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Best rated microscopes for coins – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 15.07.24


Top microscopes for coins reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


Getting the best microscope for coins can be a real adventure, so maybe you’d like to consider this paragraph if you have the time. Following several weeks of research spent reading the user reviews and going through the specs of hundreds of models, we have concluded that the AmScope SE306R-P20 is the choice you ought to consider. It’s a stereo microscope that can prove a real pleasure to use as the images you’ll be glancing at will always be clear and crisp. Besides, the unit boasts both upper and lower lighting, which means that you can have a good look at your coins and even adjust the brightness. Since this product is primarily designed as a dissecting microscope, it doesn’t come with a whopping magnification range. You’ll be able to increase areas on your coins by up to eighty times. If the AmScope SE306R-P20 is out of stock, be sure to have a look at the second best choice, the Plugable USB 2.0.



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As more and more manufacturing brands start to understand that microscopes have to be tailored to the needs of users, they start improving the design of their products. With such a broad array of units available out there, any prospective buyer can end up feeling a tad baffled. That’s why we are here to help you. Check out our guide and find out more about regular or digital (USB) microscopes for coins.


One of the primary factors you ought to keep in mind is how you want your microscope to be. There are roughly two types of models you can choose from. Some are stereomicroscopes, also used in areas like education, and others are USB microscopes for coins.

Usually, dissecting microscopes that are somewhat budget-friendly don’t come with connectivity capabilities or aren’t outfitted with a camera that can enable you to transfer the images to your laptop or computer. Therefore, you’ll have to momentarily look at your coins, and in a worst case scenario, take a shot through the eyepiece.

By contrast, USB microscopes are far more convenient as they’re usually equipped with a camera. There are some full-size units that are far better than those magnifiers that you might find for less than fifty dollars.



Some of these devices can be used with batteries whereas others don’t offer you that amount of freedom in this sense. Whether they are larger or smaller, microscopes that don’t have to be plugged into an outlet all of the time are far more convenient as you’ll be able to take them out in the garden, look at flowers, or use them to visualize any tiny item.

If, on the other hand, what you intend to do is look at your coins only when you’re in the comfort of your home, be sure to choose a model that requires a power outlet all of the time as this detail is of little or no importance to you.


Versatility matters

Coin collectors have other hobbies, as well, so you may have to ask yourself if you intend to get the most out of the microscope or just use it for this purpose. If you want to utilize it for multiple applications, be sure to choose a model with a generous magnification range. Otherwise, you can stick to those allowed by stereo microscopes and USB models.

Ease of use and customization

Aside from the design, versatility, and overall convenience offered by the device, you also have to check whether or not it’s easy to use. What this means is that you should see if the design allows you to perform some adjustments so as to customize the microscope to your tastes and needs.

One of these details you should focus on consists of the illumination system. Back in the day, microscopes used to come with a tiny mirror whose position had to be adjusted by the user in order to direct the light onto the specimen. This rule doesn’t stand any longer as most such devices come with proprietary lighting systems.

Regardless of the type of bulbs that the unit has been equipped with, you ought to check whether the intensity and brightness can be customized. You probably know that a shiny coin can reflect the light and bother your eyesight or concentration.



5 Best Microscopes for Coins (Reviews) in 2024


Some of the best digital microscopes for coins have been showcased below. Based on what we have gathered, these models are the highly regarded options sold these days. Give them a shot if you still haven’t made up your mind.



1. AmScope SE306R-P20 40X-80X Student Binocular Stereo Microscope


As an alternative that has gathered some of the best microscopes for coins reviews, showcasing this AmScope model in our selection comes naturally. This product is a stereo microscope that does precisely what it has been designed to do. It boasts both upper and lower halogen lighting, so it can be used for a variety of applications, whether they involve science or just some DIY-ing.

Something other that needs to be added in regards to this unit is that it comes with optical components made out of glass. This is the detail that appears to set it aside from many USB options as they often come with optics made out of plastic.

