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Best magnetic stirrer

Last Updated: 25.05.22


Magnetic stirrers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the one of the best magnetic stirrers out there, this short paragraph should help you get just the model you may need. According to our findings, the IKA 3368001 Topolino is the best as it is reasonably priced yet comes with a durable, brushless motor and has a speed range that is infinitely variable. Moreover, the product does wonders when mixing liquid quantities of up to two hundred and fifty milliliters. What’s more, the owner feedback with regard to the performance and services provided by the IKA 3368001 Topolino is mostly favorable, with many users underlining the excellent abilities of this unit and actually claiming that it might just be the best cheap magnetic stirrer on the market today. If the IKA 3368001 Topolino is unavailable, your second option should be the Scilogex 81112102.



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Finding the best magnetic stirrer with heating or without can be a daunting task nowadays as there are many options available for sale in today’s market and all should be considered. That’s why we’ve thought of giving a hand to prospective buyers by creating a comprehensive buying guide about magnetic stirrers and about how you can make the difference between a model you may need and one you can do without. Just keep reading if you want to make the right call.


The first detail you ought to give some thought to is the goal you are trying to achieve by utilizing such a product. You ought to look at the common jobs the device will have to perform and the type and volume of samples you will be utilizing. In addition, you may have to think ahead and realize whether you require the services of a magnetic stirrer without hot plate or if you would rather prefer the liquid becoming thinner on account of a higher temperature. It is rather tedious to have to warm up the sample separately and then start using the stirrer, especially as the liquid will inevitably chill out due to the movement.



Not all magnetic stirrers are made the same, and there are differences from one model to the next. Some products can mix a single beaker or a flask at a time, in just one position on the platform. By contrast, other devices are built to be more versatile yet also large because they can be used for mixing the contents of up to two flasks or more in either a single position or more. In the end, it boils down to the number of samples you want to process for every cycle as most of the units we’ve seen don’t offer too much space on the plate. Furthermore, it is important to note that bulkier models may take up a lot of space on your countertop or lab table.

If you work in very busy lab, maybe you might need a larger model due to the intense activity and requirements of your profession. On the other hand, while we were doing our research on the topic, we’ve noticed that magnetic stirrers are currently utilized by home users interested in preparing their own e-liquid. If you’re one of these prospective buyers, you may not need the assistance of a large magnetic stirrer unless you plan to make a business out of manufacturing and selling e-liquid.


Ease of use and convenience

These two are other factors to take into account when deciding to purchase one device or another. In this case, you have to look at the user-friendly features that the model has been equipped with. Ask yourself this: is it easier for you to utilize a digital readout or would you rather employ an analog controller? Besides, if a device with a hot plate is what you have on your mind, you need to analyze whether it pays off to focus on a heat sensor so that you’re able to monitor the sample temperature. We’ve also noticed that these days, models that can be connected to computers or laptops are amazingly convenient as they allow you to log the data.



It goes without saying that getting a unit from one of the top recommended magnetic stirrer manufacturers is a good idea, mostly because you’ll probably have no issues with warranties and getting in touch with customer support. If you don’t plan on upgrading or just replacing your magnetic stirrer every year or so, perhaps you have to focus on the warranty of the item. The maintenance requirements have to be considered as well, and here’s where some of the best magnetic stirrer reviews can help, because the opinions of other buyers should tell you what to expect from the product you might be thinking of purchasing.



5 Best Magnetic Stirrers (Reviews) in 2022


The best magnetic stirrers can be found below. We’ve looked at pointers such as the value offered for the price, the performance of these models, as well as the type of owner feedback they have gathered over time. In the end, we came up with a selection of some of the most esteemed units that can be found at most online retailers nowadays.



