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Best infrared thermometer

Last Updated: 12.08.22


Infrared thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best infrared thermometer, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research the EnnoLogic eT650D is the best because it will quickly and accurately measure the temperature of almost any surface in your kitchen. To ensure that the readings are accurate it comes with a dual laser pointer that can be easily adjusted as needed. Thanks to the bright digital display it is easy to read the temperature, and it will even sound an alarm if you are below or have exceed its limits. If the EnnoLogic eT650D is not available, you second option should be the Etekcity Lasergrip 1080.



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There are several advantages to using an infrared thermometer over traditional models. Since these are digital thermometers they are often easier to read, which can also make them a little more accurate since you are less likely to make a mistake. Infrared thermometers are also faster, and when you are using it to take your child’s temperature the last thing you want to do is have to wait. If you are interested in infrared thermometers but aren’t sure what to look for the following tips can help you get started.


Regardless of the type of infrared thermometer you are looking for, one of the first aspects to consider is your budget. These models are priced higher than traditional stick thermometers, and deciding on a set budget can prevent you from spending more than you can afford. Deciding on a spending limit will also help you narrow down your options and make it easier to choose the best one for you.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the thermometer. You can find some at a relatively inexpensive price. While these models might seem budget friendly, they are often inaccurate and can break easily. In most cases you will find that it is well worth it to pay a little extra for a high quality infrared thermometer that will provide you with accurate body or surface temperature readings for years.



Once you have decided on a set spending limit it is time to consider the type of infrared thermometer. While the different types of infrared thermometers might work in a similar manner, they are not all designed for use in the same applications. If you want to get consistent and accurate readings it is important that you choose the right one for the task.

Infrared thermometers are typically divided into three classifications, and since each is designed for a specific use one is not necessarily better than the other. Tympanic infrared thermometers are used to measure the temperature inside the ears, and they are designed to produce accurate readings in only a few seconds. While they are safe and fast, not everyone is comfortable have something put into their ears. This can be especially problematic with some children. The same is also true for oral thermometers, which is also why they are seldom rated in the product reviews.

Forehead infrared thermometers are generally preferred for body temperature readings over other models. Since they are designed to glide smoothly across the forehead they are often preferred by adults and children. Parents also appreciate the fact that they can easily take their child’s temperature without any fuss or problems. There are also no contact infrared thermometers and these can be used for several applications.

No contact infrared thermometers are used to measure surface temperatures. There are two red dots that eventually align so the device can accurately measure the temperature. They can be used to measure the temperature of almost any surface in the kitchen, including hot stovetops, ovens and even frying pans. Adding to their versatility, you can also use a non-contact infrared thermometer to take accurate body temperature readings.


Infrared thermometers can come with several convenient features, which are designed to make it even more convenient to use. Models that come with bright displays are easy to read in any lighting, and it’s a great function to have if you are trying to take your child’s temperature in the dark. Some models come with convenient alarms that will alert you if the temperature is too low or high. This can be particularly useful when you are monitoring a sick child or need to keep a pan at a constant temperature when you are cooking.

Buttons that are clearly marked are also appreciated, along with automatic shut off functions that help to conserve battery power. Since infrared thermometers do run on battery power you also want to make sure that they are easy to change. Otherwise you might be looking for a new one once the current batteries are dead. Another convenient feature to consider is a memory function. This allows you to save the last temperature reading which can be helpful if you are monitoring a fever. Some models also come with protective cases that also make storage a breeze.



5 Best Infrared Thermometers (Reviews) in 2022


An infrared thermometer can be used to accurately measure body and surface temperatures, and most models are easy and convenient to use. While we can’t pick the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best infrared thermometer showcased below.



1. Temperature Gun by EnnoLogic Dual Laser Non-Contact


1.EnnoLogic Temperature Gun Dual LaserIt is easy to see why this is considered the best non contact infrared thermometer. Not only will it quickly provide you with an accurate temperature reading of almost any surface in your kitchen, it can also be used for a variety of other applications.

Scan for leaks in the insulation that might be causing your utility bills to rise. It can also be used to determine the temperature of your air condition and heating system. Mechanics will appreciate being able to check the internal temperature of a car’s engine. You can even take the temperature on the inside of a chicken coop or reptile enclosure.

