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Night Owl Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


You will be able to see in the dark at distances of up to 70 yards, due to the powerful infrared illuminator the monocular comes along with.

The available illumination settings, as well as the 2.1x magnification, allow you some level of customization so that you can get the best out of your monocular.

One thing that seems to offer tremendous advantages to users is the ability to use the focusing control so that you can see objects or targets that are situated at various distances from your position.

Sensor resolution matters, and, in this case, the 640×480 VGA sensor will help you get a clear image of objects in the dark or low light conditions.

Its single button operation makes it convenient to use, so there’s no learning curve to worry about when you’re using this model.


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In-depth information


This inexpensive night vision monocular might not offer the same outstanding features and performance as models that come with price tags in the thousands, but, for its cost, it provides tremendous value. If you want to see things in the dark, at distances of up to 70 yards, this monocular will help you and will give you the means to monitor an area with ease. Its night vision is granted by the infrared illuminator it comes equipped with. In low light conditions, the model will perform well, and you will quickly find many applications for the newly purchased monocular.

One thing we cannot overlook is its versatility. It is made to accommodate the need for examining objects in low light or complete darkness when the said objects are not extremely far away from you. When you go camping, hiking, exploring caves, or other cramped places where illumination is not good when you want to scout an area, or you need a night vision monocular for security purposes, this model will prove a great ally. Seeing that you’re paying only a fraction of the price for this, compared to the top of the line models available, you’re getting a great deal.

It must be said that this night vision monocular offers ease of use, something that is much appreciated by people who want to purchase a casual product that does not require a lot of learning to be figured out. Its one button operation is straightforward, and choosing the right illumination setting is easy, as well. Because it is compact and lightweight, it can be carried anywhere with ease. A carrying case is also provided by the manufacturer, to protect the monocular from damage.


Known issues

Changing the illumination settings using the available button will make quite a loud noise, so if you plan to use your monocular for monitoring pests in your backyard, that might give away your presence.

It is a battery hog, and you will need to have replacements on hand if you don’t want to use your monocular only in a limited fashion.


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