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Pulsar Quantum PL77319 – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


The 50Hz refresh rate this model offers is one of the highest you can find available on thermal monoculars at the moment, and it is a solid proof of this model’s capabilities.

When you need to follow moving targets, proper image quality helps, and that is why the LCD display on this model is built to supply the user with consistent picture-perfect functionality.

Equipped with a digital zoom feature, this model can bring targets closer to you; the 2x magnification can be multiplied four times, up to 8x.

Another thing that must be mentioned is that the model comes with white-hot, and black-hot viewing modes, and it can identify heat signatures to distances as far as 1000 yards.

Various modes available can help you adjust your monocular for different conditions and purposes, without a glitch.


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In-depth information


Consistent image quality is a must for any optics equipment, so it is natural to start by talking about what this model can offer to the user. If you go hunting, or you’re using a monocular to detect targets on the move, you will be pleased with the capabilities of this particular model. Several technical aspects contribute to the high performance of this model regarding picture quality. The 50Hz refresh rate is higher than in most similar models, while the 640×480 display is of high quality, as well. The technologies used help you identify your targets with great ease. At the same time, the thermal sensor ensures that you will catch enough details for a clear picture.

If you have been looking around for a capable thermal monocular, you will be impressed by what this model can do. It can see through fog and smoke, and that means that even in daytime, it will prove its usability. Many people are interested in seeing targets at long distances, so it is an excellent thing that this model can bring closer subjects that are located as far as 1000 yards away from you. It also helps that the model comes with 2x magnification and 2x and 4x digital zoom so that you can increase the magnification up to 8x.

The available operating modes are something that we have to talk about. Their names – city, forest, and identification – tell you precisely what to expect, and in what settings to use them. You can also calibrate the unit for the automatic, manual, and semi-automatic mode, depending on how much you want to intervene in the process. A tripod mount is included, for maximum convenience. You will be pleased to see that a weaver rail is included, as well. You can attach an external power supply if you so desire.


Known issues

What might put you off about this particular model is the pricing that is at least double compared to similar models on the market that might offer a good fraction of the performance supplied by the Pulsar Quantum PL77319.


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