The bright digital display ensures that you can easily read the temperature even in low lighting. You will also appreciate how easy this IR thermometer is to use. Simply press the trigger when the red dots are aligned, and in a few seconds the temperature will appear on the display. You can also adjust the settings to match the surface you are reading for improved accuracy.

Thanks to the automatic shut off you don’t have to worry about wasting battery power, and they are also easy to change when needed. With a wide temperature range there is very little you can’t use this thermometer for, which makes it a great value for your money.



Able to measure surface temperatures between -58°F and 1202°F, this infrared thermometer offers an accuracy of ± 1% of reading + 1°C/2°F or ± 2°C/3.5°F, whichever is greater. This will ensure fewer errors, especially when performing temperature-sensitive experiments.

The Scan feature comes with a Min, Max, and Average display so you can determine how accurate the range of measurements is and whether everything is within the set parameters for the activity.

With its two built-in laser pointers, you can precisely identify the target spot the instrument is pointing at to simplify comparisons.

Thanks to the bright backlight that illuminates the large, easy-to-read display, the measured values are effortless to view even in poor lighting conditions.

This model offers a good level of flexibility as it enables you to switch between °F and °C on the fly and to turn the laser on and off individually, with all settings retained between uses.



According to a customer, you need to be very close to the object being measured to ensure absolute accuracy.


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2. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer


2.Etekcity Lasergrip 1080This is not only the best infrared thermometer for cooking, it can also be used to help with home repairs and auto maintenance. It’s versatile design allows you to measure temperatures ranging from -58F to 1022F so there is very little you can’t use it for.

Get your BBQ and grill to the perfect temperature or monitor the surface of your frying pan, all with this convenient non contact IR thermometer. It should be noted that this model can only measure the temperature of inanimate objects, and cannot provide you with accurate readings for animals or people.

You will appreciate being able to accurately measure temperatures from a distance, especially when it is a hot oven or grill. Since it comes with a built in laser it is easy to aim and get precise readings. Simply point the infrared thermometer and when the laser is lined up the temperature will automatically appear on the bright digital display.

This way there won’t be any guessing at whether you are actually reading the right temperature. The automatic shut off function helps to conserve battery power, but when it is time to replace them simply pop open the side. To ensure that you never run out of battery power a small light will indicate when it is time for them to be changed.



Equipped with a versatile design, this tool uses infrared technology to make it handy to use when barbecuing or cooking. It can also be used when doing automotive maintenance, home repairs, and a variety of other tasks.

This model is able to measure at a range of temperatures ranging from -58℉ to 1022℉/ or -50℃ to 550℃, helping you determine temperatures at the most extreme levels.

If you seek dependable accuracy, this thermometer delivers nothing less. It has a distance to spot ratio of 12:1 so you can determine temperatures accurately even from a distance compared to other instruments.

Equipped with a built-in laser, this model helps you target quicker and with precision so you can determine the actual temperature of the exact space and eliminate the guesswork.



Some customers get variable readings after having used the unit with success for some time. They recommend using this model for general purposes and not for temperature-sensitive projects.


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3. General Tools Heat Seeker 8:1 Mid-Range Infrared Thermometer


3.General Tools IRT207With its mid range capabilities this is one of the best infrared meat thermometers, but this also allows it to be used for a variety of applications.

It can be used to check for food safety, along with the temperature of pans, stovetops, grills and even automobile engines. It should also be noted that this IR thermometer is approved by Wee and CE RoHS so you can rest assured that it is safe to use for food and industrial applications.

Its sturdy construction is designed to last, and this only adds to its overall value. The large LCD screen is easy to read, and since it is backlit you can clearly see it in low and bright lighting. As an added bonus you can even choose to have the display show Celsius or Fahrenheit readings.

If you want to make sure that you are taking the temperature you want, the IRT207 comes with a laser pointer that can be turned on and off as needed. Simply wait until you see the red dot and press the trigger to see the temperature appear on the display. You will also appreciate the included 9 volt battery that lets you use this IR thermometer right out of the box.



