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Best Moultrie trail camera

Last Updated: 19.04.24

Moultrie trail cameras – Buying guide & Comparison


If you want to have an extra pair of eyes out in the field and need to get the best Moultrie trail camera, then read on. We’ve looked at plenty of popular trail cameras, figured out their most important perks and compared features so we could choose the best ones based on quality and price. We know that you probably don’t have the time to do your own research so we thought we could give you a helping hand by selecting some of the highly acclaimed cameras on the market. After careful examination, we recommend that you consider getting the Moultrie A20. This trail camera comes with a 12MP resolution, video capabilities, a fast trigger speed, as well as low-light infrared LEDs with a range of 50 feet. In case you discover that this model has run out of stock, you may also want to check out the Moultrie A-30, which offers similar features.


In case you’re looking for a reliable Moultrie trail camera for sale but don’t think you know enough about these devices to be sure that you can make the right choice, then this short buying guide should help you understand some basics so that you’ll know what to look for. 

Resolution and video capture

Most trail cameras come with resolutions of 8, 12, or even 14 megapixels. However, before you commit to spending a load of money on a device with the highest possible resolution, you should know that you still get decent quality with sharp details and vivid colors even with an 8 or 12MP model.

When searching for the best Moultrie game camera, you should also consider going for a model that comes with a good infrared illumination system for nighttime observations. If during the day, the light is enough to obtain crisp pictures of your favorite game, in complete darkness, you’ll want something you can rely on.

Many models come with an infrared LED flash system with reaches of up to 70 feet. These are an excellent choice since this type of light is invisible to animals so you can ensure quality pictures without the risk of disturbing animals or scaring them away.

When it comes to video, many trail cameras can shoot in HD 720p mode, so you get smooth clips of 5, 15, or 30 seconds of your favorite game. Some models can even shoot full HD videos in 1080p for a duration of up to one minute, although these generally cost a lot more.


Ease of use, trigger speed, and image modes

Your camera’s resolution won’t matter much unless it’s also easy to use. Go for a model that comes with an intuitive design, with a simple menu and a few buttons. These should be enough to allow you to set image modes and other functions. A model with a large LCD screen is also recommended.

Trigger speed is also important when it comes to these devices. You’d want a trigger speed that’s lower than 1 second, and the faster it is, the better. This is because you want the camera to be able to take a photo or to start shooting video as soon as the animal is detected. PIR sensors can generally detect movement from 45 up to 60 feet or more.

You might also want to choose a versatile camera that can offer multiple shooting modes. Some models can capture up to 3 photos in the multiple shot mode. A motion detection delay might also help out in some scenarios, and you can set the timer to intervals measured in either seconds or minutes, depending on your preferences and needs.


Wi-Fi capabilities and other features

When reading Moultrie trail camera reviews, you might also want to consider connectivity capabilities. There are quite a few cameras out there with built-in Wi-Fi. This can come in handy since you can connect it to your mobile device and get vital info even while you’re on the move.

Another advantage to Wi-Fi is the fact that you won’t have to physically remove the SD card everytime you need to download pictures and videos, and that means intruding less into the territory of deer or other easy-to-scare animals. You won’t risk leaving too many scent marks in the area and ensure that you get to observe wildlife from afar.

There are also other features you might want to consider, from battery life to size, to even mounting accessories, so you ensure that it suits your specific needs.



5 Best Moultrie Trail Cameras (Reviews) in 2024


If you’re planning to get the best trail camera from Moultrie, then you’ve landed in the right place. You’ll find showcased below top models that offer the most features for the price. So if you haven’t made a decision yet, perhaps our top picks with complete reviews could help you out.



1. Moultrie A20 12MP


The Moultrie A20 is a reliable trail camera that comes with a 12MP resolution and a trigger speed that’s faster than 1 second which will ensure that you don’t miss a deer sighting. You can choose between 2 photo resolutions, from the low 1600x1200p that is perfect for more storage space, to the high 4000×3000-pixel setting.

This camera can shoot video with a resolution of 640x480p. You also get 32 LEDs which can illuminate game at a distance of up to 50 feet with 850-nm infrared technology so you get to enjoy quality photos and videos even during the night without scaring away animals.

This camera is small and compact, yet has a rugged construction which enables it to offer smooth performance even in unfavorable weather conditions. You also benefit from an intuitive interface and a LCD screen, as well as 2 mini cameras with this 2 pack.


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2. Moultrie A-30


The Moultrie A-30 is a modern trail camera that comes with all the features you’d ever need to keep an eye on your favorite game. This unit comes with a 12MP resolution that can capture photos at 1920×1080 or 4608×2592 pixels for a good balance between image quality, energy consumption, and storage capabilities.

This camera comes with a 70-foot flash range which can illuminate wildlife from afar even in complete darkness. The device can sense movement from a distance of up to 60 feet. You can set out the Motion Detect Delay function between 5 and 15 seconds and 1 to 5 minutes so you don’t spook the buck you’ve been looking for.

With a fast 0.7-second trigger speed, this camera can ensure you never miss a shot. You can also shoot video in 1280x720p for up to 15 seconds as well as connect the trail camera to your phone via a wireless connection.


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3. Moultrie M-888i Mini


The Moultrie M-888i Mini offers a great balance between ease of use and performance. This camera can shoot pictures in 14MP resolution so you can enjoy sharp details and vivid colors every time. You also get a nighttime 940nm infrared flash with a range of 70 feet so you benefit from clear images even during the night while ensuring that you don’t disturb wildlife.

This device comes with a fast trigger speed of less than 0.7 seconds and a motion detection sensor that can spot movement at up to 50 feet. You also get HD video capabilities, as well as wireless flexibility so you can connect your mobile device and get access to vital information while you’re on the go.

The M-888i has an excellent battery life that enables it to capture a whopping 17,000 images with just 8 AA batteries. You also get an easy-to-use menu with multiple settings, and a rugged and compact camera that you can effortlessly set up anywhere.


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4. Moultrie AC-20 2 Pack


If you’re looking for a camera that offers great image quality and multiple features, then you can’t go wrong with the Moultrie AC-20. This model can snap photos with a maximum resolution of 12MP, as well as video in 640x480p. You also get a trigger speed of less than a second for fast reaction times

This device comes with 32 LEDs with infrared technology that can illuminate game or other wildlife at distances of up to 50 feet so you don’t intrude or scare them away while still having a long reach.

The AC-20 features a solid body that’s made to last, while the weather-proof exterior ensures long-term functionality even in harsh environments. The interface is easy to use so you can learn to set up the right parameters quite fast. You can also browse through photos and videos with the help of the LCD screen.


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5. Moultrie Gamespy 8.0


The Moultrie Gamespy 8.0 is a quality trail camera that comes at a more than affordable price. With an 8MP resolution, you can obtain splendid pictures in beautiful colors from your favorite hunting grounds. With the 50-foot flash range, you also benefit from nighttime capabilities so you can monitor your hunting grounds 24/7.

The LCD screen and intuitive menu allows you to operate the device and set up the correct settings for optimal captures. You can choose between single and multiple shot modes so you get a good balance between tracking and battery life.

You also get to benefit from video clips of up to 30 seconds during the day, while the infrared light also allows for video capture during the night. You can set up the picture delay from 1 to 60 minutes. This camera accepts SD cards of up to 16GB for a lot of storage space, and comes with a USB port and cable for easy transfer.


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