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Best bag for telescope

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Telescope bags – Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’ve already bought the telescope you fancy and also found a decent mount or tripod, then you must be looking for a bag to keep these safe and easy to carry around. However, with so many telescope bag reviews out there, you might be confused as to which one can provide maximum protection for your beloved astronomy gear. In order to help out and save you time, we have studied dozens of products and chosen the ones we think are best. We consider the Orion 15146 as the best-suited bag for medium telescopes. Besides being made from durable materials, this bag also comes with internal padding and divider to keep your items organized and safe, is easy to carry around, and also has a great price tag. However, if you find that it is unavailable, then the Protective and Padded Telescope Carry Case 40 is also a great choice.



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Finding a bag for your telescope shouldn’t be too hard, but how can you know that it’s the right fit? Is it made from quality materials? Is it big enough? Does it have divider padding? There are quite a few things you should consider before getting a bag for your telescope. So here are a few things you should look out for.


Make sure you get the right size

While this might seem obvious, you need to make sure that your telescope, tripod and other things you might wish to carry will fit into the bag. The last thing you want is to get a smaller size and either not be able to fit your optical tube inside, or somewhat succeed but cram everything so tight against each other and risk dinging and denting your equipment.

Getting a model that’s too large is also a bad idea. Especially if the padding isn’t thick enough or there’s no divider, you risk having every single item loose and banging each other. A bigger bag might also be more unwieldy and take more space both in your car as well as in storage.


Keeping your astronomy safe and clean

A good bag is supposed to have thick padding that can absorb shocks and ensure that your equipment stays safe whether you transport it in your car, on a bicycle or on foot. Many such paddings are made from dense foams, although some employ synthetic fibers.

Some bag manufacturers also add padding to the interior part of the zipper, a thing that isn’t just better against water (since most water droplets would be able to get inside through the tiny holes of a zipper), but also to keep dust particles away and prevent them from settling on your lenses. So with a good bag, you don’t just keep your equipment safe, but also clean.


The comfort factor

When choosing a bag, you also want to check the handles and straps. Some cheaper models might have thin and hard straps and bands which can cut into your hand and shoulder, or at the very least be highly unpleasant to use. Good models have the handles made from softer and thicker materials, and many manufacturers also add padding to them for extra comfort and better grip.

If you plan on doing a lot of traveling and trekking with your telescope and mount, you’d best ensure that the bag you’re about to purchase is also comfortable. A comfortable bag is essential especially when you have a telescope with a long focal length and wide aperture, as that isn’t just heavy by itself, but you also need a heavier and sturdier tripod for it, not to mention extra eyepieces, a computerized module, etc.

It’s often said that the best telescope is the one you use the most. The same applies to the bag, if it’s not comfortable enough, it will spoil your trips and tempt you to leave it at home more often than not.



5 Best Telescope Bags (Reviews) in 2021


In order to save you time and effort, we have prepared a list with the bags we think provide the best protection for telescopes. We have reviewed many models on the market so that you get to choose only from the greatest out there. So take a look at the following products and choose the best bag for telescopes to keep all your gear safe and easy to transport.



1. Orion 15146 Padded Telescope Case


The Orion Padded Telescope Case 15146 is a rugged bag that is designed to hold a medium telescope, mount, and accessories. Made from durable and resistant polyester and nylon fibers, this bag is perfect when it comes protecting your valuable equipment from mechanical damage. This modern material is also water-resistant, so you can prevent your gadgets from getting wet in case of bad weather.

Thanks to the added soft padding, the Orion Padded Telescope Case 15146 provides your astronomy equipment with extra protection so that you can take it with you anywhere without worrying about potential damage.

With this model, you also get a padded divider so that you can properly organize your telescope and accessories while also preventing any collision between different items. With a full-length zipper, you also get to access your tools with ease. External dimensions for this product are 9.5″ W x 49.75″ L x 12.25″ H.                                          



The case is padded with a rugged material yet soft to the touch so that it can protect your telescope, mount, and other accessories while you travel.

It has a padded divider that will separate your telescope from the other accessories so that you don’t risk scratching or damaging the critical optical components.

The bag is made of heavy-duty polyester/nylon which is water-resistant and capable of handling the elements.

It is very comfortable to carry thanks to the handle straps which deliver a soft yet secure grip so that your skin does not get damaged after carrying the bag for long periods.

Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for people who wish to travel light without sacrificing internal storage. 



The higher price point might act as a deterrent for possible buyers even if the quality of the unit is undeniable.

It lacks internal pockets which means that organizing your smaller accessories will be a bit difficult.


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2. Kuool Camera Protective and Padded Telescope Carry Case


The Protective and Padded Telescope Carry Case 40 is perfect to protect your medium-sized telescopes and keep it safe from harm. This case can comfortably fit telescopes such as the Astromaster 70AZ, Astromaster 90AZ, Orion 09007 and other similar models.

All interior walls are padded with a soft yet resistant 10-mm EPE foam that’s intended to keep your equipment safe from dings and scrapes, while the customizable divider prevents different parts from hitting each other. Whether it’s for transportation or storage, this case can provide maximum protection, thanks to the heavy and resistant nylon material. The zipper padding is made of strong PU foam that is 20 millimeters thick that is meant to keep water from getting inside.

