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6 reasons why you should get a barometer soon

Last Updated: 06.12.21


If you want to get a simple but effective tool to help you track sudden weather changes, be more successful when fishing, or tend to your garden better, then a barometer is the ideal pick. This instrument can measure atmospheric pressure which in turn can tell you many secrets about weather patterns and nature, helping you understand and enjoy these more.


A few things about barometers you probably didn’t know

A barometer is an instrument that allows you to measure atmospheric pressure. These instruments are usually used by meteorologists to make predictions concerning weather changes and patterns in the short term.

Atmospheric pressure can be explained as the force with which the atmospheric layers press against the Earth as they are pulled by its gravity. As heavier or lighter weather fronts interact with and replace each other, the atmospheric pressure can change locally.

A sudden change in pressure can be caused by a low-pressure weather front that is coming, which can translate into a drop in temperatures and possible precipitations, or it could signal that the weather might be improving in case the pressure rises.

However, you don’t have to be a meteorologist to be able to use a barometer. There are loads of models on the market that feature a simple design, with dials or digital displays that can easily indicate sudden weather changes even for the uninitiated eye.


Check the weather before you go adventuring

With a good barometer, you can check out the barometric pressure in the morning of a planned day trip. You can then monitor the device, and any sudden drop in pressure would probably mean that a low-pressure air front is coming, which might make it a good idea to postpone the trip so that you don’t get caught by a storm on the way.

The good thing about barometers is that they are small and light so you can easily carry one in your pocket and have a quick look from time to time. For example, a barometer can keep you dry when you’re hiking in the mountains. If you’re high up the mountain, there’s a chance that you can clearly see an approaching weather front.

However, if you’re between two peaks or just climbing from a valley, things might not be this obvious. Using a barometer could give you an early warning sign that a storm is approaching so that you have enough time to prepare. You can then decide to leave for a safe spot or even set up camp quickly so the changing weather finds you prepared.


Navigate better with an altimeter

An altimeter looks and works just like a barometer, but it measures the difference of pressure between the normal value which is 1 standard atmosphere at sea level (0 meters) and the pressure at the elevation you’re currently at.

While these two devices perform slightly different, you can find a lot of barometers that also incorporate an altimeter. By knowing your elevation, you can better approximate where you are since mountains are 3-dimensional.

With such a device you get to know when the weather is getting worse or improving, as well as get a better grip on the surroundings, especially if you also carry a compass with you.


Know when the time to go fishing is right

Anglers can also benefit from using a quality barometer. This device can warn them when the conditions will be right for fishing and when it’s better to stay home. If you’ve ever been fishing in the same spot for two days in a row, using the same equipment and under similar weather, then you probably experienced being extremely successful in a day and failing miserably in another.

The explanation could lie in atmospheric pressure. Objects in water tend to weigh less in water, so even small changes in barometric pressure can have a greater effect on fish. This effect can result in physical or behavioral changes, such as fish lying on the bottom of the lake or changing feeding patterns.

By learning to use a barometer and observing how changes in pressure influence fish behavior, you will improve as an angler while also solving the mystery that many amateurs mistake for luck when it comes to fishing.


Get a barometer for your garden

You can greatly benefit from getting a quality barometer to hang in your garden. With this instrument, you get to see sudden changes in atmospheric pressure so that you can plan accordingly. For example, if you see that the pressure is dropping fast, you might want to postpone planting those seeds.

You can also plan accordingly when you get an early prevention system that could warn you of approaching storms, or sudden drops in temperature, which could help you protect your fragile plants.

With an accurate barometer, you can also save water in the long run. This is because you can learn to read the signs of approaching rain so you don’t waste water sprinkling your flowers and vegetables only to get pouring rain a couple of hours later.


Get an inexpensive model for simple weather predictions

You don’t need to get the most expensive barometer on the market, as a cheap model with a simple design would suffice for most uses. You can either get a mechanical barometer with dials or a digital variant.

Mechanical barometers are easy to calibrate and set by following some simple instructions while electronic devices will give you accurate readings with no extra effort. You can also choose a model with color-coded dials for easy-to-read weather predictions, and you get a unit which displays values in your preferred system, be it either metric (mm HG) or (imperial in HG).


Use a digital barometer to control conditions in artificial environments

Whether you own a greenhouse garden or a small lab, a quality barometer can help you monitor as well as control conditions so you can keep them within optimal parameters. You can buy a digital barometer that comes with other built-in sensors for temperature and humidity readings.

With these, you ensure that you can create perfect conditions for your plants to grow and thrive, or for storing important or sensitive materials, chemicals, or even paper archives. Modern barometers also come with memory functions to store previous conditions so you can keep track of what’s happening and which adjustments you need to perform.



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