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Celestron 60LCM Computerized Telescope Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


You will love how simple this computerized telescope is to set up, and since it is also lightweight it is easily portable.

Even though the 60LCM is priced to fit almost any budget, it still comes with the great optics that Celestron is well known for.

You will love how easy this telescope is to align with various celestial bodies, and thanks to the database you will even know what you are looking at.

Its sturdy construction makes it an ideal telescope for students, and since the tripod can be adjusted for height it is also comfortable for adults to use.


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In-depth information


One aspect that no one ever complains about is how easy the 60LCM is to set up. It comes with a “quick release” computerized base so attaching the optical tube is a breeze. You will also love the fact that there aren’t any tools required for assembly. Simply attach the telescope to the tripod and you are ready to go. You will also appreciate its lightweight construction that ensures easy portability, especially when this is combined with the simple setup steps.

Celestron might have priced this telescope to fit almost any budget, but they still made sure it comes with high quality optics. This 60mm refractor telescope is capable of providing you with bright clear views of planets, stars and even stunning nebulas. It also comes with a 25mm and 9mm eyepiece so you can enjoy wider views or see details on the lunar surface close up. With the wider view you can also track objects as they move across the sky.

Thanks to the included SkyAlign technology even beginners will find this computerized telescope easy to align. All you have to do is point the telescope at three bright stars in the sky, and enter in the date and time. Within seconds you will know the names of the stars, along with other celestial objects that are located nearby. Simply by pushing a button the telescope can locate over 4,000 stars, galaxies and planets for you to view and be amazed by. If you want to make the alignment even easier you can take advantage of the “Two Star or Solar System Align”. Its simple alignment options also make the Celestron 60LCM a great choice for students.

Not only does this refractor telescope come at an affordable price, it also boasts a sturdy build. This helps to ensure that you can use it for years. The sturdy tripod is designed to provide plenty of stability on almost any surface, and it can be adjusted for height. This ensures that the telescope is comfortable to use whether you are a student or older adult.


Known issues

The main downside to this computerized telescope is its small size and this will limit how clear some distant objects appear. Its compact size does allow for easy portability, but unfortunately if you want to see more details you will be better suited with a larger telescope.

Like all computerized telescopes it does not come with long lasting battery power.


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