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Best ph meter for wine making

Last Updated: 26.09.23


pH meters for wine making – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re into winemaking and thus on the lookout for the best pH meter for winemaking, this paragraph might be of help as it provides information on some of the most popular products available for sale. To help you find quality pH meter models, we have taken a closer look at the features offered by some of the top-rated products in this category, and we have reached the conclusion that the first option to pay attention to is the 7Pros pH Meter with Automatic Calibration. This is a digital pH tester that will help you test various liquids quickly and accurately. You will get the results in just a few seconds, and given its dimensions and the plastic case, you can easily take it with you wherever needed. The unit can be used to test not only wine but also drinking water and many other liquids. In case this model is currently unavailable in your area, another unit worthy of attention is the VIVOSUN pH & TDS Meter Combo.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Winemaking is a delicate process and requires patience as well as a good sense of what makes a good brew. In this regard, finding a good tool from those in the various wine pH meter reviews is critical to success. These are the aspects to scrutinize in this kind of investment.



Hassle-free use

A lousy display could easily mess up an entire batch of ingredients. If you can’t read the displayed value quickly and easily, you probably found a low-quality pH meter for sale. In contrast, a good device enables you to do measurements and read them off the display easily, even when the conditions in your winemaking cellar are not exactly ideal.

Most top notch models have a backlit screen, while a good number include color-coded backlighting as well so you can tell immediately if the brew is of the proper pH level or as you want.

A hold-reading feature enables you to have the reading displayed until you take the device from the liquid and record it. This is essential when you have to leave the meter in the vat for some time until the brew is ready.

If the model you own provides multiple value measurement, it should allow you to shift to the other modes effortlessly with a simple click of a button or a push of the indicator lever.

You can save on battery life with an Auto Shutdown feature. Most models come in a pen style that makes them easy to hold in hand or insert in the pocket. It also enables you to do on-the-go testing minus the messy strips and the color charts, which can sometimes be confusing. Look for models with a handy carry case for problem-free storage and portability.

Check the manual for easy readability. The instructions should facilitate use and not complicate operations. Results should be available fast. Operations should be simple, involving only immersion, some waiting time till the reading stabilizes, and you should have a reading within minutes.


Versatility in use

A good number of models on the market are engineered to do the usual task of measuring the level of alkalinity and acidity of liquid solutions. However, what sets apart the best wine pH meter from the run-of-the-mill types is its ability to deliver more than that.

You will find models that can also give you a picture of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels, the Electrical Conductivity (EC), and the temperature of the test solution. Plenty of models can be used both for residential and professional purposes. You can test drinking water, wine, the water in ponds, aquariums, and pools, along with other liquid-holding facilities. Lab use can include the pH testing of urine and saliva, as well as blood chemistry examination.


Dependable, accurate results

A good pH meter serves its purpose as it should. You want readings to stay consistent in accuracy, which is critical in winemaking. The effects of a botched reading, no matter if it is only slightly off, could have tremendous effects on the quality of the wine.

Values should be read by the device and should remain stable no matter what the condition or setting may be. Look for models that deliver a wide measurement range as this will give you an exact value and not just an approximation.

In spite of the broad measuring range, the accuracy range should be the opposite. If you can, look for a device that offers the smallest accuracy range, such as one that is accurate to +/- 0.01 or 0.02 pH or the smallest percentage. This means you can trust the values to be accurate. Wine is particularly pH-sensitive, so this factor is critical.

An Automatic Temperature Compensation feature ensures that no matter the variations in the temperature of the liquid, the device would still give you one value as if the sample were at its normal temperature state.



5 Best pH Meters for Wine Making (Reviews) in 2023


While we are not winemaking professionals, we believe that any decent pH meter should have the qualities outlined in the buying guide. Furthermore, we also believe that any one of the products we have featured below can make a great option for those in the business.



1. 7Pros pH Meter with Automatic Calibration


Designed to help you test the pH level of a variety of liquids, this product is built in such a way to get you fast and accurate results with minimal effort on your side. The digital pH tester takes only a few seconds to provide the pH level results of the tested liquid and do so accurately within ±0.01 pH. 

What’s also great about it is that it can be employed for different liquids, including wine, beer, soap mixtures, bath or drinking water, hydroponics, and aquarium water, just to name a few. The item comes calibrated from the factory and is paired with two sets of calibration powder. 

Given that it takes the push of the auto-calibration button to calibrate it when needed and that the pack also includes an instruction manual, using it is easy. The unit is also portable so that you can measure the pH level of the liquid of interest anywhere. 



Whether you need a new pH tester to help you test wine, drinking water, or other liquids, such as soap mixtures and aquarium water, this unit is worth taking into account, given its versatility. 

