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Best rated wireless trail camera – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Top Wireless Trail Cameras Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2021​


If you’re searching for the best wireless trail camera but don’t know much about these flexible and high-tech devices, then you’re in the right place. We know that browsing through dozens of camera models can be exhausting and time-consuming, and that’s why we’ve done this job so you don’t have to. After comparing the specs and features of some of the most popular cameras out there, we’ve concluded that the product you should consider is the Browning Strike Force. This camera can shoot 12MP pictures and HD video at a resolution of 1280 x 720, it has a rugged body resistant to harsh weather conditions, an IR sensor and flash for nighttime recording, and it also enjoys a long battery life once equipped with 6 AA batteries. In case this unit is no longer available, you might want to try the Gosira Night Vision.

Are you trying to find a quality trail camera to complement your awesome hunting binoculars but don’t know a lot about these modern devices? Then you shouldn’t worry, as we have compiled a buying guide that should help you understand what are the most important features of a trail camera, as well as how to pick the right one for your needs.


Resolution and night vision

If you want to get a good wireless trail camera, then you need to think about which resolution the photos and videos should have. You can find cameras that can shoot pictures from 6 or 8 megapixels up to 12, 16, or even 20MP. During the day, you get all the vivid colors of the natural environment, while nighttime shots imply black and white pics.

Video capabilities also range widely, with some smaller-sensor cameras being able to record 720p video, while others being capable of capturing Full HD in 1920 x 1080p. Sound is an important aspect as well so you may want to make sure that the camera can record it on top of your videos.

Especially if you want good all-around capabilities, you also need to get a camera that has a decent night vision mode. You can always rely on your trusted night vision monocular when you’re out there, but having a camera that can record wildlife during the night even when you’re not there is always great.

Check that the model features as many LED lights as possible and that these are low-glow. The last thing you want is to have visible lights scaring away game, so make sure that the camera uses an IR technology. Also, pay attention to the operating range. Some cameras can detect movement at 45 feet, while others have ranges of 65 or more than 100 feet.


Wireless modes, settings, and other features

When looking at trail cameras for sale, you want to check out their wireless capabilities. Some models have short operating ranges which are only useful if they are installed near your property, with ranges from 0.25 to 1 mile. Others work via a communications service such as AT&T so you get to download pictures and videos and watch them at home.

An important technical feature of a trail camera is its trigger speed. This is the amount of time it takes from the initial detection of movement until the camera starts shooting pictures or recording videos. Anything below 1 second is decent, although you can find professional models that have fast trigger speeds as low as 0.25 seconds.

Being able to adjust the settings is also important so try to go for a model that has at least several modes for the number of shots, length of videos, shooting intervals, Time Lapse, as well as a Time Stamp feature that records the time and date on each file.


Design and durability

Because these cameras are made to be left in the wild for weeks or months on end, you surely want to get a model that has a solid construction and a weatherproof exterior. The camera should be able to withstand heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures.

Another useful feature a stealth cam trail camera might have is a camouflage pattern. This will help the camera be invisible to both humans and animals so that it will be able to perform great while staying undetected. You might also get to keep it for a longer period of time if no one knows it’s there.


5 Best Wireless Trail Cameras (Reviews) in 2021


Are you looking for a quality camera but have no time to spare on reading countless reviews of wireless trail cameras? Then you should be glad to check out the following list of highly acclaimed trail cameras. These come with complete descriptions which should help you choose the right one for your needs.


1. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10Mp Game Camera


The Strike Force is a high-performance Browning trail camera that comes with a solid body that can withstand a lot of abuse as well as harsh weather conditions. Its external case features a camouflage pattern which helps it blend into the environment with ease.

This camera has an extremely fast 0.67-second trigger speed which means that it will capture even fast-moving animals without much effort. The main feature of this camera is its ability to record video in 1280 x 720 HD resolution. It can shoot clips from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. It can also shoot pictures at a 10MP resolution.

This unit is powered by 6 AA batteries which should give it at least a few months of functionality. The nighttime flash has a range of 100 feet, while the Zero Blur technology ensures clear and sharp photos and videos every time. You also get to use the Time Lapse feature with the Browning Buck Watch software.


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2. Gosira Wildlife Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 0.4s Trigger


The Gosira game camera is a popular choice among both experienced hunters and nature lovers who wish to know more about the environment. Thanks to the IR Night Vision technology, you can capture black and white pictures of wildlife at a distance of up to 65 feet.

The camera has a high resolution sensor which enables it to capture 12 MP photos and Full HD 1080p video. You also get sound recording so that you can enjoy a complete nature experience. This versatile little camera can be a great addition to your trusted monocular for hunting, and it offers several shooting modes.

Besides video and pictures, this camera can also take Time Lapse pictures. You will know when the recordings took place thanks to the Time-stamp feature. This camera has a fast shooting speed of 0.4 seconds which makes it ideal for capturing fast animal species without the dreaded cropped images.</p>


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3. Venlife Trail Camera 12MP Full HD 1080P


The VENLIFE Wildlife Infrared is a solid trail camera contender that packs a high-resolution sensor and multiple features. You can capture pictures of wildlife with a resolution of 12MP and record video in Full HD at 1920 x 1080p. The smart sensor can detect movement at distances of up to 65 feet and at a 90-degree view angle so you never miss a thing.

This camera is capable of capturing sharp and crystal-clear images of both animals and landscapes. The Time Lapse feature will make the latter look alive, especially if you set the time intervals right. This model has 42 low-glow LEDs with infrared light that can capture nighttime scenes in black and white.

You get to use one of the 5 capture modes to suit your particular needs. This unit is powered by 8 AA batteries that should keep it operating for a very long time.


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4. Cuddeback Dual Flash Invisible IR Scouting Game Trail Camera


The Cuddeback Invisible Scouting has a weather-resistant body that can withstand a lot of what nature can throw at it. The wireless network cap allows you to check your trail cameras while in the comfort of your own home. The transmission range can be anywhere between 2.25 and 0.5 miles or even up to 1 mile.

This product can record video and shoot pictures with 20MP resolution during the day. Videos also benefit from audio recordings so you get a complete experience. The camera has an operating range of 100 feet and it also comes with an ultra-fast trigger speed of 0.25 seconds so you don’t miss that rare animal sighting.

You can control your camera via the EZ and Advanced settings panel and are able to set parameters such as number of shots, burst mode, Time Lapse, etc. This unit is powered by 4 D batteries that can last for months or the equivalent of 10,000 images.


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5. Spartan HD GoCam 4G Wireless UTowel Bundle


The Spartan GC-ATTxb Blackout certainly deserves its name. This camera has a tough build and a completely weather-sealed case that’s meant to last even in the harshest environments. This unit is simple to operate and you can start shooting right out of the box. You get photos with a resolution of 8MP and video of up to 720p to monitor your favorite grounds

This unit works with an AT&T DataConnect SIM card which helps it transmit video and photos so you can check them in your own home. The 12 AA batteries can keep this camera working for a long period of time. When coupled with the wireless capabilities, this product ensures that you don’t have to check your camera out in the field for months on end.

You can set this camera to overwrite old photos with new ones in case the SD card is full. There are other settings you can use, such as duty periods and trigger intervals, Time-Lapse, etc.


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