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Dino-Lite AM-311S Digital Microscope – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


This Dino-Lite option is an entirely capable handheld microscope that’s well-known for its performance and capabilities, in spite of the fact that it weighs just 7.2 ounces.

Unlike many other models in the same line, this particular one does not come with a stand as it needs to be held while examining the pieces or samples that may require analysis.

The magnification range of this device is between 10X and 200X, therefore allowing you to utilize it for many types of specimens.

Considering the fact that it comes with its own light source, you’ll have no trouble seeing the structures of the objects you will have to examine.

The Dino-Lite AM-311S comes with software that you will find in the box, and it’s worth noting that this driver can be used for storing the images on your computer, CD, or DVD.


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In-depth information


Sometimes, getting the right kind of microscope can be a matter of trial and error, particularly when tackling the issue of portability. Not all compound microscopes are made to be portable, and that’s because the components used in their construction often weigh a lot. If you have been trying to discover a unit that you can take with you virtually everywhere, perhaps the Dino-Lite AM-311S should meet and even exceed your expectations. With a weight of just 7.2 pounds and a compact design, this handheld microscope will fit in any bag and assist you when you need it the most on the field.

You will have to rely on using your hand in order to operate this microscope as it does not come with a stand of its own. Nonetheless, we have noticed that a compatible one is available at a wide range of online retailers, but you need to decide whether you need its services or not.

The magnification capability is probably the most important feature to consider when looking at light microscopes. Fortunately, the Dino-Lite AM-311S can be used for many samples provided that you don’t intend to employ it in areas such as cellular biology. In this sense, the product will not give you any hand when it comes to looking at the small cell organelles, for instance, but will provide you with useful information with regard to the cell walls and nucleus, and even more so when examining any hair strands and skin tissue.

Using an external light source with a microscope is mostly counterproductive, and that’s why the manufacturing brand has included a built-in one in the Dino-Lite model. The illumination is made possible by the eight LED bulbs that you’ll find at the tip of the product.

Since this is a USB microscope, it needs to be connected to a computer or laptop in order to visualize the images. The software that you will have to utilize for this purpose is offered by the manufacturer, and you’ll have no trouble storing 640×480 pictures and even video capture with the same resolution as long as you have a Windows computer.


Known issues

Fine focus might be a bit of a problem with this product as you’ll have to keep your hand steady at all times. This nuisance can be resolved by using a stand.


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