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Orion GoScope II Telescope Moon Kit – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


The Orion 10034 GoScope II telescope boasts a 400mm focal length combined with a 70mm achromatic lens system to enable easy viewing of distant objects in sharp detail. The impressive focal length is suitable for daytime birdwatching along with casual nighttime observation of celestial objects and viewing of scenery and wildlife. For effortless aiming, the telescope also ships with a 5×24 finder scope.

The kit includes all the essential items you need for enjoyable day and night observations. These include the Grab-and-go day and night refractor telescope that provides fantastic performance, and the lightweight aluminum tripod that’s perfect for families and young stargazers on the go. The rugged, specially designed backpack holds everything for easy storage and carrying. All the included items facilitate quality performance and optimum functionality for the entire unit.

This complete kit is also equipped to deliver easy and convenient use every time. It comes with a 45-degree correct-image diagonal that delivers a clear and correctly-oriented view in the daytime. The included Orion Moon Map 260 provides a cool learning experience by providing information on the lunar features that you will be able to view. The good quality optics provide plenty of use. To provide 16-power and 40-power views, the unit also comes with a 1.25-inch 25 mm and a 1.25-inch 10mm telescope eyepiece.


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In-depth information


The Orion GoScope II Refractor Travel Telescope in this kit comes with a superbly flexible 70mm aperture and achromatic lens system that enables you to have clear views of faraway objects. Super lightweight at just 3.5 pounds, the GoScope II is easy for beginners and even kids to take anywhere. You can use it to enjoy casual nighttime observing of different objects in the sky. Because of its refractor style that is inherently rugged, the telescope is not prone to misalignment issues compared to a reflector type. Fluctuating temperatures as well as air currents will not hamper effective viewing with the optical tube being sealed off against those external elements. In addition, because of the enclosed glass surface, there’s less maintenance needed as well. Alll those elements ensure sharp and clear images delivered. The 24mm lens in the front of the 5×24 finder scope gathers light while the 5-power magnification of the lens ensures effortless aiming on targets for viewing.

Shipped to you with all the essential items to support a variety of distant viewing applications, this kit offers great value for money. The highly portable refractor telescope offers versatility with its day and night functionality. The aluminum tripod is lightweight while providing easy mounting of the telescope so you can easily pack it up and go, enabling you to do on-the-road or on-the-trail stargazing when you feel like it. You can even use the unit in the air to get an up-close view during flights on a hot air balloon. The included custom-designed backpack facilitates portable daytime spotting and night stargazing. You virtually have an entire observational system tucked into a convenient carry case.

The 45-degree diagonal delivers fantastic daytime views. You can easily watch birds in flight as well as wildlife in their natural habitat at daytime. At night, you can view the moon and the planets up close. The diagonal just needs to be inserted into the focuser of the telescope, followed by the insertion of any one of the included eyepieces, and after that, you’ll be ready to focus on the various celestial objects. The simple alignment procedure can be done by parents for their kids so the telescope can be aimed at interesting sky objects at night, as well as exciting targets during the day including boats out in the water, scenery and birds. The shorter 10mm eyepiece offers more interesting 40x views while the longer 25mm eyepiece delivers a 16x image, both enabling you to teach young users about the principles of magnification. The included Moon Map 26 provides information on the many mountains and other features of the moon, along with the official names of its interesting craters. There’s even information on the spots where various spacecraft have landed on the surface of our lunar neighbor.


Known issues

According to plenty of users, the included tripod tends to wobble or is quite unsteady so they advise getting a better quality replacement instead. This does not detract from the overall functionality of the entire kit, which includes the telescope, the primary part of the kit, which offers dependable functionality for beginners, according to even those who weren’t satisfied with the quality of the tripod.


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