1. IKA 3368001 Topolino Magnetic Stirrer


1-ika-3368001The IKA 33680001 Topolino is one of the most user-friendly options we’ve discovered while sifting through the many models available on today’s market. While the product does have a set of limitations which are easy to observe, it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Although it should be utilized with liquid quantities of up to 250 milliliters, the IKA 33680001 Topolino still remains one of the top recommended choices for school labs and other small chemistry applications where the user does not have to mix large quantities of samples at the same time. The mixer does not have multiple stirring directions, unlike other models we have seen.

While it is true that this is one of the most affordable units in the line as it can usually be purchased for about eighty dollars or less, it does not come with a hot plate.

However, the usefulness of the IKA 33680001 Topolino cannot be denied as long as you employ it for small-size applications where you don’t need a hefty and large device occupying some more space on your lab table. After all, the unit does have a durable motor and features a high magnetic adhesion, so it seems to be worth every penny.



A user-friendly option, this lab device is equipped with a brushless motor, which has fewer moving parts. This means there are fewer components involved during its operation, so there are fewer maintenance issues to worry about.

Suitable for use in school labs and other small applications on chemistry studies, this model handles liquid amounts up to 250 milliliters. This is enough for sample testing purposes.

The small footprint makes this one a good option for tight workspaces where several people have to work on separate samples at the same time. You can have more than one of this device side by side on the counter and still be able to measure different liquids simultaneously.

With the infinitely variable speed range, you are able to select the stirring velocity to suit the sample or the demands of the lab experiment. You can mix liquids at the exact speed according to the instructions.

Its high magnetic adhesion enables the use of the instrument to keep a container firmly on the platform while stirring its contents, preventing ugly spills and messes.



This model does not come with multiple stirring options that other similar models are equipped with.


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2. Scilogex MS-H-S Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrers


2-scilogex-81112102Scilogex is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry of lab equipment, and this is one of the reasons the quality of this product cannot be denied. Its performance is superior on many levels, particularly when it is compared with the advantages offered by many of its competitors.

This model is a magnetic hot plate stirrer that can be purchased options, one with a porcelain plate and the other with a plate that has been constructed out of stainless steel. The porcelain alternative is easy to clean and maintain and can be used for both mixing and heating samples.

One of the neat things about the Scilogex 81112102 is that it allows users to stir liquids up to 20 liters. It goes without saying that the dimensions of the unit are sizeable compared to the ones of many products in the line.

Moreover, the product features a safety mechanism that automatically stops heating the liquid in jars and flasks when the temperature has reached 340 degrees Celsius. Considering that this is an analog magnetic stirrer, it does not come with a display where owners can consult the temperature of the plate or various other details related to the stirring process.



Suitable for mixing and heating samples at the same time, this magnetic hot plate stirrer is a versatile device that any modern laboratory should have.

Simplifying liquid mixing jobs, this model provides stir speeds from 1 to 1,500 RPM to deliver the exact mixing velocity needed in the project to prevent over- or under mixed results that could affect the outcome of the activity.

This machine is ideal for handling up to 20 liters of any sample for gross mixing needs. It ensures that the mixture has a uniform consistency to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of values when working on larger quantities.

It stops heating the sample automatically when the temperature goes to 340 degrees Centigrade high to protect the integrity of the sample.

Because of the electronic speed control, a constant speed is maintained even when there are changes in the load on the platform.



Based on the experience of some customers, the heating element may be the first to break down in this model, but the manufacturer accommodates such complaints well.


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3. JoanLab Lab SH-3 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate


4-sh-3-magnetic-stirrer-hot-plateMuch like the unit mentioned above, this one is a diecast magnetic stirrer that comes with a hot plate. The maximum temperature that can be used for processing samples is 380 degrees Celsius and in order to operate, the model requires a power of 500W.

Over and above, the maximum rotation speed permitted by this model is 1600 RPM, which is a generous velocity, to say the least.

The only major difference between the formerly discussed option and this one consists of the fact that the SH-3 can be used strictly with samples weighing in up to 3 liters. If this is the volume you regularly utilize for your application, you are likely to have a positive user experience from employing this magnetic stirrer.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the package also comes with a free 25-mm stir bar as well as a 320mm thermometer stand, which are two accessories that are commonly used under most circumstances. These items should be bought separately if you weren’t to receive them in the same package as the Fristaden Lab SH-3.

