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Best pH meter for brewing

Last Updated: 06.12.21


pH meters for brewing – Buying guide & Comparison


Time is often too short for many who simply want to find the best pH meter for brewing, so we designed this short paragraph to contain as much information as needed to help consumers better. In our search for a quality instrument of this type, we evaluated some of the market’s popular offerings based on quality and value. Those criteria were satisfactorily fulfilled by the Dr. Lyn Premium WB-011, which features a backlit screen for problem-free use in gardens, aquariums, pools, gardens, home applications, and beer brewing. It helps you keep your family safe from water contaminants that could degrade the quality of the water and render it unsafe for human consumption. The included leather pocket facilitates storage and carrying. The included CR-2032 battery provides 1,000 hours of continuous use. In case the Dr. Lyn Premium WB-011 becomes unavailable, give the second best option, the Instecho Digital, a try.



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It is never easy to choose among the many when in the market for the best brewing pH meter. That said, we hope this buying guide can help you make a wise buying decision. These are the critical aspects to look into when purchasing this kind of device.

Ease of use

There’s  nothing more exasperating when using a digital pH meter than a lousy display. Viewing the measured values can be a huge pain in the neck especially if you have to perform measurements in conditions not conducive to reading, such as when you have to check the water quality in a brewery tank or aquarium.

Fortunately, if you check out the highly-rated models in the brewing pH meter reviews, you can find one with a backlit display. Some models even use a color-coded backlight on the display, so you know whether the values are way below or above the established safe parameters.

Another element that enhances the functionality of a pH meter is a hold-reading feature, which allows you to extract the device from the solution and record the obtained value easily.

For models that provide the measurement of multiple parameters, shifting from one mode to another should be effortless. A simple press of the Shift button facilitates the task.

With an Auto Shutdown feature, the battery life is efficiently utilized. A pen-like handheld design offers convenience since you need not use messy strips and color charts. The device can also be carried anywhere with ease. A carrying case serves for storage and keeps the device from damage during transport.

The user’s manual should be easy to understand and the instructions therein easy to follow. Results are obtained quickly and with the least trouble. Just immerse the tool in the liquid solution and wait for the reading to stabilize.


Versatile functionality

Plenty of digital pH meters for sale measure not only the acidity and alkalinity levels of liquid solutions but can also be used to assess Total Dissolved Solids, Temperature, and Electrical Conductivity in the test solution.

Most of them go from home to laboratory use, whether for drinking water, wine, urine, or water in pools, ponds, aquariums, and spas. You can use just one hand in measuring so kids and adults alike can use the same device with no problems.


Reliable measuring performance

Considering the conditions in which it will be used, a good pH meter should provide stable, precise readings regardless of the setting in which it is utilized.

The measurement range should be broad. This means the device should be able to detect the lowest to the highest values without presenting stability issues. A high measurement range also ensures better accuracy levels, so values are genuinely accurate.

Despite the measurement range being wide, the device should be accurate to the smallest degree or percentage, so values are trustworthy, especially when the liquid being tested is pH-sensitive. Bear in mind that in brewery operations, any slight change of pH, no matter how infinitesimal, would affect a lot of things including taste, shelf life, brew quality, and many others. The element of a wide measurement range is also critical in blood chemistry applications.

Unless the pH meter guarantees repeatable, accurate readings, it is useless. A truly sensitive pH meter will be able to detect any pH variation and show it in the reading.

This is where an Automatic Temperature Compensation feature also comes handy. Any changes in temperature in the test liquid should be promptly compensated for to prevent false, unstable, and generally imprecise readings.



4 Best pH Meters for Brewing (Reviews) in 2021


Because it would be impossible for us to choose the right pH meter for you, we’ve compiled some of the critically acclaimed choices and have showcased them below. They’ve all received a good deal of appreciation on the part of most of those who have bought them, so it wouldn’t hurt if you checked them out.



1. Dr. Lyn 3 in 1 TDS Pen Zero Water Quality PPM Tester Meter


The Dr. Lyn Premium WB-011 is a three-in-one option that measures not only pH levels but also temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, and electrical conductivity (EC). With those values being obtained by just a single device, you no longer have to bring along a variety of measuring instruments to the job site.

Ideal for use in the home, gardens, beer brewing operations, aquariums, spas, pools, liquid holding tanks, manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, and more, this pH meter provides easy portability with its pen-style design. Just insert it in your pocket and proceed to the testing site.

For measuring electrical conductivity, this model boasts a one part-per-million (PPM) resolution and a measuring range of 0 to 9,990 ppm so it can detect any slight variances. Thanks to the backlit screen, this device can be used easily in various applications in the home, garden, beer brewing plants, and factories.

This device helps prevent the contamination of liquids in various settings.



This unit is more than just a pH meter, given that it can measure temperature, electrical conductivity, and Total Dissolved Solids as well. 

If you choose to give it a try, you won’t need to bring different tools when you want to get all of these measurements done, whether it’s at home or at your job. 

