% waterproof.

Meade is a company with a long-standing tradition in making high-quality optics, and their scopes are 100% waterproof. You can rest assured that they will serve you for years to come without a problem.

Talking about other features you may want to have in a spotting scope is a generous eye relief. As long as you can keep your eye away from the eyepiece without sacrificing image quality, that means that you just got yourself a winner. People with glasses will particularly find such a feature convenient.


An included tripod is a nice touch

While it is true that not all the spotting scopes you can find on the market come equipped with their own tripod, it doesn’t hurt to see if the model you intend to buy has such an extra included.

A tripod is essential because it eliminates the shakiness caused by trying to hold the scope at the right angle. A good value is a complete package with a scope, a tripod, and maybe even some more extras for easy setup.



5 Best Meade Spotting Scopes (Reviews) in 2021


Do you find that choosing a good Meade scope is difficult? Then take a look at the selection we offer below, as they are all praised products that enjoy a lot of positive feedback from users.



1. Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness Spotting Scope


Anyone who loves spending time outdoors, watching birds, hunting, or just observing the surrounding environment, will find this particular model to be an excellent choice. Praised by all the Meade spotting scope reviews, the unit reviewed here has everything you would expect to find in a top-notch product.

First of all, it comes equipped with Porro prism lenses that are very durable and usually offer years of service without a problem. Image quality is often influenced by the materials and technologies used, and the Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness is built for the job. The 80mm objective lens lets enough light to go through to render a beautiful image that is bright and clear.

The multiple layers applied to the lenses prevent glare, something that no outdoorsman is happy with. The excellent performance delivered is superior in every way and that is why so many people find this model a must-have.


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2. Meade Instruments 126002 Wilderness Spotting Scope


Zoom power is one of the things you must pay attention to when you are shopping for a spotting scope and you will find that the Meade Instruments 126002 Wilderness delivers beautifully. Its zoom power varies between 20x and 60x, which gives you enough room to adjust the image for focusing on the finest details.

Another thing that you will like about this model is the large lens size. At 100mm, this is one of the largest models you can find on the market for sale. The lens manages to gather plenty of light in order to render beautiful and detailed images as you look through the scope.

The lens is treated anti-glare and the multiple layers of coating applied help with light transmission and high precision. The scope is waterproof, resistant to fog, and it also comes with a soft case so you can carry it around with ease.


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3. Meade Instruments 126000 Wilderness Spotting Scope


The model comes with adjustable zoom power, that goes from 15x to 45x, and it offers excellent performance. The Porro prism lens ensures that you will get to use this scope for many years without a problem. The objective lens has 65mm in diameter and it does an excellent job at gathering light so that the image you see is always bright and clear.

The extras included with your purchase represent another reason to love this spotting scope. For easy transportation, the manufacturer offers a soft carrying case. Also, you will get a camera adapter, so you can use the scope with a digital camera for taking pictures.

In terms of durability, this model does an excellent job. It is waterproof, so you can take it out when raining, and it is fog proof, as well, since the lens is nitrogen purged to enhance its durability and usability in the long run.


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4. Meade Instruments Wilderness 20 Spotting Scope 


Anyone who loves to spend a lot of time outdoors will discover that the Meade 81015 is an excellent option for observing nature and for targeting game. The spotting scope comes with fully coated lenses, which means that the image quality you will get to enjoy will be superior in every way.

The Porro prism used is ideal for transmitting a truly bright image. The light transmission capabilities are influenced in a positive manner by the large objective optics. The 60mm lens allows plenty of light to get through and it enhances the field of view for a truly excellent experience.

The housing is made from polycarbonate and it is extremely lightweight. At the same time, it is completely waterproof, so that you can enjoy using the scope in heavy rain without a problem. A crisp, full of contrast image is the main reason why so many people like this particular model.


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5. Meade 081011RE Fully Coated Water Resistant Spotting Scope


Fully coated optics make this spotting scope a good option right from the get-go. No matter what purpose you want to use it for, the Meade 081011RE will behave exactly how you would expect it to. The 60mm lens is large enough to capture enough light for a bright picture, full of detail and contrast.

Long range viewing is not a problem, as the 20x to 60x magnification power allows you to bring everything closer to your eyes for thorough inspection. The optical performance in many Meade models is usually superior, and this model is no exception to the rule.

The scope is water resistant, and humidity will not be a problem for it. This is a must for spotting scopes, as these devices are bound to be used in less than ideal weather conditions. The hard aluminum case is a great plus, and you also get a tripod with its own case, and a soft case, as well.


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