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Best pH meter for kombucha

Last Updated: 30.11.21


pH meters for kombucha – Buying guide & Comparison


If you want to just enjoy nicely brewed kombucha and have to time to read about the best kombucha pH meter, then this short paragraph should provide the essential information you need. We evaluated a host of products on the market and concluded that the Leona Kombucha Tea Starter Kit makes a good buy. Suitable as a gift, this option comes with all you need for that fail-proof first home brew. Aside from the free kombucha book where you can go over some great recipes for your favorite kombucha, you also get a nice one-gallon jar for continuous brewing and more cups of your favorite beverage. While the provided scoby ensures good brewing results, the pH strips and temperature strips guarantee that you can successfully brew your first cups in optimal fermentation conditions. Should you find stocks of the Leona Kombucha Tea Starter Kit quickly disappearing, the Get Kombucha Basic Edition is worth a try as a second option.


The best pH meter for kombucha is often packaged as part of a starter kit on Amazon. This means you get what you need for a first brew as well as the succeeding brews you plan to make. Drinking tea, kombucha, in particular, helps ensure good health. Unless the option you get ensures optimum brewing results, it is useless. These are what you’d like to find in a useful starter kit for this purpose.


Value for the money

The kit should come with everything you need to get started, including a good pH meter to measure the acidity or alkalinity of your brew. Some products even include a temperature tester in the kit to enable you to gauge the quality of your brew.

High-quality options include a kombucha jar in which you can ferment the supplied bacteria and yeast culture, known as scoby, and wait for the tea to develop the perfect taste you need. You can literally save hundreds if you can brew the perfect kombucha at the proper pH and temperature.

Step-by-step instructions should be provided, with some kits even having an accompanying video so you can watch how everything is done. Recipes for various types of brew such as chia, ginger, and more are helpful. This aspect will ensure variety in your brews, so you don’t tire of the same taste over and over. This will also enable you to use ingredients that are handy at the time of brewing.

With a dependable kombucha meter, you are guaranteed perfectly brewed tea every time, with reduced guesswork.

It would be nice if bottles for flavoring come in the package along with the test strips so you can test different varieties and see which one is the best for you.

The kit should come with all-natural ingredients to support your health and well-being. Some options come with rubber bands, covers, tea filter bags, evaporated sugar cane juice, and brewing gloves, among others.



While it can be difficult to find kombucha pH meter reviews,  you can easily find starter kits for kombucha brewing that include a pH tester. This allows you to brew a variety of teas for health. As mentioned earlier, some options include a recipe book that you can use to ferment a variety of flavors of kombucha including ginger, fruit juice, spirulina, and chia, among others.

The included scoby or bacteria and yeast culture should be large enough to provide cup after cup of delicious and nutritious kombucha mushroom-based tea. You can even make fizzy tea and not just flavored ones.

Because properly brewed kombucha ought to have a pH of 3, the included test strip should be able to detect that. Although the perfect kombucha is on the acidic scale, the liquid is actually alkalizing. You want not just a vinegary taste but the right pH to prove that.


Safety of use

Any kombucha starter kit for sale should ensure safe human consumption as long as the procedures for brewing are followed carefully. This is where the pH meter in the kit serves its purpose. With the device, you can test prepared kombucha batches or even the ones you store in the fridge.

Thankfully, most producers of starter kits use organic ingredients and include natural elements in the package. This will ensure consumer safety and health.

While not all people like kombucha, those who love it deserve only the finest quality elements in the package. The included pH meter should not contaminate the brew if you decide to stick the test strip into an entire jar of fermented kombucha. The readings should be accurate to prevent nasty reactions in the tea drinker in case the values are off.



5 Best pH Meter for Kombucha (Reviews) in 2021


While it can take tedious research to learn about kombucha, proper brewing, and the accessories that should be used in the brewing process, it is not impossible to find a good option to fulfill your needs. Read about quality kombucha starter kits with pH meters in our product suggestions here.