The product comes calibrated from the factory, and even when calibration is needed after a longer period of intense use or inactivity, the automatic calibration feature simplifies the entire process.

The pack includes the pH tester, two sets of calibration powder, as well as an instruction manual so that you can make the most of it effortlessly. 

Thanks to the built-in automatic temperature compensation, you can use this unit to test the pH of various liquids at any temperature in the range of 32°F – 176°F. 



The product might not hold the calibration as long as needed, and thus recalibrating it might be needed often if you employ it frequently. 


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2. VIVOSUN pH & TDS Meter Combo 


In case you’re looking for a pH tester that can help you with different liquid quality testing situations, this pH & TDS Meter Combo from Vivosun is worth a closer look as it comes packed with features that will help you cater to various such needs. 

The pH meter can be used for both laboratory and home applications, including water purification applications, hydroponics, aquaculture, and water treatment. The pH meter ensures a pH measurement range of 0 – 14 and ±0.01 pH accuracy, and its battery should provide 500 hours of operation.

The pack also includes a TDS meter that features EC, TDS, and temp functions so that you can cover various needs easily and rapidly. Thanks to the TDS meter, you can thus also measure the dissolved solids in the liquid of interest, such as minerals, salts, and metals. The pocket-size design ensures convenient use wherever you need to test the pH value of different liquids. 



If your needs call not only for a pH tester but also for a TDS meter, this combo might be of interest as it includes both items featuring functions that will serve such needs.

The pH tester is designed in such a way to ensure fast and accurate readings and can be employed for both home and laboratory applications, including wine pH testing.

The pH measurement range ensured is 0 – 14, while the unit provides ±0.01 pH accuracy, which means that you can employ it even for more demanding applications.

The pack includes a TDS meter with EC, TDS, and temp functions so that you can also test the minerals, salts, and metals in the liquid of interest. 

The intuitive design and display modes ensure ease of use, while the dimensions of the two units included make it easy to carry them wherever needed.



There is no light on the TDS unit, and thus reading it might be a bit challenging; plus, the temperature reading is tiny, and therefore, a magnifier might be needed. 


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3. Digital PH Meter Tester Best for Water Aquarium Pool Hot Tub Hydroponics Wine


If you require a model for more than one job, one that will allow you to test your pool, your drinks and other types of solutions and surfaces, check this product out. The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction and quality, things which are hard to say no to.

The good-looking piece is easy to use even by clumsy hands, mostly due to its non-grip surface. It works fast, and the results are accurate.

It is the perfect alternative to color charts and inaccurate test strips. Moreover, it comes with auto calibration, which will take math out of this simple job.

Kids will love it because it can even be used for a science class.

If you are a winemaker or a cook, a tool like this is a must-have if you want and require total control over the taste of your goodies. Furthermore, the screen is bright and informative.



Since you won’t need to use any test strips or color charts, this simple-to-use yet effective tester doesn’t require any guessing on your part. 

Given that it features a lightweight and compact design, the unit can be used single-handedly, which means that even kids might be able to enjoy its benefits for science classes. 

The auto-calibration comes with buffer powders, and since this is a highly versatile unit, it can be used everywhere you need around the house, including for pools or aquariums. 

The unit was specifically designed to offer quick, convenient, one-touch, and accurate readings, so you shouldn’t hesitate to give this tester a try. 



Some users have had a hard time calibrating it at first, but you can look up online some extra information on this matter. 

In rare cases, the unit recorded different readings at different temperatures, so if this happens you should contact the seller for assistance. 


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4. Apera Instruments PH20 Value Pocket pH Tester Kit


Whether you need a pH tester to help you measure the pH level of the water you drink, wine you make, or the water in your aquarium so that the fish and plants have a healthy environment, this tester kit is an option you might want to try. The unit is not only reliable and accurate but also easy to read. 

The pH tester features intelligent functions that will help you cater to your needs effortlessly and get accurate readings. It thus ensures automatic calibration, and the pack also includes two calibration solutions. What’s more, thanks to the automatic recognition and reminder and the brand’s proprietary lithium glass pH sensor, the readings are quickly and accurately delivered.

The large LCD makes it easy to read the values and also provides information regarding the temperature. The pH tester runs on AAA batteries and should ensure up to 2,000 hours of operation. 



With this kit, you get everything you need to start testing the pH value of various liquids and do so easily. 

The pack includes a pH tester that comes with a high-sensitivity pH probe, two calibration solutions, a user manual to help you make the most of it, a lanyard, and a carrying case.

The tester can be employed to measure the pH value of drinking water, wine, aquarium water, and various other liquids. 

The pH tester supports USA and NIST pH standards and can be used at various temperatures in the range of 32°F – 122°F.

The item sports various intelligent functions to provide you with quick and accurate readings and features a large LCD so that you can easily read the values displayed. 