You get a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transportation as well as two small handles for better maneuverability. With the external pocket, you also gain easy access to the most important accessories.



The product is built to keep your sensitive equipment protected which is why all the interior walls are padded with a soft yet resistant 10-mm EPE foam.

It is made of durable and water-resistant nylon which increases the versatility of the product since you will be able to use it to transport your telescope even in the harshest environments.

There are two separate compartments to let you store and organize the smaller parts and accessories.

As far as size is concerned, this model is perfect for medium-sized telescopes and it has enough room for your mount and tripod as well.

Carrying it over long distances won’t be a pain since you get to choose the way that is most comfortable for you by using the shoulder strap or the two small handles. 



Some customers have reported that the bag does not fit all the telescopes showcased by the manufacturer in the product description.


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3. Meade Instruments Polaris Carry Bag for Telescope


If you’re searching for the best telescope bag for a Polaris 127 or 130 telescope and mount, then the Meade Instruments Polaris Carry Bag 616003 is probably it. Made from high-quality materials, this case is meant to protect all your astronomy equipment while also providing you with an easy way to transport it or store it for safekeeping.

The bag is made from highly-resistant fibers and ensures that you don’t scrape or dent your equipment. You get extra protection thanks to the soft yet dense interior padding which will also separate items from each other.

To make things easier, this Meade case comes with a long shoulder strap which features a padding in the middle area, so that you get to travel with your telescope and all your accessories between locations or in the field painlessly. This bag also comes with a one-hand strap for convenient carrying and handling.



With this option, you get an affordable choice that will let you carry your Polaris 127 or 139 telescope, mount, tripod, optical tube, and accessories.

It comes with an accessory pouch with a drawstring closure so that you can better organize all of your small items neatly and leave more room in the main compartment.

It’s available in the stylish and iconic Meade blue color that will make the bag stand out.

You are free to decide which is the best way to carry the bag, be it on your back with the shoulder strap, or around your hand with the carry strap.

The bag is made of a medium/heavy nylon which gives it the durability needed to protect your sensitive optical instrument from scratches, dents, and bad weather. 



The Velcro strap used to secure the scope and the mount is not positioned properly and it is not large enough to allow for quick and easy securement of the instruments.


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4. Orion Padded Telescope Case


When it comes to finding a good bag for telescope, you can’t go wrong with the Orion Padded Telescope Case 15164. Made from durable materials, this case is perfect for small to medium telescopes. You don’t just get to keep your telescope safe, but there’s also plenty of space for your telescope mount or tripod, eyepieces, scopes and other accessories you might need for great outdoor experiences.

Thanks to the soft and efficient internal padding with divider, you ensure that your telescope, tripod, and smaller accessories are kept in different compartments to prevent dings or scratches. You also get an efficient fastener with a hook to ensure your counterweights don’t come rolling on top of your other gadgets.

The entire bag is made of resistant nylon which isn’t just ideally suited to protect against mechanical damage, but it also has good water-resistant properties.



It is water-resistant thanks to the use of heavy-duty polyester/nylon materials that feature a padding layer sewn right into the inner case lining.

There is an internal padded divider which will separate your optical tube from the tripod and mount so as to prevent accidental scrapes.

Furthermore, the hook-and-loop fastener will keep the counterweights in one place so that they don’t roll over your other accessories.

Access to the two compartments is done via a full-length zipper that is very easy to use and that will let you quickly repack your equipment in the field.

The handle straps allow for versatile use and you can sling them over your shoulder for more convenient long-distance transport. 



For such an expensive product, customers were disappointed to see that the bag does not come with additional pockets.

There are no instructions included in the package to let beginner astronomers know where they should place their equipment.


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5. Orion 15174 Padded Telescope Case


While you can find many good telescope cases for sale nowadays, the Orion Padded Telescope Case 15174 is certainly a top choice. Made from heavy and highly-durable polyester and nylon, this case is perfect to provide your optical tube, tripod and different other gadgets with the best protection against mechanical damage as well as resistance to water.

Measuring 47 x 13.5 x 18.5 inches, this bag is wide enough to fit any of the Dobsonian reflector telescopes such as the Orion SkyQuest XT8 and other medium, optical tubes. You also have plenty of space to fit an equatorial mount or a conventional compact tripod to take with you on trips.

With this telescope bag, you won’t just keep your telescope and accessories safe, but also clean. Transport will also be easy and convenient thanks to the handle straps you can also fit over your shoulder.



The Orion telescope bag is rugged and designed to fit just about any Dobsonian reflector telescopes and other medium optical tubes.

It is now fully padded, a feature that will provide maximum protection for your instruments without increasing the weight of the bag too much.

The water-resistant material is designed to stay clean and last for longer, not to mention that it will also keep the telescope free of dings and scrapes.

The handle straps are comfortable and long enough to be slung over a shoulder if you want a more comfortable carrying experience for long trips.

Unlike boxy hard cases, this option is more comfortable to carry, more space-efficient, and it is capable of protecting your hands from bumps and bruises. 



The price is not something to joke about and customers would have preferred to see more premium features included so that they could justify spending this much for a telescope bag.


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