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Best game trail cameras – 2023 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 27.09.23


Top Game Trail Cameras Reviewed & Buying Guide


Whether you’re a veteran hunter or a nature enthusiast, getting the best game trail camera can offer superior photo and video recording capabilities and help you get the most out of your outdoor experiences. The trouble is finding the right model for your style and needs, especially considering the plethora of models available on the market. Fortunately, you have us to help you out. We’ve compared some of the most appreciated cameras in this category and looked at each feature so we can recommend a model that offers the most for your money. Out of the many products we have reviewed, the AKASO Camera Hunting stood out from the rest, thanks to its remarkable properties. This camera can shoot 12MP pictures and 1080p video, it has a night vision mode that’s effective at distances of up to 65 feet, and you also get a sturdy construction and long battery life. In case this mode is out of stock, you may also want to consider the X-Lounger Sound Scouting.



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Finding a good game trail camera can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t know much about these little devices. There are some features you should know about, and the following guide is meant to explain these so you can do a better job choosing the right camera for your specific needs.

Resolution and shooting modes

If you plan on purchasing the best game camera for your hunting activities, then you need to think about one of the essential aspects of these devices: resolution. You can find cameras that can shoot 8MP pictures and 720p videos or higher-end models that can shoot 12 or even 16MP images, as well as Full HD 1920 x 1080p videos with incorporated sound.

These cameras can normally record both short clips of up to 60 seconds and longer videos of 3 to 10 minutes depending on the model. When it comes to photos, these devices can shoot one frame at a time, or a sequence of up to 3 pictures as long as you remember to use the Multi-Shot settings.

You can also benefit from other features that can help you get more out of your nature recording experience. Even a cheap game trail camera should offer plenty of options here, such as a Time Lapse function that can shoot pictures at specific intervals so you get the illusion of continuous movement and changing in the environment.

There are other settings you might be interested in, such as delay shooting, interval shooting, etc. If you want to test these settings out in the field, you should consider getting a model with a 2.4-inch display so you can adjust and tweak these on the fly so you won’t have to wait for days or weeks until you get feedback from your game camera.


Construction and energy us

Because you probably want to enjoy a device that doesn’t scare away animals, you might want to invest in a reliable stealth cam trail camera which comes with a compact design and a camouflage pattern that can help it blend into the environment. This will prevent detection by both animals and humans so you’ll get great animal pictures as well as avoid camera theft.

Especially if you plan on leaving the camera in the woods for weeks, you probably need to look at some of the models for sale that come with a rugged build. The case should be made of a hard plastic that can withstand heavy winds or mechanical damage, as well as have a weatherproof seal that should keep water and dust away from the interior of the camera.

Choosing a game camera that works with 4 or even 8 AA batteries is also a good idea since it should be able to work just fine for several months and take perhaps over 10,000 photos with just one charge.


Night vision

If you want a model that offers the same performance as your trusted night vision binoculars without requiring you to be there, then you should check out its night vision system. Most trail cameras have an IR LED system, although not all might be able to provide you with the performance you’re looking for.

A good night vision camera should have at least 30 low-glow LEDs to avoid disturbing animals, and these should emit IR light between 840 and 940nm – wavelengths which are invisible to most wildlife species.


5 Best Game Trail Camera (Reviews) in 2023


If you’re looking for a reliable device that’s capable of high-resolution recording but don’t want to read dozens of reviews of game trail cameras, then the following list should help you out. We’ve gathered the products that received overwhelmingly positive reviews so you get to pick one that offers the most bang for the buck.


1. Akaso 12MP Trail Camera Night Vision 1080P Hunting Camera


The AKASO trail camera comes with a solid design and a high-performance sensor that can capture 12MP photos and videos with a resolution of up to 1080p. This camera has a wide field of view so you get to experience the environment from a wide-angle perspective.

You can select the single shot mode or go for the Multi-shot one which can shoot 3 pictures in a fast sequence so you get more frames of your favorite animal. Thanks to the automatic Night Vision mode, you get to benefit from nighttime recordings at a range of up to 65 feet.

The body of the camera is waterproof and it can withstand extreme environment conditions. Thanks to the 0.5-second trigger speed, you can capture even fast-moving animals with ease. This unit is powered by 4 AA batteries, although you can also install 8 batteries which can offer up to 6 months’ worth of recording.


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2. X-Lounger Wildlife Trail Camera Trap 1080P 12 mp No Glow Infrared


This X-Lounger camera comes with a compact design and a resistant case that should perform well even in harsh environments. You can easily attach this unit to tree trunks, hunting stands or vertical surfaces with the included wall mount, so you won’t need the equivalent of a stable binocular tripod adapter just as you do for your optical instruments.

You can shoot pictures at 12MP and video at 720 or 1080p, with a length of 1 to 60 seconds, 3.5 minutes or even 10 minutes. With the 2.4-inch display, you can also check recordings on the field so you don’t have to wait until you get home. You also get a 0.55-second trigger speed, as well as a 940nm Black IR LED night vision system with a range of up to 65 feet.

You can adjust the settings for optimal photo/video recording, as well as choose modes such as Interval Recording, Time Lapse, Burst Photo, Timing, and a few others.


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3. Moultrie A-Series Game Camera All Purpose Series 


This amazing Moultrie trail camera is equipped with 32 low-glow IR LEDs that enable it to capture exciting videos and photos even during the night. The A-30i can shoot photos at a maximum resolution of 4608 x 2592 (or 12 megapixels), as well as HD video for up to 15 seconds at maximum settings.

The camera features a sturdy case that’s made of hard plastics. Not only is the exterior weatherproof, but it is also durable and resistant to wear and tear. This unit has the standard ¼-inch threaded insert to mount it on a tripod or stand, and there’s also an included strap measuring 72 inches in length so you can attach the camera to trees and other surfaces.

This device can accept SD cards that have a maximum capacity of 32GB, which translates into a lot of pictures and videos. The 8 AA batteries that power the device can ensure a long operational time or the equivalent of 16,000 pictures.


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4. Distianert Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Wildlife Game Camera


The Distianert Wildlife camera can take photos of up to 16MP and 1080p video with sound., all in crystal-clear quality. There’s also a fast trigger speed of 0.6 seconds which can capture sudden animal appearances, as well as a 3-shot burst mode so you get more pictures of your favorite animals.

You can explore hunting grounds or monitor a specific habitat in high resolution, vivid colors, and up to a range of 80 feet during the day. Thanks to the low-glow LED lights which can detect movement at a distance of up to 65 feet during the night, you get black and white photos and videos even in complete darkness.

The 2.4-inch display allows you to check the recordings on the field, although the long operational autonomy provided by 4 or 8 AA batteries means that you can leave the camera in the woods for months on end.


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5. Hunting Camera TEC Bean 12MP 1080P Full HD Trail Camera


Whether you are a hunter checking the game in a particular area or a biologist monitoring animal species, getting the AUCEE Infrared Monitoring is a great choice. This device can complement your excellent handheld telescope and help you get images and videos of your preferred woods even when you’re not actually there.

This camera offers superb images of up to 12MP, and you also get HD 1080p video, all of which can be easily seen on the 2.4-inch LCD screen. The trigger speed is faster than 1 second which helps with fast-moving subjects.

The body of this device is sturdy and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about leaving the camera in the wilderness. Besides Time Lapse, Multi-shot, and Interval features, you get a high-performance night vision mode which uses 34 850nm IR LEDs to shoot photos and videos during the night at a distance of up to 65 feet.


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