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Best pH meter for lab use

Last Updated: 06.12.21


pH meters for labs – Buying guide & Comparison


We know that time is seldom available for people to research about the best lab pH meter but this short paragraph contains enough information to help consumers make a good buying decision. Based on the criteria of value and quality, the Macherey-Nagel 92110 answers the need for a dependable product in this category because it is always ready for use. Since there is no need to perform an initial calibration, the strips provide enough testing functionality for on-the-go monitoring. The test strips are already calibrated, and they come with a complete color chart that provides easy comparing and value recording. Just match the colors that turn out with what is pictured in the case after immersion of the strip into the test solution. Offering single use, the maintenance-free Macherey-Nagel 92110 can often run out of stock. You won’t need to worry when this happens because the Alterion Test Strips makes a good second option.

We understand how difficult it can be to compare many options of pH meters for sale because of the similar features that each one has with others. To simplify the entire buying operation, we have outlined the critical points of consideration when making this type of purchase.


Easy and convenient use

The best pH meter for lab use does not necessarily have to be digital. Litmus or test strips have long been trusted with the task of measuring the alkalinity and acidity levels not only of water but of various other liquid solutions. Ph strips are readily available and involve no initial calibration. They come ready for use right out of the package.

The case that houses the test strips often comes with the convenient color chart against which the dipped test strip is compared to get the exact pH value. Just a few seconds of immersion is needed for solution exposure, after which the dipped strip is held against the handy color chart to find the matching pH level it shows.

Since no calibration is needed, users do not have to undergo an often complicated procedure that uses chemicals dissolved in distilled water. Although some digital pH meters provide buffer solutions in the package,  the cost of those solutions are added to their purchase price. Digital devices also need periodic re-calibration for accuracy. With litmus test strips, you just pick one strip, measure, and go. No need to worry about re-calibration after a month or so.

The test strips can be discarded after use so they offer maintenance-free functionality. Litmus strips provide immediate, fast, and accurate performance and are useful for the meticulous checking of poisonous, dangerous or volatile liquids. Compare this to using a digital meter that relies on batteries to work, and you’ll see why test strips work better hands down.

Test strips can be used easily even when the quantity of the liquid sample is very little. It works for saliva, urine, blood chemistry, and other laboratory purposes.

The handle should be long enough to prevent skin contact with the solution for testing. This guarantees safety during use. The test strips should not affect the composition of the sample or contaminate it so you can test a number of solutions in one go.

This is unlike digital meters that have probes or electrodes that have to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent cross contamination of solutions to be tested in a row. The reaction is just between the test strip and the solution, nothing else. The dye used in quality pH test strips is designed not to bleed into the solution, either.


Reliable sensitivity

A good pH meter in test strip form should be able to detect even the lowest values. It should be functional even in strongly alkaline or weakly buffered solutions, giving the precise value on the color chart. The complete pH range should be provided, so you’ll know the exact pH value and not have to do any guesswork.

The test strips should deliver results fast. The measured values should stay consistently reliable.



Water is not just the liquid that can be tested using the featured products in the lab pH meter reviews. These devices are widely used in a variety of lab pH testing of liquids such as urine, saliva, and blood, among others. Those who use pH meters also include people who own Reverse Osmosis and Hydroponics systems, breweries and factories, spas, pools, aquariums, water tanks, and others.

Generally, pH meters offer a wide range of applications that involve pH-sensitive liquid solutions and water. It is critical to know the alkalinity and acidity levels of such solutions especially when those components are affected by changes in pH.



5 Best pH Meters for Labs (Reviews) in 2021


Although it pays to do your homework and do your own research about the various pH meters on the market, knowing which one will be the exact fit for your needs is not going to be easy. To simplify the buying experience for consumers, we have described some of the popular options out there.



1. Macherey Nagel 92110 0-14 pH Indicator Strips


The Macherey-Nagel 92110 is designed to be constantly ready for use. The package includes pH-Fix test strips that facilitate rapid and immediate pH testing directly on-site. The case that houses the test strips includes the complete color chart. This will enable you to compare the dipped test strip directly to a matching column in the chart.

There is no need to perform an initial calibration. Neither will there be a need to do repeated calibration periodically. This means you are ready to test as soon as you open the package and take out a test strip. Also, since you simply discard the test strip after use, there is no maintenance involved.

This also means reduced incidences of sample contamination, especially when you have to test several different solutions at a single time. You won’t be dipping just a single meter into different solutions.

What’s more, even with a little of the sample available, you can dip the strip since there is no electrode that has to be completely immersed in the test solution.



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2. pH Test Strips 100ct by Alterion Fast & Simple pH Strips for Urine and Saliva


A suitable tester for saliva and urine as well as water, the Alterion provides pH testing for liquid solutions that require their acidity and alkalinity to be checked or constantly monitored.

There are 100 test strips in the package, which means up to the same number of solutions can be tested.

Since the strips do not need batteries to do their job, results are consistent and quick and are not affected by such issues as weak power or the need for replacement batteries.

The strips let you see results in 15 seconds only so the waiting time is quite short. It also means you can test several liquid solutions fast and in one go. You are assured that the strips are embedded with a sensitive reagent, so results are accurate and dependable.

The strips in the kit can be used to test solutions within the 4.5 to 10.0 pH measurement range, which is suitable for standard lab or home use. Nearly any liquid can be tested.



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3. Micro Essential 334 Short Range Single Roll Dispenser Comparator pH 


With its convenient dispenser and color chart, the MicroEssential Hydrion 93 provides a hygienic, easy, and quick way to determine the acidity and alkalinity levels of various kinds of liquids and liquid solutions. Get instant checking functionality with a full range from 0 to 13 to enable use in more demanding situations.

Each full pH unit comes with a distinct color match so the value can be compared and read directly against the color chart. The readings are repeatable and are delivered fast, so there is reduced waiting time. Each test strip is suitable for general use.

The roll dispenser system provides around 15 feet of test paper, so you have enough to make a number of tests. The color chart offers just a single color to compare against so values can be read easily.

The color separations are distinct and easily matched so you can move on to test more solutions one after another.



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4. pH Test StripsTests Body pH Levels for Alkaline & Acid Levels


The HealthyWiser pH Health helps you take control of your pH by enabling the testing of urine and saliva right in the comfort of your home.

Knowing your body pH helps you determine your level of health and what you need to eat more often to attain pH balance. There are 120 test strips in the pack, which means enough is available for everybody or for several days of testing.

Results are delivered quickly and accurately. In seconds, you can read the value against the provided color chart for worry-free checking. Since the testing system doesn’t use anything that runs on batteries, results are direct and will not be prone to errors due to power deficiency. You also don’t have to replace any batteries or perform constant calibration just to ensure that the results remain precise as time passes.

The tester provides a measuring range of 4.5 to 9 so you can test most liquids in the home including the drinking water.



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5. Plastic pH Test Strips Universal Application


The LabRat Supplies Universal Application comes with 100 test strips in all to support use for many days or plenty of liquids.

Each strip is pre-calibrated to read levels from 0 to 14, for a wider range of applications. Four units of pH paper are laid on each pH strip. Each piece changes color after immersion in the sample solution, so you obtain precise readings with all the pH parameters covered adequately.

Delivering fast and accurate pH measurement, the test strips assure you of a consistent quality as they have undergone testing across multiple pH levels to give you peace of mind about measured values.

The testers are also easy to use. Just dip one in the test solution, wait a few seconds until the color change becomes stable, and find a matching column for the used strip on the color chart. There is no need for an initial calibration nor repeated calibration in the succeeding days because the test strips are designed to deliver results as they are and with consistent accuracy.



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