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Geertop 90X Refractor Telescope Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Main technical features


This compact yet powerful refractor telescope from Geertop is easy to operate making it a great choice for budding astronomers.

It comes with everything you need to get started observing the stars, moon and nearby planets at a price that will fit almost any budget.

You will love how crisp and clear images appear, and this telescope can be used for day or nighttime viewing.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact construction you can easily take this refractor telescope with you almost anywhere.


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In-depth information


If you are looking for a powerful telescope that is still easy to operate and portable, you might want to consider this model from Geertop. It has the power young astronomers need to start exploring the nighttime sky, and to see animals, birds and scenic views on land. The mini tripod is ideal for use on counters and tabletops, and snaps easily into place to provide a stable base for the telescope. This leaves your hands free to concentrate on aiming and focusing, which is a breeze thanks to the Azimuth mount. This allows you to easily move the telescope horizontally and vertically.

Not only does this telescope come with everything you need to get started, it is also affordably priced. Along with the tabletop tripod and telescope, this kit also comes with 3 eyepieces so it is also extremely versatile. A soft cloth will help keep the lens clean without leaving any marks or scratches. It also comes with a protective box so you don’t have to worry about the eyepieces being damaged when the telescope is not being used. Since it is compatible with 1.25 inch eyepieces it is easy to add more as your proficiency with the telescope grows.

One of the main advantages with this telescope is its versatility. It is capable of displaying crisp clear images in low and bright light, and you can also change the width of the view. Use the lower magnification eyepiece when you want a wide scenic view or you want to observe the stars. When you want to see the surface of the moon, simply insert the eyepiece with the higher magnification. Thanks to the erecting eyepiece images are comfortable to view at any angle, and this telescope even comes with a fun green glass lens.

Even though this telescope is powerful enough to allow you to see details on the surface of the moon, and other large bright planets it is still designed to be portable. Weighing only a few pounds it is easy to carry, and its compact size ensures that it is convenient to pack and store. It can fit easily in most vehicle trunks or in your luggage so you can take it with you when you travel. This way you can stop and watch the night sky wherever you are.


Known issues

Like most portable telescopes that come with tripods there have been mentions that it does not provide a sturdy base, especially on softer surfaces.


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