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Best clamp assembly mounts for scopes – 2021 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Top Clamp Assembly Mounts for Scopes Reviewed & Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best clamp assembly mount for scopes but don’t know much about these devices, then you’ve surely landed in the right place. We know that finding the right mount for your optical equipment can be quite tough, and that’s why we’ve done research so you get to save time. We’ve looked at some of the highly acclaimed clamp assembly mounts on the market and chose the ones that offer reliable stability and ease of use without costing a fortune. After comparing dozens of models, we’ve reached the conclusion that the Pedco UltraClamp P-UCA40 is the one you should consider. This little device comes with a sturdy construction, an attaching mechanism that can be used on both flat and round surfaces, and it can hold devices weighing up to 6 pounds. In the unfortunate event that it is out of stock, you might also want to try the Pedco UltraClamp P-UCA360.



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Having fun with your scope or monocular implies that you have a stable platform to make observations from. If you want something that’s lightweight and convenient, then you should go for a good clamp mount for scopes. The trouble is finding one that matches your needs. So here is a buying guide that might help you pick the right mount.


When looking for mounts available online, you need to look at the construction first. Especially if you’re planning on using it with your high-end monocular for hunting, you want to make sure that it can support the weight. This means that the clamp and base should be made of a strong material such as aluminum.

The great part is that many small mounts come with heavy-duty aluminum bases so you get a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. The head will most likely be made of tough thermoplastic, which is a good thing since it will shed some weight and ensure that the unit stays lightweight.

You might also want to ensure that the knobs for tightening the screws are large and easy to operate. The larger these are, the easier it will be to turn them so you have a tight fit that you can rely on every time.



Another thing you want to study when browsing through mounts for sale is their usability. Some products have limited uses, while others are built with versatility in mind, which means you can count on them in all kinds of locations and conditions.

You can find clamp mounts that attach to flat or round surfaces that range from 1 inch up to 4 inches or more. In most cases, a 1.5-inch model is more than enough, as you’d be able to attach it to tables, car windows, small branches, bicycle handlebars, etc.

Getting a clamp with a longer screw can also be a good idea since you’d be able to use branches or other thick surfaces with ease. The screw for attaching devices should be universal, and the ¼-20” variant is probably ideal. It would allow you to mount spotting scopes, digital cameras, binoculars, and other optical equipment with ease.


Head types and portability

Clamp assembly mounts can come with just a simple base and screw or they can also feature a ball head. This head can be simple or of the swivel-type which can turn at 360 degrees. If you want to track fast action such as in the case of bird watching or action sports, then you might want to invest a few extra bucks to get one of these.

For many other cases, a simple ball head would do the trick since it allows you to change the position or angle of the device with a simple turn of a knob. You can even get by without a ball head, especially if you want the mount for action cameras such as a GoPro, although you’d probably lose a few angle opportunities.

Getting a mount that’s lightweight and portable is also important because you don’t want to carry some heavy equipment with you. Fortunately, most clamp mounts only weigh 5 or 6 ounces, yet can offer proper support for scopes and other devices that can weigh up to 6 pounds in most cases.



5 Best Clamp Assembly Mounts for Scopes (Reviews) in 2021


Are you looking for a stable and strong mount for your scope but don’t want it to weigh a lot? Then you should check out the following clamp scope mount reviews and choose from one of these small devices which have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that can surely hold any scope or binoculars in place well.



1. Pedco UltraClamp Assembly 360 Swivel Camera Mount


The UltraClamp P-UCA40 from Pedco is a small yet sturdy accessory that can help you mount your scope, binoculars, camera or other optical devices with ease. This mount weighs very little so you can easily carry it with you anytime so you don’t have to haul a heavy yet stable telescope stand or a large tripod.

With an ingenious mechanism, this unit can attach itself on either flat surfaces or on round ones that are up to 4 inches thick. You get a threaded bar and a knob that helps you tighten the grip of this mount on your car’s window, on a bicycle handlebar, etc.

The ball head is easy to operate and it can help you position your spotting equipment effortlessly. The head can swivel at 360 degrees, and you can also lock it into place to eliminate vibrations. This mount can hold devices weighing up to 6 pounds and it uses a ¼-20 tripod screw.


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2. Pedco Ultra 360 Camera Clamp


The UltraClamp P-UCA360 is a clamp mount that’s ideal for stabilizing spotting scopes, small digital cameras or lightweight hiking binoculars. This unit measures 3 inches and it weighs only 5.5 ounces. The base is made of heavy-duty aluminum that makes it strong and able to offer reliable support to devices weighing up to 6 pounds.

This model can attach to round or flat surfaces that are no thicker than 1.5 inches. That leaves you with plenty of choices, from car windows to tables, small branches if you’re in the woods, bicycle handlebars, etc. This versatility is even greater when you think about how small and lightweight this device really is.

You can attach scopes or other equipment by using the ¼-20” screw. The swivel ball head gives you fast and convenient control since you can turn it at 360 degrees and follow even fast action with great ease.


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3. Pedco Ultra 2.5 Camera Clamp


If you’re looking for a scope or camera mount that weighs little but can offer reliable support in various scenarios, then the Pedco UltraClamp P-UCA25 is a product you shouldn’t overlook. The body and screw are made of tough aluminum that’s lightweight and strong.

There’s also a ¼-20 tripod screw that can help you attach countless devices, from birding binoculars for enthusiasts to GoPro action cameras, scopes, compact DSLRs, and many more. The clamp can attach to any surface, be it flat or round, measuring between 1 and 2.5 inches, such as railings, roll bars, bicycle forks, car windows, tables, etc.

Thanks to the ball and socket head, you can adjust the position of your equipment and take stunning photos or make accurate observations every time. This product weighs only 6.5 ounces but it can provide a reliable platform for devices that weigh up to 6 pounds, which is no small feat.


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4. Pedco UltraClamp Universal Window Clamp


The Pedco UltraClamp PED05020-BRK is an ingenious clamp mount that’s ideal for scopes, binoculars, and it can also offer support for a lightweight portable telescope, as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 6 pounds. The mount itself is small and light and it can attach to surfaces that are up to 1.5 inches in thickness.

The body and screw of this unit are made of aluminum so you get to trust it to hold well while also being resistant to corrosion. Because it uses a regular ¼-20” tripod screw, you can mount other devices such as smaller digital cameras. The ball head is easy to operate and you can adjust its position to make comfortable observations from just about any place.

The large knobs make it easy to operate this mount so you can attach it to various surfaces, take it off and find another spot in no time.


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5. Pedco Base Clamp P-UC25


In case you’re trying to find a scope mount that’s small, lightweight, and inexpensive, then you might have just have found it. The Pedco P-UC25 is a base clamp that provides your optical equipment with a stable support so you can admire wildlife, take photos or observe game with pinpoint precision.

This product can fit just about any devices that come with a ¼-20 socket. The resistant screw and clamp are made of aluminum, and they can be attached to surfaces that are between 1 and 2.5 inches thick. Despite weighing just 5 ounces, it can support equipment that weighs up to 5 or 6 pounds.

The large knobs allow you to tighten the screw and ensure a stable platform for your scope or camera. This compact item can be easily carried in a pocket, and you can then use it successfully for urban exploration as well as in the woods.


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