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Top 5 STEM Toys That Are Actually Fun

Last Updated: 30.11.21


If your kid has ever used a hand microscope and said that he or she wants to become a researcher, then you know well that what toys we put in our children’s path can shape up their future. From iOS microscopes to computer games, there are many STEM toys out there that can create the perfect environment for developing a passion for what could mean successful and rewarding careers later.


Ever since the early ‘80s, the idea of building a career in the video game industry has ignited many children’s imagination. The good news is that today is easier than ever to develop and nurture such ideas so that the kids who play today can become the video game developers of tomorrow.

Such an opportunity is presented by Bloxels, a STEM toy invented by Martel, who cater to kids aged 8 to 12, and is focused on providing an experience like no other. Using building blocks that replace in real place what we call pixels on a screen, children can now create their video games.

The way this toy works is pretty straightforward and easy. Children will first have to build a basic level with characters, environments, and everything else that a video game entails. After the primary level is constructed, they only have to snap a picture of their creation and then work with a dedicated app that is compatible with their phone or tablet to edit their level on the digital screen.

Besides being fun in itself, this STEM toy also lets children share their games with friends so that they can play as well.


Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only

Chemistry is not far from magic, at least from a child’s point of view. If you notice that your kids don’t seem particularly enticed by the idea of creating science projects for school that deal with chemical reactions, maybe this game can find a way to their young hearts.

What could be more exciting than obtaining reactions that are awe-inspiring and also fun? This kit is exactly what can make your kids see chemistry with different eyes. Offering you the possibility to do experiments at a low price, it is the ideal STEM toy for introducing kids to chemistry and its wonders.

National Geographic Break Open Geodes Kit

Sciences should not be limited to math, coding, and chemistry. That is why if you are looking for a different type of STEM toy, you should take a look at this excellent looking product from National Geographic. As expected from a company that is such a huge brand, the toy is high-quality, and you can expect superior craftsmanship in any possible way.

Your kids might find geology, the science that deals with rocks and other ground formations, pretty impressive if it is through this game that you are introducing them to it. The set includes a complete guide on geodes and rock formations, and it will stimulate your kids’ desire to learn more.

The kit includes ten geodes that your kids will be able to break open and examine the crystal formations inside. It will be, in a way, like the tasks carried on by geologists in real life, as these specialists need to examine the structure of the rocks they find by doing the same thing.

The geodes are made from natural volcanic rocks and are as close to the real thing as such a toy can be. And who knows, years from now, your kids might be grateful to you for introducing them to the fascinating world of geology.


EMIDO Jumbo Nuts Bolts

Many children might discover that they have a deep desire to build things. Actually, that is a deeply rooted passion for many people, and even when at very young ages, any human being feels the need to do something with his or her hands.

Intended for young kids, this set of nuts and bolts can stimulate the imagination of those who might become the engineers that will build the world tomorrow. The 40 plastic pieces come as triangles, hexagons, squares, and signs, and they are also very colorful.

Besides helping your kids to recognize shapes and colors, it will also promote the ability to combine these different elements so that new structures are obtained. Parents will like this STEM toy a lot because it comes with a bag that allows you to keep all the pieces in the same place. They are also easy to wash, so children who will tend to bite or chew on them won’t be at risk of getting ill.

Any microscope

There is no other more exciting toy that is meant for older children than a microscope. While we showed earlier various STEM toys that focus on multiple disciplines and are intended for different ages, we want to talk now about a toy that’s not actually a toy, but can be treated like one and is also lots of fun.

A microscope intended for children’s use will not be as powerful as one created for researchers, for instance. But it will still focus on providing the user with the means to examine through its lenses any object placed on the slide.

Anything can be observed through a microscope. You can start by getting things that are all around you. Children will be in awe upon seeing how the structure of a simple thing like salt looks under a microscope. Or you can take a sample of fabric and examine it to show your children how much different various materials are.



No matter what STEM toys you choose for your kids, bear in mind that all can stimulate your child’s imagination and thirst to discover new things. That is the foundation of learning, and it can help your kids become engineers, coders, biologists, chemists, and so on later in life.



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