Given the pen-style design, this Dr. Lyn model can be taken anywhere since it’s highly portable, while the backlit screen makes reading the results a breeze. 

When it comes to measuring electrical conductivity, the fact that its range goes from 0 to 9,990 ppm means that it can detect even the slightest variances. 



The protecting case could have been of higher quality based on some reviews, so you may choose to buy a different one. 

You might need to review the instructions before using it in the beginning, until you get the hang of how it works. 

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2. Digital PH Meter 0.01 Resolution Water Quality Tester


Suitable for home and laboratory liquid testing applications, the Instecho Digital can be used to check the pH of every liquid solution from the water in aquariums, pools, spas, and more to other liquids such as blood, urine, and other body fluids, or lab reagents and liquid chemicals. It offers a quick, convenient, and mess-free way of obtaining values since there is no need for litmus strips and a color chart just to read the values.

Designed to be accurate and sensitive, this model takes full 0 to 14 pH measurements for a more realistic picture of the liquid quality. The Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) feature ensures that regardless of any changes in the temperature of the liquid being examined, the readings will be accurate and stable, with a maximum of 0.05 pH range of error.

Convenient and portable, this tool can be held in the hand or inserted into a shirt pocket for problem-free transport. The handy carry case facilitates storage and portability. Enjoy long life for extended use from the battery.



Suitable for both home and laboratory usage, this Instecho unit can check the pH level of various types of liquids, from water to blood, or liquid chemicals. 

Given that you won’t need to read charts or deal with colored strips, any guessing is taken out of the process, so that you can rely on accurate results. 

The measuring range goes from 0 to 14 in order to offer real results for any analyzed type of liquid, while the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature works for error-free readings. 

This is a convenient and highly portable tool that can be taken anywhere, so you should keep it in mind and give it a try. 



Depending on how often and in what conditions you use it, the battery might need to be changed after a while. 

In case any calibration is necessary but you are not sure what you are supposed to do, contact the seller for details. 

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3. Dr. Lyn Digital pH Pen Water Quality Tester Meter


The Dr. Lyn Premium WB-003 is your handy, portable partner in ensuring that liquid solutions are of the proper pH for their intended applications. You receive the lightweight, handheld pH meter in the kit, along with 4 batteries that support at least 1,000 hours of continuous use. This means many cycles of testing in the home or laboratory.

To make the device easy to store and carry anywhere, the pH meter can be placed in the supplied carry case. The kit also comes with free packets of buffer powder so you can calibrate it to ensure consistently accurate readings. The user manual provides instructions for use to eliminate the guesswork.

The re-calibration procedure is also simple to perform using the provided standard buffers of phosphate and borax. This will ensure utmost accuracy especially when the device has been used in demanding conditions, before the initial usage or a month after the last calibration.



This product is a kit that includes everything you need to start using the pH meter right away, such as the batteries for at least 1,000 hours of continuous use and packs of buffer powder.

The calibration procedure is rather simple, so you shouldn’t have any problems doing it at home anytime you think it’s necessary. 

Thanks to the carrying case the meter comes with, you can make sure that it’s protected all the time. 

Whether you want to test the pH level of the water in your home, or that in a fish tank or a swimming pool, this handy device is what you need. 



Based on what other users have said, you might need to calibrate it more often, depending on how and where you are going to use it. 

This is not a soil tester, so if this is what you are looking for, then other alternatives are better suited. 

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4. Risantec Digital PH Meter Tester 


Offering the convenience of accurate readings with just one touch, the Risantec PH-02 helps you save money on litmus strips that are messy and tend to deteriorate with time and storage. Matching against color charts is often a subjective thing as well and can be inaccurate due to temperature variances. This handy pen-style tool eliminates those issues by ensuring consistency and accuracy.

This pH meter offers an accuracy range up to +/- 0.05 pH so obtained values are trustworthy and dependable. This is critical when the meter is used in brewing or laboratory applications. The 0.01pH resolution allows you to get readings quickly and with greater stability compared to the conventional color chart and test strips.

Thanks to the automated calibration, you need not adjust anything to ensure the repeatability of results. The buffer powders can be used in performing the recalibration process step-by-step. The supplied batteries in the kit enable out-of-the-box functionality. Store the device in the included sturdy, plastic carrying case.



You can get fast and accurate readings, given that there is no guessing or using test strips and color charts if you decide to try this unit out. 

Thanks to the auto-calibration feature and the included buffer powders, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right results without any hassle. 

If your kids need to use a pH meter for school science experiments, this Risantec one is an excellent alternative. 

Given that it can be used for all types of applications around your home, from monitoring an aquarium to seeing the pH level of a pool, this easy-to-use unit should not be missed out on. 



In rare cases, the meter seemed to have temperature bias, so if that’s the case, the manufacturer should be contacted for details. 

The instructions might not be very clear, so look of online videos and instructions if you have a specific question. 

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