The maximum magnification that you’ll be able to take advantage of if you decide to go for this microscope is 80x. In short, this product is a durable, stain-resistant, and all-around good choice for an array of purposes.



This stereo microscope is convenient, easy to use, and the neat thing about it is that it does not cost a fortune.

The magnification settings allowed by this choice are 40x and 80x, and it comes with 2x and 4x objectives.

Unlike other options out there, this one has been outfitted with both lower and upper halogen lighting, which means that you will be able to see your samples clearly and without making an effort in terms of providing the necessary illumination.

Thanks to its design, this model can be utilized for a multitude of applications, whether they pertain to biology or jewelry making.



Some owners have reported that the eye guards made operation difficult, in that they had a lot of trouble seeing past them.

The lamp can get rather hot, so you need to be cautious and avoid touching it.


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2. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand


As we were saying in the buying guide, there are two ways of going about things if you’re in the market for a microscope that should be used for looking at coins. One of them is to get a full-size device, and the other is to choose a portable microscope such as this one. While the quality and performance of such magnifiers like this can’t even be compared to those of full-size versions, sometimes they do come in handy.

Besides, this Plugable model does offer a series of net advantages, and one of them is that it’s been outfitted with a 2-megapixel camera. You can increase the image by up to 250 times, so it’s not a disappointment in terms of the magnification range, either.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this USB microscope comes with software that has been found to be compatible with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems alike.



One of the main reasons you should consider this product is that it doesn’t cost a pretty penny. It is affordable and easy to utilize.

Since this is a USB microscope, you won’t encounter any technical difficulties as the device can be operated by more or less tech-savvy individuals just as well.

The maximum magnification allowed by this alternative is 250x, which is more than enough to look at coins.

The Plugable unit has been outfitted with a 2-megapixel camera that you can use to take pictures of your coins, jewelry pieces, leaves, and any other specimens.

A driver that’s compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows is included in the deal.



There have been buyers who have noted that the interface could have been better, in that it could have recorded or taken shots a bit faster.

Other consumers indicate that they would have liked it if the magnification had been stronger.


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3. Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera- Advanced CMOS Sensor


The OT-HD model sees the use of an advanced CMOS sensor that will let you see every detail clearly thanks to the high-definition 1600×1200 resolution. With a total of 8 fully adjustable LED lights, you will now be able to brighten or dim the view so that you get the perfect light conditions for the object that you are observing.

Thanks to the plug and play functionality, the microscope is compatible out of the box with all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. To ensure the best compatibility with your computer, the manufacturer has included a software driver on a CD-ROM disk, but you can also download it from its website.

Once connected to a computer, you will be able to capture still photos at 1600×1200 or videos at 30fps and a resolution of 640×480. The 200x magnification is more than enough to help you analyze coins, stamps, and even to examine insects, skin, and other tissue samples.



The product is very versatile and it can be used as a conventional microscope, as an endoscope to help examine the nose, throat, and ears, and even as a USB web camera.

It comes equipped with 8 LED lights that can dim and brighten to your preferred settings so that you get optimal lighting conditions around the camera lens.

Thanks to the wide focal range of 5 millimeters to 30 millimeters, you will have the freedom to examine specimens and objects closely or distantly with little loss in clarity.

You can connect it to your computer so that you can share and save still images and videos.

The use of high-quality aluminum guarantees the durability of your purchase and it will keep the product lightweight and easy to carry and store.



It can be difficult to focus the image since there is a time lag between changing the focus or height control and seeing the results on the screen.


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4. Bysameyee 1000X LCD Digital Microscope 


If you need a small but powerful microscope for examining coins, you should take a closer look at this Bysameyee model. It comes equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD screen, and that will allow you to observe details with ease. Furthermore, it has Wi-Fi capabilities and can be connected to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Its magnification is 50x to 1000x, which means that you will have a proper tool for identifying elements that can tell you whether a specific coin is the genuine thing or not. Because the microscope comes with a camera with a 200M CMOS sensor, you will be extremely pleased with the picture quality.

