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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope – Review

Last Updated: 16.01.22


Main technical features


The signature Celestron telescope kit comes with the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi, the NexStar Evolution 8. Needing no hand controls, this telescope employs the state-of-the-art SkyAlign technology that enables easier and quicker setup and use of the computerized device simply by pointing it at 3 brilliant night sky objects to make the telescope tell you what they are. You won’t even have to know the different star names. The technology even allows you to pick bright planets or even the moon.

The telescope also boasts the StarBright XLT, which is Celestron’s system of cutting-edge optical elements that easily outclass any other similar components on the commercial telescope market. The popular Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope in the kit offers amazing value thanks to the premium-quality optical system design, which comprises three major components: unique enhanced multi-layer mirror coatings; exceptional anti-reflective coatings; and high-transmission water white glass.

Easily the most user-friendly telescope on the market, the NexStar Evolution 8 in the kit is WiFi enabled and comes bundled with the SkyPortal app thrown in at no cost to you. Designed to work with the StarSense AutoAlign accessory, this kit also comes with a convenient computerized GoTo mount, an improved industrial design, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charge port, accessory tray, Fork Mount, Tripod, Deluxe Accessory Kit and AC Adapter with USA/ EU and UK and AU plugs.


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In-depth information


The sophisticated SkyAlign Technology that goes into the telescope needs no hand control to do its job. With a simple tap of your portable device, such as your smartphone or tablet that is connected to the telescope, you can get vital information about various celestial objects. The SkyAlign technology provides an exceptionally simple means of aligning the computerized telescope so both beginners and experienced users can enjoy ease of use along with accuracy. A genuine Celestron exclusive, SkyAlign just requires you to input the date and time and your location and then to point the telescope at any three bright heavenly objects you can see. This means there’s no need to point the scope north or to go through the old alignment method of leveling the optical tube, as the initial position of the device is not essential.

Equipped with the Starbright XLT Optical System, the NexStar Evolution 8 carries a design that ensures the accomplishment of a vital goal: the creation of an optimized coating system for CCD/photographic imaging as well as visual use. The multi-layer mirror coatings are developed using exact layers of silicon dioxide as silica quartz, aluminum, and titanium dioxide. Because reflectivity is fairly flat across the spectrum, imaging and visual observation can get optimized. Aside from that, the multi-layer anti reflective coatings are created from measured layers of magnesium fluoride and hafnium dioxide. A rare and expensive element, hafnium provides a wider bandpass compared to the titanium that competitors use in their products. The water white glass is a better alternative to soda lime glass. It is found in the corrector lens that enables the glass to transmit around 90.5 percent even while eliminating anti-reflective coatings. This element combines with the anti reflective coatings of the StarBright XLT to increase the average transmission to a superior 97.8 percent level.

This model comes with the exceptional SkyPortal app that provides full and convenient telescope control and automatic alignment in just minutes using your Android or iOS device. The brass worm gears offer superbly high performance for the computerized GoTo mount that also comes with performance-geared motors to provide minimal gear backlash along with better tracking accuracy. The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers adequate power to support up to ten hours of continuous use. The integrated carry handles and manual clutches comprise the remarkable industrial design. The accessory tray offers convenience in handling your essentials for sky watching. Your smart device power needs are sufficiently handled with the USB charge port.


Known issues

Users are advised not to overdo slewing commands for optimal use, as the app can become sluggish in responding. This is a natural occurrence as the delicate optical elements on the device will also need to properly acclimatize themselves optimally and sufficiently to ensure precision. One user has also noted that the WiFi functionality can be susceptible to interference.


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