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Celestron CPC 800 XLT Computerized Telescope Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


Its durable, high quality build ensures that this computerized telescope is a good value for your money.

Thanks to its powerful optics you will be able to clearly see distant objects in the night sky that include the stunning Orion Nebula

This computerized telescope comes with several options for alignment that include the innovative SkyAlign system and NexRemote software.

Even with enough power to clearly view deep space objects, the CPC 800 XLT is still relatively easy to take with you


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In-depth information


This computerized telescope from Celestron comes with a solid build so you know it will last for years. The drive base and CPC tripod are constructed from sturdy materials which ensures plenty of stability no matter where you decide to set the telescope up. One review noted that this is the same solid base that comes on the company’s higher priced CPC 1100 model. Adding to its stability is the telescope fork that is designed to minimize vibrations so it is easy to focus at higher magnifications.

Beginners and even experienced astronomers will appreciate the powerful optics on the CPC 800 Xlt. It is powerful enough to provide you with spectacular views of objects in deep space, including the structure of some galaxies. Even globular star clusters will appear bright and clear with this computerized telescope. The 40mm 50X magnification plossl eyepiece is ideal when you want to see a wider view or track objects across the sky. It also comes with an 8×50 finder scope so you can locate objects just a little easier.

One of the reasons the CPC 800 XLT is a top rated model is due to its multiple options for alignment. This also makes it ideal for beginners to use. Thanks to the SkyAlign technology you will always know what you are looking it since it will automatically displays the names of the stars and planets that appear where the telescope is aimed at. This also makes aligning the telescope a breeze. Since it also comes with NexRemote software you can even control the telescope with your computer. With an internal GPS receiver automatically downloading the latest data from compatible satellites you will always know the best spot to aim the telescope at in the night sky.

While this computerized telescope does weigh over 60 pounds it is still designed to be relatively easy to take you, especially if you are only traveling short distances. It is easy to mount on a sturdy tripod so stability won’t be a problem, and this also allows you to keep your eye on distant objects. To ensure power won’t be a problem when you are away from home, it even comes with a 12 volt car adapter.


Known issues

It has been noted that the GPS capabilities on the telescope can be turned off during shipping, and this does affect its performance. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to turn back on.


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