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Orion StarBlast Refractor Telescope Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


You will appreciate its compact and lightweight design that makes it ideal for travel, especially since it comes with a foam lined carrying case.

This portable telescope comes with a durable, high quality construction and elegant appearance that makes it a great addition to any collection.

Thanks to its versatile design it can be easily used for day and nighttime viewing. This makes it an ideal choice for birding, viewing distant scenery and watching the nighttime sky.

Since it comes with a dovetail mounting block this telescope is compatible with a variety of tripods, and there is even a threaded adapter barrel so you can easily attach cameras and other astrophotography accessories.


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In-depth information


Since the Star Blast 62 by Orion only weighs 3.1 pounds it is easy to carry, and its compact size only adds to its portability. If you are looking for a day and nighttime telescope to take with you when you travel, this might be the perfect choice for you. To ensure that the telescope remains undamaged during travel it comes with a foam lined hard case. Not only will the case hold the refractor telescope, there are also cutouts for the eyepieces. This way you never have to worry about your telescope being damaged when you arrive at your destination.

While this telescope is easy to use and a great choice for beginning astronomers, it also comes with a high quality construction and elegant design that anyone would be proud to use. Its handsomely crafted body makes a great addition to any collection, whether it is displayed or kept in its protective carrying case. Best of all it performs as great as it looks.

This versatile telescope can be used for observing almost anything, whether it is birds, animals, scenery or distant stars and bright planets. When you want to use it during the daytime simply insert the 45 degree diagonal and you will be able to enjoy crisp clear views. This even allows you to see details on small birds. When you want to see wider views the 20mm Plossl eyepiece is the perfect choice. Both eyepieces are included with the telescope so you can get started right out of the box.

Even though a tripod is not included, this telescope can still be easily mounted. It comes with a dovetail mounting block that is compatible with a variety of tripods. There is even a threaded adapter barrel so you can easily attach cameras for astrophotography. This way you can easily snap photos of the objects you are viewing to share with friends and family.


Known issues

The only mention regarding this portable telescope from Orion is that some consumers feel that the close focus is a little too long around 25 feet. Otherwise it has received rave reviews for its high quality construction, and impressive performance.


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