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Jingou Portable USB Digital Microscope – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


This model has magnification capabilities ranging from 20X to 800X.

The illumination system consists of 8 LED bulbs of which the brightness can be customized depending on the momentary needs of the user.

Having been equipped with a color CMOS sensor, this unit can assist you in visualizing and saving the images onto your computer or laptop. The maximum resolution is 1600×1200.

The product is mounted on a small-sized metal stand.

The Portable USB Digital option weighs in at less than a pound.

This unit can be powered using the USB port on any storing device.

A CD containing the software you will require in order to capture the pictures is provided in the box. This driver has been found to be compatible with most operating systems currently used in the world.

The USB power cable is longer than four feet.


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In-depth information


Considering that we have found this model to be one of the most budget-friendly options out there, its magnification ratio is actually rather impressive. Few stereoscopic microscopes of this kind can allow owners to magnify their specimens and sample parts up to 800X. Therefore, on this account, this unit is a net winner.

As it was to be expected from a product in this line, the Portable USB Digital alternative also comes with a built-in illumination system. What sets it aside from similar options is that the brightness of the eight LED bulbs can be adjusted depending on the circumstances and whether or not there is any natural lighting available. This comes in handy, particularly when examining shiny objects such as coins, in which case too much light can reflect upon their surface.

The 1600×1200 camera resolution seems to be more than enough for most of the individuals who were kind enough to provide ratings. The CMOS sensor does its job every time, with no exception, which is why you can rely on it if you want to take pictures of the samples.

Another feature that makes the difference between this unit and the others is that it has a small metal stand. Thus, you won’t have to rely on your hand in order to stabilize the image. Things might tend to get shaky when zooming in too much, especially if you always have to use your hand all the time.

This product is very lightweight and compact, which is why you’ll be able to conveniently carry it in a small bag. Perhaps its services might be needed on the field, and you will be able to utilize it just for this purpose.

With a USB power cable which is longer than four feet and the ability to be powered by virtually any USB-capable device, it goes without saying that this unit is convenient and versatile.

The software can be found on a CD in the box. While it is primarily destined for Windows operating systems, Mac OS X users can also rejoice as they don’t even have to download or install any program given that this microscope can be used with the Photo Booth app.


Known issues

Based on the info that we collected by going through the reviews garnered by this model, the software could use a bit of improvement.


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Randall Lumbewe
Randall Lumbewe
2 years ago

The software drivers are on a CD? Remember these dinosaurs? What laptop has a CD Drive in them these days? Protection Status