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Bushnell Equinox Z 260130-P – Review

Last Updated: 05.10.22



Main technical features


Offering you the possibility to add an infrared flashlight, this monocular will give you excellent vision when using it in the dark.

The 3x zoom will let you focus in and out with ease so that you can examine details on the targets you’re watching and that without the need for an additional dial or lever.

With the help of the integrated IR illuminator, you will be able to see objects and targets located at distances up to 500 feet away from you.

Equipped with multi-coated optics, the model is capable of rendering a clear image, so that you can enjoy a proper optical performance.

It is a great thing that the model comes with a Picatinny style rail that allows you to mount other accessories to expand the usefulness of this particular night vision monocular.


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In-depth information


When you need a night vision monocular, you most probably want to get a good deal for your money, and this is exactly what this model provides. Starting with the optics quality, and ending with the illumination possibilities offered, you will discover a complete product that will never let you down. The glass objective comes multi-coated, to ensure proper image clarity, and increase light transmission for superior optics performance, something that you might not usually see on night vision monoculars in this price range.

A plethora of features makes this particular model stand out from the crowd. You can zoom in and out with ease, and you can also capture images or record videos. The digital NV technology offers you the possibility to take pictures and shoot videos in the daytime with excellent results, which means that the unit is not limited to nighttime viewing only. However, since its nighttime performance matters most for people who want a night vision monocular, we must say that the availability of the Picatinny rail for mounting other accessories makes it comfortable for you to attach an IR flashlight for better vision in total darkness.

Talking about the usability of this product, we cannot overlook some other aspects. For instance, the long battery life makes sure that you won’t have to bother replacing the batteries too often. Also, the fact that the rugged housing makes it resistant in bad weather, too, expands its capabilities. As it can be mounted on a tripod, it won’t require you to strain your hands, when you can just as well examine your surroundings comfortably.


Known issues

A few design flaws can make using this night vision monocular a bit of a bother. For instance, the on/off switch is close to other buttons, so turning the unit off by mistake can happen more often than not. Also, if you intend to mount the unit on a tripod, you will discover that accessing the video and picture switch becomes awkward to operate, due to its proximity to the mounting plate.


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