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Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


Equipped with a superior thermal sensor, this monocular can be used in perfect darkness with outstanding results in detecting heat signatures.

The model comes with a built-in rangefinder that can calculate the exact distance between you and your target.

No issues, such as shaky image, are encountered because the monocular has a 3D gyroscope that ensures that the unit stabilizes the picture despite the natural movement of your hand.

Another technical feature that must be mentioned is the integrated E-compass that allows you to find your way with ease, no matter where you are.

Other features, such as video recording, and Wi-Fi capabilities, make the picture complete for this high-performance thermal monocular.


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In-depth information


Whether you are hunting or hiking, you will find this thermal monocular to be precisely what you need to see your targets in the dark with no other equipment at your disposal. Displaying the image in HD resolution, and other technical add-ons contribute to make this monocular an excellent choice for anyone looking for superior performance. The smooth zoom function is easy to operate, and you will be able to get close to your target without moving from your place. Target detection is superior, due to the integrated rangefinder.

The high capabilities of this model make it stand out. The thermal sensor is powerful and can detect heat signatures in perfect darkness. Even more, it can see through smoke and debris, and you won’t have any issues detecting wild animals, regardless of conditions. Also, if you so desire, you can use this monocular for surveillance work. For daytime and nighttime use, it is among the most capable thermal monoculars that you can currently find on the market.

If you like sharing your adventures with your friends, and even the rest of the world, you will discover that this thermal monocular comes with built-in capabilities that allow you to do that without any glitches. The monocular is capable of recording videos in HD resolution, and you can also take pictures. An SD card allows you to store all your recorded videos and photos without dealing with extra USB cables. Furthermore, you can stream your adventures in real time. The Wi-Fi streaming option comes in handy for those who enjoy sharing their experiences with their companions.


Known issues

While the ATN OTS HD TIMNOH381A offers outstanding performance, you may not be so crazy about how fast the battery drains. According to some users, having an extra pack available should solve this problem, but be aware of it in case you plan to take the monocular with you on trips.

Another issue signaled by a reviewer is the lack of a firmware update for this series on the manufacturer’s page. While this aspect does not have a direct influence on the capabilities of the thermal monocular, given the price, users expect more attention to detail from the maker of this particular model.


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