As for the opinion of the people who bought the SH-3, it seems like they have only good things to say about the way it performs as it gets hot in a timely fashion and has a high-quality, sturdy construction.



Easy to set to the proper level and to use, this model enables the hassle-free setting to the targeted temperature and then holds it at that level. It delivers the stirring time and other parameters that facilitate the task.

You can control the stirring speed and temperature independently thanks to the high-performance digital circuit and CPU of the instrument.

Offering 500 watts of heating power, this model delivers a maximum of 350°C to ensure that the sample is stirred constantly while being heated properly for dependable results.

Thanks to the digital speed control, the sample is mixed at the right speed. The adjustment of the speed can be done with key-press simplicity, so the stirring bar doesn’t stop at any time. You can view the stirring speed conveniently via the built-in display.

The temperature sensor is connected to the stirrer to enable the easy measurement and control of the temperature while working continuously up to 8 hours.



One happy customer thinks this model would be greatly improved if it had a heat indicator light to tell you if the heating plate has gotten cool enough to touch safely.


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4. Bipee SH-2 Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate


5-bipee-sh-2-laboratoryThe SH-2 needs to be considered by all prospective buyers who feel the need to stir and heat up liquid volumes of up to 1 liter.

In this sense, the mixing quantity of the BIPEE SH-2 is superior when compared to the one offered by the IKA Topolino, but it is inferior to the one provided by the Scilogex and Fristaden Lab alternatives we’ve discussed above. Just like other models in the same line, this one is an analog magnetic stirrer that manages to complete its tasks without raising any technical difficulties to users who might not be well-versed in the art of employing such a device.

Whether you believe it to be an advantage or disadvantage, the fact of the matter is that this unit is compact and reasonably lightweight, which makes it the perfect choice for laboratories that cannot waste any working space.

Due to its limited size, the product can’t stir quantities that are greater than 1 liter, as mentioned previously. Even so, this alternative is well-worth the price as it is a bargain given that the model works perfectly. Some customers have pointed out that the thermal control could have been improved, but other than this minor downside, the user reviews are mainly favorable.



It is easy to adjust the stirring speed and heating power of this instrument in increments over a specified range because of the step-less adjustment mechanism.

The die-cast, stretched roof cover prevents the leaking of the sample thanks to the fabrication-processed exterior. You can mix the sample at specified speeds without worrying about the liquid sloshing out of the container.

Because stirring and heating can proceed simultaneously, you spend less time on the procedures and devote more time on observation.

Aside from the enclosed heating plate being provided with flame protection, you also enjoy a fast warm up and a dependable durability for years of use.

You will appreciate the 1-liter volume capacity of the unit especially if you have to work on a large volume of samples in one day.



The heating plate was found by one customer to be difficult to keep between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


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5. JoanLab SH-4 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate 380C Ceramic


3-sh-4-magnetic-stirrer-hot-plateAs is the case with the formerly described Scilogex alternative, the Fristaden Lab SH-4 is a magnetic stirrer with a hot plate that has been built out of ceramic material.

There are several significant differences between the Scilogex model and the SH-4, given that the second can be used for heating samples up to 380 degrees Celsius.

The rotation speed is from 0 to 1600 RPM and the maximum liquid volume that can be stirred or heated with the help of this product is 5 liters.

From what we have gathered by checking on the owner feedback received by this model, it seems to be worth its weight in gold. Many buyers have emphasized that the Fristaden Lab SH-4 works exactly as advertised and can stay warm for longer periods of time. In addition, some individuals have pointed out that this magnetic stirrer is considerably easier to use compared to others.

It is worth noting that the temperatures that can be reached by the plate are very high, which is why the use of this model in the proximity of children or unadvised people is not recommended. To sum up, this product is a compact and reasonably priced option that offers plenty of value for the price.


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