This device is a versatile and standard-sized model with a durable, ergonomic grip for problem-free handling and operations.

It features a backlit LCD display for the easy viewing of measured values so you can see the data clearly at a short distance when the unit is not held close to your eyes.

If you want versatility, this model offers the solution for automotive, HVAC/R, electrical, heating, plumbing, and a host of other industrial applications. You can also use it in the home.

Able to measure from 4 degrees to 604 degrees Fahrenheit, this unit comes with an accuracy of +/- 2% as well as an 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio for the repeatability of determinations.

The laser targeting can be switched on and off. The unit also comes with an ultra-low battery consumption in shutdown mode.



Although great for industrial applications, this model, like all the others in the same category, is not ideal for intricate lab settings where consistent accuracy is a strict requirement.


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4. Innovo Model


4.Upgraded Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode)If you are looking for the best infrared clinical thermometer you might want to consider this upgraded model from Innovo.

Since it is approved for use by the CE and FDA it is safe for adults and children. Its curved design allows it to move smoothly across the forehead, and the top can be easily removed so it can be comfortably inserted into the inner ear. It also comes with a convenient case that will protect the IR thermometer when it is not being used.

Its ergonomic design not only allows it to comfortably glide across your forehead, it also makes it easier to hold in your hand. The green backlit digital display is designed to be easy to read, even in low lighting. This is also convenient when you don’t want to wake up a sick baby just for a quick temperature check. There are two buttons on the front of the thermometer so you can select how it is going to be used.

Press “F1” for the forehead mode and “F2” when you are getting ready to insert the thermometer into the inner ear. Easy and convenient to use, this might be the perfect infrared thermometer to keep in your baby’s nursery.



Designed to be both an ear thermometer and a forehead thermometer, this device accompanies your child from infancy to adulthood. You have the option to switch between modes to suit the needed application.

Thanks to how it utilizes infrared scanning technology, this model has been proven to be dependable and accurate in clinical trials.

This instrument was only exclusive to doctors and medical professionals before, but it has been made available for use to the general public using the same dependable, consistent technology required in the medical field.

With the onboard upgraded software, this device requires no waiting in between measurements as readings are delivered quickly one after the other.

The device is safe and hygienic and comes with an easy mode of operation. It features a generous memory recall of the most recent 20 readings to simplify record keeping.  



One user thinks the device needs a softer material on its tip to facilitate its use on children.


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5. Easy Home 3 in 1 Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer


5.Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Forehead ThermometerWhen you are trying to find the best infrared thermometer for a baby, you might want to consider this 3 in 1 model by Easy@Home.

It is approved for safety, and can be used to monitor body temperatures on infants and adults. Its ergonomic design ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand so you can easily aim it at the center of the forehead.

This is a non touch infrared thermometer that is designed to accurately measure body temperature. Simply point the front of the thermometer and the temperature will appear on the digital display. The bright screen is designed to be easy to read, even in low light situations.

You will appreciate the silent alarm that will alert you if a temperature is dangerously high. This model can also be programmed to save the last 32 temperature readings so you can easily keep track of any significant changes. You can also choose from three settings which allows you to measure room and surface and body temperatures.



This is a pediatrician-recommended and FDA-approved instrument that is specially engineered to measure the temperature of the human body at the center of the forehead from a distance of 1.2 to 2 inches.

The advanced infrared detection system delivers stable and reliable measurements. This ensures functionality for taking any room, object surface, and body temperature measurements.

It is easy to take the temperature of a sleeping baby thanks to the Sound/Silent button. If the measured temperature is over 100.4 degrees, the device gives off an alarm via the blinking of the LCD backlight and a beep.

The recording of data is made quicker and less effortful thanks to the ability of the device to memorize the last 32 temperature measurements.

Viewing the measured values is easy on the triple-color backlit LCD digital display screen. The green backlight tells you the value is within the safe range at less than 99.1 degrees. If the temperature ranges from 99.3 Degrees and 100.2 Degrees, the backlight is orange. Values over 100.4 degrees are shown with a red backlight.



According to one buyer, this model tends to be sensitive to ambient temperatures so its use in chilly weather may get the readings off by a few degrees.


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