The portable microscope that doubles as a camera works on a 1800mAh battery that allows continuous use for 4-5 hours. You can also adjust the brightness of the 8 LED lights installed on it so that you can get clear pictures you can later examine on your PC, for instance.



You will find 2 stands included with your purchase, one made of plastic, helpful with portability, and one made of metal that can be adjusted.

The magnification power is 50x-1000x, which is ideal for people who want to examine tiny details, such as those on a coin.

For proper illumination, the microscope is equipped with 8 LED lights, for which you can adjust the brightness so that you can capture sharp, clear pictures.

A digital camera with a powerful CMOS sensor and a built-in LCD screen comes to complete the picture of a well-rounded product you can use in your work.

Adjusting the measuring scale is easy, as there is a ZOOM in/out key you can operate without any hassle.



Unfortunately, while you can transfer the images you capture with the camera to your PC, information, and instructions on how to do that are minimal.


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5. Koolertron LCD Digital USB Microscope 12MP


Are you looking for a good device to see even the finest details on your coins? This product from Koolertron features a large 7-inch HD LCD screen that ensures easy and convenient viewing. It has a total magnification rate of up to 1200 times and a 12MP camera. 

It is lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to carry around and use whenever you want thanks to the rechargeable Li-ion battery. The angle-adjustable stand easily solves the problem of high reflection which is different than what you would normally encounter in a vertical microscope. 

We also liked the built-in 8 LED lights with adjustable intensity control that allow you to set the desired level of illumination and make the most of your specimens or coins. The included 16GB micro SD card is perfect for saving all the pictures and videos taken during your observation and later uploading them on your computer or smartphone. 



This microscope is suitable for a wide array of professionals, from scientific researchers and medical professionals to those who work with broken watches, textiles, coins, jewelry, and stamps. 

It features a large HD LCD color screen of 7 inches, suitable for easily viewing even the slightest details of your specimens, without forcing your eyes and causing fatigue or headaches. 

The microscope also comes with an adjustable height and angle stand that will solve the problem of light reflection you would normally get in vertical microscopes. 

The quality 12MP camera allows you to take high-definition pictures and videos of your findings which you can later store on the included 16GB micro SD card and insert in your smartphone or laptop for further editing and sharing. 



The microscope cannot connect to a smartphone, laptop, or TV directly but you can use the provided micro SD card to transport the images from the microscope to an external device. 


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Unavailable products


Opti-TekScope Digital Advanced


Unlike some of the other choices we have discussed earlier on, this particular model can be utilized for even more purposes. For example, due to the fact that it has been outfitted with a flexible arm, you might find it convenient to use as an endoscope or borescope. The unit boasts an illumination system consisting of eight LED bulbs of which the brightness can be customized.

Given its capability to capture stills and record video, this model is a great choice for people who are interested in shooting video of insects and nature, in general. As is the case with other units, this particular one has to be plugged into the USB port of your laptop or computer in order to be able to do its job.

Some of the people who have purchased this model say that it’s both fun and easy to use. Others say that it offers excellent results for engraving.




The product has been equipped with a 2-megapixel camera that you can utilize to take shots and record video of your samples, in case you’re not hung up on the idea that you want to use it only for coins.

The 8 LED light illumination system is adjustable, so you can set the brightness that you consider appropriate for the specimen you want to have a look at.

Because it comes with a working distance, you can utilize this device for other purposes, such as looking into the ear or nose canals of a person.

Also, the head can be moved with ease, which means that the flexible component can be bent conveniently.