1. Kombucha Tea Starter Kit


Your regular habit of getting a kombucha fix every day can get pretty expensive so why not brew your own in the comfort of your home? With the Leona Kombucha Tea Starter Kit, you can save a lot of money on store-bought, bottled brews. This option makes the process easier than you think.

The kit comes with a video as well as step-by-step directions that guide you through the preparation and fermentation process. With this product, you should be able to brew endless bottles or cups of kombucha. The included book comes with flavoring recipes, so you will never tire of your kombucha brews. Even popular flavoring recipes for kids are included so you can get the whole family started on healthy kombucha drinking.

The pH strips and the temperature tester help ensure the fermentation process is properly done, and the right pH level has been reached. They also ensure your tea is drinkable and will not turn into wine.



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2. Kombucha Continuous Basic Brew Kit System


The most economical in the Get Kombucha line, the Get Kombucha Basic Edition enables you to drink kombucha on tap. This supports your need to enjoy a lifetime of home-brewed kombucha tea while ensuring an easy brewing process. The 2.5-gallon porcelain brewing vessel provides the perfect receptacle for your brew to keep the taste and quality consistent.

Thanks to the handcrafted wood brewer stand, you can conveniently place the porcelain brewing vessel where there is easy access. No need to use large gallon jars that you need to pour by hand. The spigot makes drinking and tasting easy. This option comes with a large culture of dehydrated organic kombucha scoby along with a starter mother liquid to ensure successful brewing.

The included loose leaf tea blend enables you to make flavorful tea when you want. Bottles to hold the flavoring are included for effortless dispense. The pH strips ensure proper brew quality for optimal enjoyability.



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3. Kombucha Mother Starter Kit


The Get Kombucha Gold enables you to enjoy an entire lifetime of nutritious and healthy kombucha mushroom tea drinking without spending a lot of money of commercial beverages. This starter kit comes with easy instructions that will ensure you are guided in the proper preparation of kombucha tea.

You receive two fully grown organic starter mushroom cultures that are 6 inches in diameter, so you can expect plenty of babies from them. Each one is individually packaged in its own mushroom starter tea to ensure a successful first brew.

The included half pound whole leaf tea blend delivers 120 servings, for gallons of tea you can prepare in the comfort of your home. The included accessories ensure successful brewing as well. They include fastener bands, covers, brewing gloves, and most importantly, ph strips that ensure just the right levels for enjoyable drinking.

Your safety is assured since you are shipped a fresh kombucha mushroom tea culture from which you can grow babies.



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4. Kickstarter Kombucha Mushroom Kit


Shipped with two enormous mushroom scoby cultures, the Kombucha Kamp Kickstarter enables you to brew you own healthy tea and save hundreds on commercial tea beverage.

Each of the scoby cultures comes with two cups of strong starter liquid that even has yeast strains so you can make two gallons of your first brew successfully.

This starter kit allows you to enjoy your own personally brewed healthy tea when you want as long as you care for the mother culture and its babies.

Aside from the culture, you also get a tea ball and bags for convenient straining and inclusion of flavoring. The pH strips ensure that you maintain the ideal low ph range for optimal enjoyment.

You also get a complete handbook that will help you through the process so you can make endless batches of health-giving tea when you want. Also, you will receive a special organic tea blend and sugar for pleasurable drinking.



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5. Make Kombucha Tea Starter Kit


Easily the most popular tea kit in the company’s product line, the Get Kombucha Silver is suitable for those who are novices to the kombucha tea brewing scene.

If you would rather not spend more money on store-bought beverages, this package is for you. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy bottles of their favorite healthy tea without spending a fortune.

Your safety is ensured because the kit comes freshly packaged with tea culture in its own starter tea. Since it is not dehydrated, the scoby is ready to go into your prepared batch.

To simplify the brewing experience, the package includes a free video plus access to an exclusive article for recipes to help you make great-tasting and flavorful tea in various flavors and varieties with the scoby as the base.

The pH strips help you know whether the fermentation is completed. The gloves ensure hygiene during preparation.



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