The instructions included in the pack might not be that helpful, and the probe should be handled with care as it can break more easily than expected. 


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5. Apera Instruments AI311 PH60 pH Tester Kit


Delivered in a kit that will help you test the pH level of various liquids, this tester is an option you might want to take a closer look at if you’re interested in a reliable, easy-to-use, and accurate product. The complete yet portable kit will help you cater to your needs immediately upon arrival and easily add it to your gear when traveling.

The pH tester is built for professional pH measurements and can thus be used in various liquid quality testing applications, such as beverage making, hydroponics, aquaculture, and environmental monitoring. The item ensures ±0.01 pH accuracy and a pH range of -2.00 to 16.00. 

The product can be used at temperatures ranging between 32°F and 122°F thanks to its ATC function. The large 3-color LCD ensures easy reading, and the calibration solutions and auto-calibration function will also help you calibrate the item effortlessly. The rugged design should provide you with many hours of operation and makes the unit ideal for use even in harsh environments.



Including anything you need to get started, this pH tester kit can be employed for different applications, such as hydroponics, beverage making, and aquaculture. 

The pH tester features a high-quality probe and functions that ensure accurate and reliable readings; plus, the 3-color LCD adds to the ease of use ensured. 

Thanks to the ATC function, you can use the product to test the pH level of a certain liquid at various temperatures ranging from 32°F to 122°F.

Calibrating the tester is not complicated as you get an auto-calibration function, an instruction manual, and calibration solutions. 

The rugged design should keep up with extended use, whereas the AAA batteries should provide you with up to 2,000 hours of operation. 



The ON/OFF button might not be that durable and might stop working unexpectedly; plus, if you use the pH tester frequently, calibration might be needed often.


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Unavailable products


Instecho Digital


Useful for liquid testing in both home and laboratory settings, the Instecho Digital serves to help you check and ensure that the levels of acidity and alkalinity in various water and liquid specimens are what they should be. It can be used to read the pH of water solutions in pools, aquariums, tanks, spas, and others.

In the laboratory, this model provides functionality for the pH testing of body fluids such as urine, saliva, and blood. It can also be used to test lab reagents and chemicals utilized in mixtures. Winemakers and those in the brewery business use it to gauge the serviceability or drinkability of their products.

Compared to using test strips and color charts, this device provides a convenient, handy, and mess-free means of measuring pH in an objective, scientific way. It offers a high level of sensitivity and accuracy with its full 0 to 14 pH measurement range.





Suramayoo Digital


Accurate up to ±0.1 pH at 20°C, the Suramayoo Digital offers high accuracy for trustworthy readings. This water and liquid quality tester comes in a nifty pocket size that makes it easily portable. It can be used to test household drinking water, swimming pools, aquariums, and spas.

It can also be used for testing the pH balance of products in wine and beer making. The meter also provides functionality for testing hydroponics systems, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and others.

Offering smooth operation, this model provides a high level of accuracy as it boasts a broad measuring range of 0.0 to 14.0 pH, with 0.1 pH resolution. It also requires just a few steps to operate, with just a single button to carry out the measuring process. It delivers readings quickly and clearly on the digital display.

The supplied batteries allow you to enjoy continuous use for more than 500 hours.





LIUMY Portable Digital


The LIUMY Portable Digital comes with a pocket-sized design that enables handy use for on-the-scene applications. It offers serviceability for measuring the pH of the water solution in pools, spas, aquariums, hydroponics systems, and drinking water. It is indispensable in food, wine, and beer making, among many others.

This model can be relied on to provide readings fast, with accuracy as a primary strong point. It can measure levels as low as 0 up to as high as 14, with a 0.1 ph resolution. The measurement is displayed clearly on the LCD screen, enabling you to read and record the results easily.

The protective cap keeps the electrode/sensor from damage and contamination when not in use. This model does the job without the mess and drips that a litmus paper and color chart can make. At just 1.76 oz, this device is easy to hold in hand and is easily portable.



Apera Instruments PH20 Value Pocket pH Tester


When it comes to complete kits, this product will be a pleasure to use. It is lightweight and compact, and it can be used daily for a large variety of purposes. Like most premium models, the meter comes with auto calibration and buffer recognition.

Its auto temperature compensation will allow you to read the pH as accurate as possible, even if the temperature of the measured thing exceeds 122F.

The sensor has the Apera stamp of quality, low impedance and a high response rate, all impressive and efficient features, useful for a winemaker. The manufacturer also supplies a rugged carrying case.

The pH values will be consistent, and the AAA batteries it uses will make sure you can utilize the product for a very long time before you’ll have to replace them. This is due to the fact that they offer more than 2000 hours of continuous use. It is ideal to be taken while on the go since it can fit even in your back pocket.