Some people argue that the instructions provided in the box aren’t particularly comprehensive, which is why you might have a hard time using the device at the beginning, especially if you are a first-time user.



eBoTrade 5MP


Much like the Plugable model showcased in the same selection, the eBoTrade unit is a convenient and portable choice that ought to be on your list if you’re looking for a user-friendly USB microscope. The neat thing about this option is that it boasts a 5-megapixel camera. The other benefit ensured by the design of the product is that you can increase the image of your specimens by up to 300 times.

In this respect, the performance of the eBoTrade is actually superior to that of many of its competitors. What’s more, it’s typically priced under seventy dollars, which means that you won’t have to spend an entire fortune to get such a compact magnifier.

As with other choices we have tackled, this particular one is accompanied by complimentary software that’s compatible with Mac OS X and Windows alike. The base stand is included in the package, so you needn’t rely on the stability of your hands all of the time.



This small-sized portable microscope doesn’t raise any technical difficulties, which is why it is easy to utilize.

The resolution of the integrated camera is what sells this device as 5 megapixels are more than enough if you want to take clear shots of coins and any other items you might want to analyze in depth.

The maximum magnification allowed by this device is 300x, so it is higher when compared to that of other models.

Software that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X is part of the deal with this product.



As some owners note, this magnifier is a good choice only for people looking for a very portable microscope with a somewhat limited magnification.

Others say that the quality of the software is quite poor, but since they have not gone into detail as to why they have this opinion, this issue might be a matter of preferences and whether or not you are a patient user.



Tonha WiFi Digital Microscope 720p High Resolution Camera


Yet another notable choice is the Crenova, which has been described in other of our selections, as well. It’s one of the most well-regarded units out there, so it might be worth considering if you are still having second thoughts about ordering a USB microscope.

The unit is accompanied by software that’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. All you need to do in order to utilize this device is plug it into a USB port of your laptop or computer. Next thing you know, you’re ready to go. The stand that the model comes with can be used for performing several measurements.

As it comes with a five-megapixel camera and a magnification range that goes up to 300x, you can use this device for many purposes. If you have an interest in botany and other science-related areas, be sure to give a chance to this user-friendly alternative.



Since this device has been outfitted with a 5-megapixel sensor, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to look at crystal clear images of your coins and various other items or specimens.

When it comes to ease of use and assembly, this model is a net winner as it is composed of just three parts. Therefore, you can set it up and take it apart both easily and in a timely fashion.

The software is said to be simple and appears to be compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

What seems to set the Crenova aside from the rest of the models we’ve seen is that the driver can be used to perform measurements of the samples.

With this choice, you can magnify the image by up to 300x.



It seems that the magnification of this alternative has its limitations, in that the optical one isn’t all that great.



Amoper Digital USB Microscope 


With this digital microscope, you will be able to see images in great detail, and also capture pictures for later examination. Since the model doesn’t only come with a camera, but also with a built-in LCD screen, you can easily observe if your image is in focus. Therefore, you don’t have to connect the microscope to other devices until you want to transfer the pictures taken.

That increases your productivity, and it’s one of the many features that make this model such a praised one. You will benefit from the 10x-600x magnification that allows you to examine the minutest details closely on coins, for instance.

The images you can capture are clear and sharp, due to the proper illumination properties, ensured by the 8 LED lights installed. You can also adjust the brightness of these lights according to your needs. It is ideal for a broad range of applications, from examining coins to biological observation.



This microscope is powerful enough to help you examine coins for details, as its magnification goes from 10x to 600x.

Its LCD screen is large enough for you to observe all the aspects of the object placed under the microscope, as it has a 4.3-inch diagonal.

Adjusting the brightness is easy, as the employed 8 LED lights do a fine job offering excellent illumination to the image you observe through the lenses and can save as a picture.

You can modify the height of the stand, a feature that also comes in handy since different objects may require different setups.

It works on a 1,850mAh battery that ensures several hours of continuous work without the need to recharge.



The software delivered with the microscope for transferring pictures to a computer is a bit difficult to use.

Also, this model only works with Windows-operated computers, and it’s not for MAC devices.




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