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Best multichannel pipettor

Last Updated: 19.05.24


Multichannel pipettors – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are short on time and you just want to find the best multichannel pipettors, this short paragraph should assist you in finding just the model you might need. According to our research, the Scilogex MicroPette Plus is the best as it is easy and comfortable to use and offers all the reliability and performance you may require in your profession. In addition, the product provides all the benefits of a smooth pipetting action. It’s also worth noting that the model is equipped with a rounded tip ejector button that manages to remove the strain you might feel on your thumb when pipetting for longer periods of time. This ergonomically designed multichannel pipette can be autoclaved, which is always a factor to consider when shopping for such a product. If the Scilogex MicroPette Plus is unavailable, your second option should be the Eppendorf 022461443.



Purchasing one of the many multichannel pipettors available in today’s market may be a daunting task as there are many options to choose from. Since we would like to make your buying journey as easy as possible, we have compiled all the important information you ought to consider in a comprehensive buying guide. All of the factors you have to take into account can be found below, and we made sure to include some info about how to use a multi-channel pipette efficiently and conveniently.



It is often times difficult to select the perfect model, whether you’re looking for a manual or an electronic multichannel pipette. What makes it so hard for prospective buyers is that they can never know for sure exactly the right amount of liquid they will need to place in a certain container. Micropipettes can be employed for measuring very low quantities of substances, typically ranging from microliters to milliliters. Since different tasks call for unique capacities, you’ll have to decide whether you should select a larger or a smaller pipettor. Unfortunately, the golden rule according to which bigger is always better does not apply to this case, as 5 milliliters is much larger amount compared to 5 microliters.

There are some standard sizes one may choose from. For instance, some models can be used for liquids ranging from 2 to 20 microliters, whereas others should be employed in situations that call for amounts ranging from 20 to 200 microliters. In case you require the services that can be offered by an even larger pipettor, you can rest assured as there’s a wide variety of products with capacities from 200 to 1000 microliters. It goes without saying that there are several variations that are available for sale nowadays, so it might pay off to do a bit of research on your own and even read some of the best multichannel pipettor reviews, just to see what applications other buyers have used the products for.


Tips and accessories

Compatibility is always a detail to take into account when trying to decide between one multi-channel pipettor and another. Will you be able to use the manufacturing brand’s tips and other accessories or will you have to go to extreme lengths to find the right extras for the model you’ve purchased? There are several companies that make their products user-friendly, in that they design them to be somewhat universal and therefore, compatible with a broad array of accessories manufactured by other brands. However, these cases are typically rare, and these products are rather hard to find.


Feature to look for

In the end, several characteristics of the multichannel pipettor are far more important than others. For one, the unit has to provide consistent accuracy and performance all throughout its use. Secondly, it needs to be durable enough to withstand the test of time, especially as multiple surveys have shown that replacing an aging pipette is the primary reason for which people buy a new one, in the first place. Besides, the unit has to be relatively easy to clean, and maintenance shouldn’t be a nuisance, either. If the model is designed to allow recalibration or if it can perform self-calibration, it has a higher chance of being preferred than a product that does not come with these two features.



5 Best Multichannel Pipettors (Reviews) in 2024


Some of the best multichannel pipettors are showcased below. We’ve taken the time to check the ratings available at most online retailers, and we have come up with a limited selection of the top recommended choices in the line. All of the following suggestions are convenient, easy to use, while also reliable and reasonably durable.



1. Thermo Scientific 4540500 Finnpipette Multistepper Multichannel Pipettor


1-thermo-scientific-4652000Scilogex is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of manufacturing both pipettes and pipettors, be they single-channel or multi-channel.

That’s why we felt compelled to go through the specs of this product as we have seen that it is among the most efficient ones in the line. For one, the product can be utilized for dropping substances in up to twelve compartments at the same time, given the fact that it is equipped with twelve channels. Besides, the volume of this alternative ranges from 5 to 50 microliters, which seems to be one of the commonly used capacities we’ve come across.

The neat thing about this type of pipettor is that it can be sterilized conveniently using an autoclave. Besides, the light and smooth pipetting action make it possible for the results of the tests or analysis to come out as accurate as possible. The MicroPette Plus offers just the right amount of performance and reliability one may look for in such a product.


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2. Eppendorf Research Pro Adjustable Volume Electronic Air Displacement Pipette 


2-eppendorf-022461443If you have decided to purchase an Eppendorf multichannel pipette, you couldn’t have made a better decision. Along with Scilogex, Thermo Scientific, and others, Eppendorf has made a name out of developing high-quality laboratory equipment, including pipettors.

What’s more, since the company is committed to improving its products constantly, it goes without saying that it offers one of the best customer services on the market.

The 022461443 is worth considering if you’re looking for a model with a significantly lower volume compared to the one belonging to the model we’ve showcased before.

This electronic air displacement pipette has eight channels and can be utilized for liquids ranging from 0.5 to 10 microliters. As previously mentioned in the buying guide, a volume of 0.5 microliters is ten times smaller compared to 5 microliters. Therefore, you should look at the applications you need to use the device for and see whether you’re in need of such a low working volume.


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3. Eppendorf Research Pro Adjustable Volume Electronic Air Displacement Pipette


3-eppendorf-71211204Yet another noteworthy alternative seems to be this Scilogex model which can be purchased in two options. One of them can be utilized with volumes ranging from 0.5 to 10 microliters whereas the other can be employed for liquids ranging from 50 to 300 microliters.

The second product might be just a tad less affordable when compared to the first, but the cost isn’t all that important when looking at your requirements and preferences. The core reason you ought to consider this unit over others is that it comes with a thumb plunger mechanism which can be used for adjusting the volume.

Based on the info that we have gathered about the Scilogex MicroPette Variable, it looks as if the device is easy to calibrate and can be maintained using a tool that is supplied in the package. As is the case with the formerly mentioned units, this one has been designed to be ergonomic and thus reduce the user’s potential thumb strain.


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4. Gilson Pipetman Neo P8x200N Model Multichannel Pipette


4-gilson-pipetman-f14403Much like the pipettors we have showcased earlier on, the Gilson Pipetman option features a generous volume range that gives owners the freedom to adjust the liquid amounts ranging from 20 to 200 microliters.

On the one hand, this addition is a net advantage as you won’t have to purchase separate pipettors for different volume ranges depending on the occasion that may arise. On the other hand, the Gilson Pipetman unit is considerably less reasonably priced when compared to several of the products we’ve discussed prior to this one.

Even so, it is worth noting that if you were to purchase three or four different devices in order to benefit from the same volume range, you’d spend a lot more than what you would on this option.

The model has been constructed with high-quality materials which are said to last a decent amount of time, which is why you won’t be forced to replace the pipette sooner than later.


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5. BrandTech Transferpette Multichannel Pipette


5-brandtech-71311206Due to its affordability and efficiency, it would have been impossible for us to avoid adding this product to our selection. The Finnpipette F1 is capable of excellent performance and can be used for discharging liquid volumes ranging from 5 to 50 microliters, depending on the application you may have in mind.

Just like some of the products we’ve talked about earlier on, this one has eight channels. Both the accuracy and the precision of this product cannot be denied, and one of the core advantages of choosing this alternative is that it is remarkably easy to calibrate.

In addition, the pipettor weighs in at just twelve ounces, which means that you won’t ever suffer from arm fatigue while operating this model. As it was to be expected from a unit developed by Thermo Scientific, the Finnpipette F1 is supplied with a certificate.


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