How to Clean a Microscope. Useful Tips

  Because we know that most of you want to find out more ‌about how to take care of your microscopes, we have decided to go into more detail about how to clean one, which is an essential practice that will help extend the optical instrument’s lifespan. After you read this article, you will become a pro in cleaning your microscope and you will not need outside help.   What can cause the lack of clarity of my microscope? What you need to take into account before starting to clean your microscope is that dirt is not always what causes Read More

Fluorescent Microscope. Uses and Advantages

  Optical instruments like the microscope have made a huge impact on the evolution of science and if you want to know what the best ones are you can find more info here. Even if scientists were able to make a lot of progress using a conventional microscope, the fluorescent microscope made a huge difference. In this article, we are going to tell you all about how a fluorescent microscope works, what the advantages of using one are, and in what areas you will be able to use one. So, let’s begin your journey in finding out all about the Read More

Different Types of Microscopes. What Are They Used For? 

  If you are interested in figuring out what the top-rated microscopes on the market are, you can check it out here. However, if you simply want to understand a bit more about the various types of such devices that are currently being used and which one to choose based on your needs, then this article is the one for you.  Many people have in mind the image of the standard compound microscope when they think about these devices, but the truth is that there are plenty of other models out there, each one designed with specific needs in mind. Read More

Light Microscope vs Electron Microscope 

  Microscopes are amongst the coolest inventions as they open a gate to a whole new world, allowing people to study even the smallest lifeforms, so make sure to check various reviews of microscopes to find the perfect one, according to your requirements. Microscopes are the best way to research everything surrounding us and to find answers to some of the most complex problems of the world, such as the origins of life and evolution. Depending on their size and complexity, they can be used by people of all ages, starting with kindergarten children who are attracted to science.  However, Read More

Depth of Field in Microscopy 

  Good microscopes can help you learn a lot of interesting things about everything surrounding us. When used properly, these devices can help children and youngsters fall in love with science and even allow them to dream about careers in fields like medicine, biology, and research.  However, understanding how microscopes work is a little difficult, as each device contains numerous parts that should be explained separately. If you’re looking to find out more about microscopes in general and their depth of field, continue reading this article.    Magnification rate Before getting into technical details about the importance of the depth Read More

Why Are Bacteria Stained for Microscopic Observation?

  Whether you’re simply passionate about observing microorganisms or you do that for a living, you need to use the right equipment and employ the proper techniques to get the best out of those specimens you want to observe under the microscope. If you’re on the lookout for a quality lab microscope for sale, rest assured that the market is generous enough when it comes to such instruments yet if you’re new to this and you need to learn more about getting your sample ready and, especially, about staining, this post might be of help. Bacteria staining In order to Read More

Microscopic Morphology of Bacteria – How Do They Look Under the Microscope?

  If you’re a lot into exploring and your need to quench your curiosity has now taken you to the realm of microorganisms, getting a good microscope to help you with that might not be enough if you want to actually understand what you see when using such a device. You can check out various resources for more info on such instruments yet a bit of biology theory is also needed. To help you identify the various types of bacteria and do so easily and properly, we have briefly described below some of the characteristics that set each type apart, Read More

Why Use a Microscope for Jewelry Making?

  If you have yet to find the time to research high-quality dissecting microscopes, be sure to take a look at our recent post. In this comprehensive article, we are going to talk to you about why microscopes are a vital part of the process of jewelry making. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading as we are sure you’ll find plenty of info! Why are microscopes an essential part of jewelry making? As you probably know, making jewelry is a process that requires plenty of attention to details. According to jewelers, quality tools and Read More

What Microscopes Are Used in Schools?

  Finding microscopes for elementary students is not an easy task. In this article, we have decided to supply you with all the info that you need in order to find microscopes that can be used in schools. So, keep reading and see what you need to know before placing any orders! Simple vs. compound models Currently, the market is filled with two types of microscopes: simple and compound ones. A simple model has a single lens, while a compound one comes provided with both an eyepiece and an objective. According to the specialists, you should always select compound microscopes Read More

What Is Bacillus Anthracis?

  In our recent article, we have learned how to choose the right microscope for kids that will help your little one learn more about the world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Your child might have increased interest in science and biology and a good microscope could definitely help him/her satisfy all his/her curiosities. Furthermore, your little one might want to learn more about certain external factors that can affect our health, and if so, in this article, you will find many interesting things about Bacillus anthracis. If we captured your attention, you should read more to Read More

What Is Yeast and How Does It Affect Our Bodies?

  Choosing the right dissecting microscope might be a bit challenging as there is a wide selection of models and styles available on the market. Even if all of them function using the same principles, you need to be careful when purchasing your own as there are many differences between one model and the next. We are always eager to know more about the world around us, and that is why learning what yeast is and how it affects our bodies will definitely make us see certain things differently. Yeast is not only used to make bread or to brew Read More

How to Prepare a Microscope Slide

  If you are in search of a quality and portable microscope, this article here is packed with all the info that you have to know about the topic. In this short guide, we are here to talk to you about different ways to prepare a microscope slide. A wet mount To mount a wet mount slide, you will need to use slides, coverslips, water, toothpicks, scissors, a razor blade, clear nail polish, and a microscope. To start, you have to place a drop of water or a drop of clear nail polish on a new or clean slide. If Read More

What Types of Parasites Can a Microscope Reveal?

  If you are looking to learn how to use your new portable digital microscope to examine all kinds of parasites, you have come to the right place. In the informative article below we will show you all that you need to know to get started and then you may take a quick look for more info here about how you can use your iPhone as a microscope.     What is a parasite? A parasite in an organism that lives on or within a host. The host in this situation is another living organism. Once attached to the host, Read More

What Is an Electron Microscope?

  While you may use an iPhone microscope to observe things such as hair, bugs, and specs of dust, if you want to see objects that are millions of times smaller such as bacteria, molecules, and viruses, you will need an electron microscope. In the informative article below we will explore this extraordinary instrument, and afterward, you can also read some of our other articles if you want to look for more information about the types of microscopes you can purchase for yourself or for your kids. What is an electron microscope? When our eyes see the objects in the Read More

What Is a Cell Made Of?

  We have prepared an informative article that can teach you all that you need to learn about cells so that you can put your digital dissecting microscopes to good use. You can also take a quick look at some of the other articles we have available and learn more about compound microscopes with camera and many other instruments. What is a cell and what is it made of? According to the British Society for Cell Biology, a cell is the basic unit of life as we know it, namely the smallest unit that is capable of reproducing independently. The Read More