This product is a complete kit that includes batteries, calibration solution, as well as a lanyard in a carrying case, so you have everything you need to start using it right away. 

Thanks to the auto-recognition of stable values feature, you won’t have to guess anything when it comes to measurements. 

The ultra-clear 180 viewing angle screen features a dual display of temperature and pH, as well as indications of stable readings and completed calibrations. 

Powered by AAA batteries, this unit ensures up to 2,000 hours of continuous operation. 



If the instructions are not very clear in terms of the calibration process, you can look for online videos created by the manufacturer or other users to get this done. 

Even though it might be more expensive than other pH meters that you can find on the market, this Apera product is definitely worth the cost. 




Apera Instruments PH60 Premium Waterproof pH Pocket Tester


This model is excellent not only for winemaking but also for all the other tasks that require you to have accurate readings of the pH. The FLAT sensor inside it is easy to install, and in the unlikely eventuality that it will malfunction, it can easily be replaced. It sure is a product that is hard to top.

Its triple-junction prevents it from clogging, ideal for when the wine has a thicker consistency.

It can also read the pH of your skin, all kinds of fabrics and even paper, which makes it extremely versatile. And the large LCD screen it rocks on the front, is going to make everything user-friendly.

The piece comes with auto calibration and auto buffer recognition, two features that are indispensable when we’re talking about premium models.

And since wine has different temperatures, depending on the stage of fermentation, it also has auto temperature compensation or ATC.



The unit comes with easy 1-3 point auto-calibration and recognizes five different types of solutions, while the Automatic Temperature Compensation ensures the necessary accuracy. 

You might also be glad to know that its construction includes a high-quality replaceable glass probe, so you can rest assured that it’s durable. 

The large LCD display is user-friendly, comes with three different backlit colors (that each indicates a mode), as well as with dual display of temperature and pH. 

Given the friendly smiley icon that indicates stable readings, there won’t be any guessing on your part regarding when it’s the right time to record the measurement. 



In one case, the package was delivered with a broken seal and the calibration solution leaked, but the seller can help with assistance in case this happens. 

If one of the display’s backlights stops working, you cannot select the other one to be on for every type of reading. 




Poit PH Meter Kit


The design and color of this item guarantee you will never misplace it. Since it is a premium model, that already satisfied plenty of customers, it has useful features such as a 0.01 resolution, ATC function, and, more importantly, the sought after auto calibration.

It can be used both at home and in a laboratory, where you need extra accurate readings – which it will provide. It can work with liquids and solids such as food, wine, and even skin.

And it is fast too, a great thing if you are the type of person who always has some last minute readings to do.

To calibrate it, you don’t need any other accessories like screwdrivers since you can take advantage of the simple button on the front to do that.

In the box, you have the meter, the user manual and other useful bits that will prove themselves to be of great use.



This meter is factory calibrated, which means that you can start using it right away, but in case you feel you need to calibrate it again, this is done by pushing one button.  

Thanks to the Automatic Temperature Compensation capability, you won’t need to worry about dealing with inaccurate readings.

The package includes the pH meter, a user’s manual, as well as buffer powders, batteries, and a 1-year warranty. 

If you want to test the acidity or alkalinity of various liquids in your home, this product is the way to go, so you should keep it in mind. 



Given that some users were not sure whether they are using the device the right way, if you feel that you could use more details on this you can always contact the seller. 

One user said that the unit could stabilize and read a bit faster, but this can also be a matter of personal opinion.




Bolayu Digital 


Ensuring precision up to 0.01 pH, the Bolayu Digital also serves as a temperature sensor so it can give you two values in one device. The replaceable electrode enables reuse for various liquid solutions in a row, eliminating the need to have several devices on hand for a series of testing tasks.

The ring holding the electrode can be extended. It has a waterproof design so you can use it with no worries.

The battery provides a standby time of around 2,000 hours to accommodate infrequent use along with multiple cycles of testing. This model features automatic calibration, so you need not worry about the reliability of readings even after using the device for a long period.

With its operating temperature from 0 to 80°C, this device can be used in a variety of standard conditions and settings. If you need to shift modes, it can be done easily and with push-button simplicity.



Besides being a reliable pH meter, this Bolayu device is also a temperature sensor, which means that you get two readings in one device. 

Thanks to the replaceable electrodes, the unit can be reused for various solutions, one after the other, thus eliminating the need to employ more than one device for multiple tasks. 

The waterproof design also makes it easy to use in various conditions without worrying that it might not work afterward. 

Given that its operating temperature range goes from 0 to 80°C, the device can be easily used in a wide array of settings and conditions. 



Some users would have wanted the instructions to be clearer, but luckily, you can find extra online information on how to use this device. 

In case the unit you receive is defective, although the chances of this happening are very slim, the seller can help right away to solve this matter. 




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