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Celestron 21034 Ambassador Refractor Telescope Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


Distant and near objects appear bright and clear thanks to the 80mm aperture.

The 25mm erect image eyepiece makes the Ambassador by Celestron a good choice for celestial and terrestrial viewing.

Since the tripod can be adjusted for height, this telescope can be easily used by children and adults.

Its 2 year warranty ensures that this telescope is a good value for your money.


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In-depth information


The Ambassador by Celestron comes with an all brass optic tube that performs just as well as it looks. This refractor telescope comes with an 80mm aperture that ensures distant stars, planets and galaxies appear bright and clear. The brass finderscope makes it easy to accurately locate objects, and since it comes with a 25mm eyepiece details will be crisp and clear. This also makes the Ambassador a great choice for celestial and terrestrial viewing.

The brass tripod not only matches the telescope, it is also designed to be fully functional. When it is combined with the altazimuth mount you have a stable base for easy and accurate alignment. This also makes it a little easier to track objects on the ground or in the sky. The combination of the traditional style mount and matching tripod give this telescope a classic appearance that anyone would be proud to show off. Best of all the tripod is adjustable for height and comes with an attachable accessory tray so you can keep extra eyepieces and other tools conveniently close by.

It’s wood and brass construction not only looks great, it also ensures that this telescope will last. Its sturdy built also makes it a great choice for younger astronomers who might not always be as careful as they should. Everything you need to get started viewing objects on the ground or in the sky is included so you can get started right out of the box. When this is combined with the manufacturer’s warranty, this vintage style brass telescope really is a good value for your money. It also comes at a price that will fit most consumers’ budgets.


Known issues

Even though the tripod does provide a stable base its large size can make it awkward to easily transport. Unfortunately it can only be folded down after removing the convenient accessory  tray, and this can be frustrating and time consuming.

There have also been mentions that the service department is often lacking in customer skills and this can be frustrating if a problem does occur with the telescope.


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