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Meade Instruments Infinity 209006 AZ Refractor Telescope – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


Designed for beginners, the Meade Instruments Infinity 209006 offers a complete setup for celestial viewing. It comes with three eyepieces that deliver 95X, 66.5x and 23x magnifications along with a 2X Barlow lens to expand your viewing possibilities. It comes with a 102mm aperture, 600mm focal length, f/5.9 focal ratio and an integrated dew shield. The three eyepieces have a 1.25-inch barrel diameter as well as fold-down rubber eyecups. The telescope is compatible with standard filters and accessories while boasting anti-reflection fully multicoated optics.

This telescope comes with a number of accessories for out-of-the-box functionality and genuine value for money. It ships with a 1.25-inch rack-and-pinion focuser, 90-degree erect image prism, red dot finder, as well as a manual alt-azimuth mount, flex arm controllers, a stainless steel two-stage tripod plus the exclusive AutoStar Suite Astronomer Software for Windows OS use.

This model also comes with an integrated dew shield in addition to its many other accessories. It is a 102mm aperture refracting unit that is best for amateur astronomers. The refractor type telescope offers beginner astronomers a chance to enjoy the glory of the night sky without spending a lot of money on their observation and exploration equipment, with fantastic resolving power for every inch of aperture.


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In-depth information


Giving beginner astronomers a chance to enjoy astronomy, this telescope provides a complete setup so you can easily view the planets, the moon, meteor showers and brilliant deep sky targets. The three provided eyepieces work well with the 2X Barlow lens to double the magnification of each eyepiece and deliver more wide-angle viewing opportunities. The 9mm eyepiece provides a maximum 66.5X magnification. You can get up to 23X magnification with the 26mm eyepiece. For 95X magnification, use the 6.3mm eyepiece. Because of the fully multicoated optics, the telescope enables the greatest amount of light to reach your eyes without getting reflected back into space by the objectives. With all air-to-glass surfaces coated with a single-layer magnesium fluoride anti-reflective coating, you get better light gathering capability on this telescope for clearer, high-contrast views.

The manual alt-azimuth mount comes with slow-motion controls and an altitude lock for precise height adjustments of the stainless steel tripod and also to allow precise tracking of objects. The tripod provides a rigid platform on which you can do sky observations. The supplied 90-degree erect image diagonal ensures that you can look through the telescope comfortably especially when the device is aimed at the zenith. Images are corrected vertically and horizontally for terrestrial viewing, too. The red dot finder offers variable intensity. The large knurled knobs on the flex arm controllers enable easy tuning.

The refractor design of the telescope provides incredible performance in rugged conditions because of steadier images. There are no interruptions on the light path or stray reflections. Because of the near-permanent optical alignment, this model needs very little maintenance. The unit requires the use of simpler eyepieces because of the longer focus delivered by the long focal ratio. The integrated dew shield helps prevent the accumulation of condensation on the objective lens while preventing terrestrial stray light from interfering with your sky observations. The accessory tray holds your astronomy work essentials. The computer software provides valuable information for learners studying the night sky. It shows over 10,000 celestial objects such as the galaxies, planets, stars and nebulas. You can even print star charts and plan observation sessions using the provided information in the software.


Known issues

The supplied instructions are more geared toward customers who have assembled telescopes before. There are no explanations about the supplied lenses. Additionally, this model does not come with a carry case, which would enable easy storage and transport of its quality components. Nevertheless, despite those shortcomings, this telescope still makes a great buy for those just starting on their astronomy adventures.


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