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Horizons Tec Digital Microscope – Review

Last Updated: 30.11.21


Main technical features


The Horizons Tec Digital model is a basic light microscope that’s lightweight and easy to utilize as it comes with an integrated camera and can be connected to a computer or laptop via the USB port it has been equipped with.

The maximum magnification capability of this product is 300X.

The camera resolution is 5 megapixels.

With a weight of around two pounds, the Horizons Tec Digital is one of the most portable microscopes currently available on the market.

The software provided by the manufacturer can be utilized to perform measurements of the specimens you will analyze, and the main advantage it offers is that it works with Windows and Mac computers alike.

50 slides and 100 cover glasses are part of the deal with this unit.

This product features a light source consisting of eight LED bulbs.


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In-depth information


Aside from the fact that it is one of the most affordable alternatives available for sale nowadays, the Horizons Tec Digital should be at the top of the list of models you ought to bear in mind also because it’s easy to use and raises no technical difficulties to users who might be less accustomed to using a full-size or compound microscope. Given that it features a USB port, you’ll have no trouble connecting this device to the computer of your choice in order to visualize the pictures of the samples you will have to analyze.

One of the core features to take into account when prospecting the market for such a microscope is its magnification abilities. Even though the capabilities of this model are rather limited, in this sense, particularly when compared to the ones of microscopes that cost over one thousand dollars, the Horizons Tec Digital does prove its worth in many situations and work domains, such as education, the beauty industry, and even electronic engineering. In the medical field, this device can be used with great results for examining the structure of hairs and ectoparasites as it’s more than capable of offering useful data with regard to the inner components of such samples.

Thanks to the 5-megapixel camera resolution, you will be able to take pictures of the specimens and transfer them to your storing device with ease. This superior resolution will enable you to create crisp and clear images and even use them for scientific purposes such as displaying them in a paper. It’s also worth noting that this model has a light source of its own which consists of eight LED bulbs, and therefore, you won’t have to use an external light of any kind.

The Horizons Tec Digital weighs in at just two pounds, which means that you can conveniently take it with you wherever you might require its services. On this account, compound microscopes are often times too heavy and therefore, counterproductive, and even more so if your line of work requires you to go on the field and examine some samples on the spot.

The value of the product is increased by the software provided in the package, which can be utilized to measure the specimens. What’s more, the driver has been developed so that it works both with Mac and Windows laptops and computers, and thus, you won’t have to deal with any compatibility problems. Since fifty slides and one hundred cover glasses can also be found in the box, you can start using the microscope right after having received it.


Known issues

Some of the owners who have used this product for examining the intricate design and detail of coins report that the lighting is sometimes too intense and seems to reflect too much particularly when looking at newer and shinier coins.


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