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Best dropping pippete

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Dropping pippetes – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are short on time and you just want to find the best dropping pipettes, this short paragraph should help you get just the model you may require. According to our findings, the Benz Microscope 4” 97-4302 is the best pack of pipettes that can be bought on the market today as it is affordable and versatile, mostly because it is composed of 144 pieces. Every item has been equipped with a rubber bulb for convenient dispensing. While these dropping pipettes are not graduated, they are constructed out of glass and can be washed and reused time and time again, which is an advantage that may not be offered by many other products in the same line. If the Benz Microscope 4” 97-4302 pack is unavailable, your second option should be the Benz Microscope 3” 97-4301, particularly if you don’t require the services offered by larger glass dropping pipettes.



If you’ve been trying to make up your mind on a certain set of dropping pipettes but find it hard to sift through the many options available in the marketplace, perhaps you’d benefit from checking out our buying guide. We made sure to include all the important information you might want to read in case you’re still wondering what are dropping pipettes used for or whether you might feel more comfortable after going through a dropping pipette definition. We’ve also added several factors to take into account when selecting one unit over the next, just to make sure you won’t risk making the wrong decision.



One of the first details to take into account is the purpose you will try to achieve with the help of a dropping pipette function offered by a well-designed product. Nowadays, the common places where these items can be found are labs, classrooms, medical practices, and clinical settings that can benefit from the use of such a unit particularly in areas such as microscopy. Parasitology is another domain where the use of a dropping pipette might come in handy, particularly when tackling insect preservation such as ticks. Although it’s not the primary application, chemistry can be yet another field where pipettes have shown their worth over the years, particularly when it’s used for the cosmetics industry.



These units can be constructed out of two main materials: glass or plastic. On the one hand, glass dropping pipettes are advantageous as the person employing them will have the freedom to sterilize and reuse them. Plastic dropping pipettes are disposable, in most cases, which is why they cannot be employed time and time again. There is no durability to speak of if the item has been built out of a thin layer of plastic as it will not withstand hot liquids. In fact, it may even modify the nature of the substances inside the pipette if these are at a high temperature. Because plastic has the tendency to eliminate a series of toxic compounds into hot liquids, it is a less preferred material when performing qualitative analysis.



It goes without saying that the capacity of the pipette matters a great deal because a larger one can allow you to dispense multiple drops and a smaller item can only provide you with a limited number of drops. When trying to decide between one product and another, it might be a good idea to look at the volume of the pipette as a whole and the dimension of the dropper opening, because the second will be the one determining the volume of the drop you’ll be dispersing.


Convenience and ease of use

While most of the pipettes we’ve encountered while doing our research aren’t hard to use, it should be pointed out that some are more convenient than others. If you can’t benefit from using a calibrated dropper, you can’t really know the volume of the liquid you’ve dispersed on your sample. This might be a detail that’s crucial under certain circumstances, which is why we recommend estimating your requirements before selecting a set. Whether you prefer a graduated pipette or not, the glass should be easy to see through so that you’re at least able to estimate the volume of the liquid remaining in the dropper.


5 Best Dropping Pippetes (Reviews) in 2021


The best dropping pipettes are showcased below. Based on the info that we have gathered, most of these kits are reasonably priced and convenient and have been constructed out of high-quality glass or plastic. They can be utilized under many circumstances, regardless of whether you intend to control the dispensing of liquid medication or plan to use them in a laboratory.



1. Benz Microscope 4” 97-4302


1-4-glass-dropping-pipettesIn spite of the fact that the design of these pipettes is somewhat basic, the pack is undoubtedly worth taking into account if you haven’t yet made up your mind on a set.

On the one hand, getting this kit is advantageous as it is composed of one hundred and forty-four items. Therefore, even if you do require a high number of pipettes at a time, you’ll be able to sterilize them and reuse them, especially as they have been constructed out of glass. Only the bulb has been made out of rubber.

The package contains twelve boxes that each contain twelve pipettes. The size of the glass tube is four inches and the dimension of the entire product is five inches in total.

If you’ve been looking for a set of dropping pipettes under forty dollars, maybe it’s high time you gave a chance to this one.


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2. Benz Microscope 3” 97-4301


2-3-glass-dropping-pipettesAs is the case with the previously described option, this pack contains one hundred and forty-four pipettes, as well. However, there is a major difference between these two suggestions, in that this one comes with items of which the glass tube measures just three inches instead of four.

Therefore, these pipettes are even smaller than the ones we’ve showcased earlier on, which means that they speak to the needs of professionals and amateur users who require smaller liquid handling devices. Unfortunately, there is no way of measuring the capacity of these pipettes as they do not offer the advantage provided by graduations.

Even so, this pack offers good value as it usually costs less than thirty dollars and does provide a decent number of usable pipettes. Perhaps DIY-ers and people interested in preparing homemade cosmetics may benefit from using these products, given that they are not particularly expensive and don’t risk ruining anyone’s budget.


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3. 12 Pack of Straight Tip 1ML Glass Calibrated Dropper


3-12-pack-of-straight-ezy-doseYet another noteworthy option is this Ezy Dose pack that contains only twelve pipettes but has managed to capture our attention for a specific reason.

This is one of the first packs that comes with pipettes that feature graduations, which basically means is that they give owners the freedom to measure the volume of the liquid they are dispersing over the samples.

Besides, the capacity of these pipettes is very clear, on the one hand because the graduations go up to 1 milliliter and on the other hand because the rubber top can retain only this much liquid for every use.

As is the case with the Benz Microscope alternatives we’ve described prior to this one, the Ezy Dose 12 EA is a pack composed of pipettes which have been constructed out of clear glass. As such, the shaft is see-through while the bulb is black and has been made of rubber.


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4. Ezy Dose 1 ML Calibrated Straight Tip Glass Dropper 69349


4-ezy-dose-025715693491Unlike the models we’ve showcased above, this is just one pipette that can be used for various applications and in both professional and personal situations.

In fact, the item has not been primarily designed to suit the requirements of lab professionals as it looks as if it is more intended for parents who would like to control the dispensing of liquid medication administered to their children on a regular basis.

The capacity of this pipette is 1 milliliter but it has been calibrated so there’s nothing stopping you from adjusting the volumes of the liquid depending on your requirements.

It’s worth pointing out that, given the fact that the item is also made of glass, it’s perfectly safe to use for children and cannot affect the nature of the medical substances they may need to take from one reason or the other. Perhaps this is why this unit has garnered some of the best dropping pipette reviews we’ve stumbled upon.


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5. Lucksender 10mL XD-59


5-lucksender-xd-59Compared to the previously mentioned pipettes, this one is considerably larger. Due to the fact that it has graduations on its glass shaft, the model can be used for dispersing accurate liquid volumes of up to 10 milliliters.

Because it has a significantly higher capacity, the pipette has a superior overall length as it measures 36.5 centimeters with the blue rubber bulb on.

The pack comes with two of these 10-milliliter graduated pipettes. In spite of the fact that the volume and the graduations increase the value offered by the pack, it costs just under thirteen dollars at most online retailers, and this is a bargain that’s rather hard to say no to, particularly when comparing it to the price of other pipette sets.

Buyers report that they received the droppers in a perfect condition and that they had been well-packaged enough to survive the shipping process.


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