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Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


This is an amazing kit that comes with a kid-friendly telescope. The LabZZ T2 Telescope makes it easy for the novice astronomer or child to explore the wonders of the cosmos on their own. With its 100X magnification, the telescope enables easy viewing of astronomical objects. The telescope is also outfitted with an 18-mm erecting eyepiece and a diagonal mirror. It is a refractor type for dependability during rugged use. The eyepiece makes it fun and easy for terrestrial observations.

The included microscope is engineered for up close observations of transparent samples. It is supplemented with three eyepieces that provide 75X, 300X and 900X magnifications. It also come with a convenient revolving nosepiece for easy working of the microscope. There are easy-to-use microscope slides along with instruments for preparing fresh slides. You get blank slides, coverslips, slide stickers, a plastic pipette, forceps, scalpel, a spatula, flasks with dye, a flask with glue, dissecting needle and backup bulbs.

The entire kit provides ease of use. Setup on a convenient yet simple alt-azimuth mount, the telescope offers easy control and use even for a child. The tripod is made of aluminum and has adjustable legs. Both the telescope and microscope come with premium quality optics, a reliable design and convenient use. You also get a guide that offers user-friendly information that is easy to read for the young astronomer.


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In-depth information


The telescope allows hassle-free observation of countless and large objects in the night sky. It enables your child to explore all corners of the Solar System or a close-up view of the scenery and wildlife. Both the erecting eyepiece and diagonal mirror provide properly-oriented images while the supplied eyepiece raises the scope’s magnifying power 1.5 times for fun and easy observing. The use of lenses by the refractor telescope to gather and focus light ensures brightness and clarity every time, perfect for both terrestrial and astronomical observations. The H12.5mm eyepiece with 50x magnification is great for observing celestial objects. The 18-mm erecting eyepiece with 35x magnification provides properly rendered images while being usable with its 14x magnification as a pocket microscope.

The included biological microscope simplifies lab observation and learning with the prepared slides. Your kid can also do their own slide preparation with the supplied items. Designed for users 6 years and over, the microscope has a convenient revolving eyepiece that makes it easy to switch magnifications as needed. Simply place a slide with sample on the microscope stage above the mirror. Adjust the illumination to the optimal setting using the integrated light source. Perfect for kids, the microscope is geared with everything needed to assist young scientists in learning about the world around them.

Shipped to you with a rich accessory set, colorful design and simple operation, this telescope comes with a simple alt-azimuth mount that enables easy adjustability both on the left or right and up or down.axes. Control of the mount is quite easy even for a child. The aluminum tripod offers resistance to rust while giving lightweight yet reliable support to the telescope. The adjustable legs help you raise or lower the device to the proper height for effortless observing. A great choice for first observations, the telescope and microscope kit ensures you have everything including a guide for hassle-free observing and exploring.


Known issues

One customer says the scopes are cheaply made. The plastic housing for both the telescope and microscope in the set ensures that they are both lightweight for problem-free portability. The devices are not marketed as professional-use ones but they integrate top notch features and accessories that make the entire kit a genuine value for the price.


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