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Celestron CPC 1100 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


This Cassegrain telescope boasts amazing light gathering abilities so you can enjoy stunning views of distant and near celestial objects.

You will love how easy this telescope is to align thanks to its innovative technology.

It comes with a sturdy lightweight construction that makes it easily portable, and it is incredibly simple to setup when you have arrived at your destination.

One of the main advantages of this Cassegrain telescope is its versatility, which also makes it a good value for your money.


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In-depth information


Cassegrain telescopes are well known for their light gathering abilities and the CPC 1100 is not an exception. According to the manufacturer reviews it has the most light gathering power of almost any telescope in its class, and it is 1,593 times greater than that capable by the human eye. This ensures that even deep space objects appear bright and clear, and this is enhanced with the 280mm aperture.  You also have the advantage of a large 40 – 660x magnification range so you can focus in on near and distant objects.

One of the advantages of this telescope is how easy it is to align, and you actually have several options. The CPC 1100 comes with Celestron’s innovative SkyAlign technology so all you have to do is point the telescope at 3 bright stars and enter in the date and time. Not only will you know the names of the stars, but also the location of over 4,000 planets, stars and galaxies. Once the telescope is aligned all you have to do is choose the ones that interest you. There is even a “hibernation” mode that will hold the alignment until you choose to change it. You can also take advantage of the NexRemote software which allows you to control the telescope from a compatible computer.

Since this is a Cassegrain telescope you do expect it to come with a large aperture, but this doesn’t mean that it still can’t be portable. It does weigh 65 pounds, but there are two convenient handles so it can often be carried by one adult. This makes it ideal for backyard stargazing or for use with an astronomy club. To ensure plenty of stability it also comes with a sturdy tripod so you can easily set it up almost anywhere.

While the CPC 1100 is designed for astronomy, it can be used for a variety of other viewing applications. Its impressive light gathering abilities make it ideal for watching birds and other animals that like to hide in the shadows, and it can also provide you with stunning panoramic views. Its versatility alone makes this Cassegrain telescope a good value for your money.


Known issues

While there are not any negative comments regarding the performance capabilities of this telescope, several consumers have mentioned that the customer support department is severely lacking in support. This is usually only a problem when there is an issue with the telescope.


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