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Best Bushnell trail camera

Last Updated: 08.06.23


Bushnell trail cameras – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best Bushnell trail camera but don’t know exactly which model to choose out of so many options, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many features you need to consider when choosing a camera, from resolution to motion sensors, battery life, video capabilities and so on. You probably don’t have the time to do a lot of research, so you can count on us to help you with your buying decision. We’ve looked at some of the most appreciated models on the market, and after comparing many products from this legendary brand, we’ve decided to recommend the Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP. This compact camera can shoot 8MP photos and videos of up to 60 seconds, it has a motion sensor with a 45-foot range, and it features a solid construction that is waterproof and long-lasting. In the unfortunate event that this camera is sold out, you might wish to consider the Bushnell Essential E2.



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With so many models appearing on the market every year, it can be quite tough to get the best Bushnell game camera for your specific needs. There are quite a few features to consider and balance to ensure the perfect buy. Here are a few things you might want to know before you decide on a model for your outdoor needs.

Resolution and how much you need

Most trail cameras for sale can shoot photos with a resolution between 8 and 20MP or megapixels. However, this high-resolution is usually interpolated, as cameras usually come with built-in sensors that have 2, 3, or 5-megapixel sensors. While higher pixel-count cameras have better interpolation algorithms, you can get perfectly-usable pics with an 8MP camera.

The best trail camera from Bushnell can have a 20MP resolution which is awesome, especially if you can afford it. However, you shouldn’t think that you need to buy the highest resolution camera you can find since there are other important features to look for.

In case you really want to squeeze as many pixels as you can from every shot, then getting one of the high-end models is an option. Otherwise, you can save money or go for a unit that offers other perks.

In case of video, you should know that a 2.1MP camera is already capable of shooting in Full HD mode, or in a resolution of 1920x1080p. Besides resolution, you might also want to pick a model that also offers sound in addition to video. You should also check the frame rate of the video –  the higher the fps, the better will the quality of the video.


Trigger speed and range

Besides having a high-resolution, a good Bushnell trail camera should also have a fast trigger speed. This is actually the amount of time that passes from the moment the camera detects movement and decides to trigger the shutter and the actual taking of a photograph. The lower the trigger time, the better.

You can find cameras that typically have trigger speeds from 0.2 to 0.5 to even 1 second. However, you don’t need to fork over hundreds of dollars on a model with a fast trigger speed unless you really need it. This could be helpful for fast animals so that you don’t get a blank frame or just half of an animal within the frame.

There is also the sensor range that you need to consider before buying a trail camera. Most cameras are equipped with PIR or passive infrared sensors that can detect movement from distances between 45 and 100 feet. The longer the range is, the lower the chances are of spooking the animal and possibly missing the shot.


Time lapse, delay, and storage

There are other features you might want in a trail camera. Time-lapse is a nice function which allows the camera to take multiple shots at specific time intervals. You can also set automatic delay intervals from a few seconds to 60 minutes.

The delay timer is also important for ensuring that you get proper shots of the game you’re trying to observe. If the camera activates the shutter as soon as the sensor detects movement, chances are that you’d get an incomplete or even a missed shot. You should get a model with a programmable delay function and learn to adjust it according to your needs.

You might also want to choose a model that allows you to store a lot of data on it. There are cameras that allow you to use up to 32GB SD cards, so you don’t have to go out on the field often to replace the memory cards.


5 Best Bushnell Trail Cameras (Reviews) in 2023


Finding the perfect trail camera to check your favorite hunting grounds can be a tough choice, especially considering the large offer on the market. The good news is that we’ve showcased the models that offer some of the niftiest features for the price, so you don’t have to read dozens of Bushnell trail camera reviews to buy the right one.


1. Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Standard Edition


The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a trail camera that can help you explore the hidden wildlife and take high-quality photos in 8MP resolution with vivid colors during the day and black and white in the dark. You also get video recording with sound for up to 60 seconds and the ability to store a lot of content on a SD card of up to 32GB.

Thanks to its 1-second trigger capability you get a snapshot of the animal as soon as the sensor detects it. The PIR sensor can detect movement from distances up to 45 feet during the day as well as during the night.

The 119436C comes with a rugged design and a waterproof exterior while also being able to function well at any temperatures between -5 and 140 degrees F. Its long battery life can keep it working for up to one year. With the adjustable belt and 1/4-20 socket you can mount it anywhere.


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2. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera


If you want to remotely monitor your favorite outdoor locations, then the Bushnell Essential E2 is an excellent choice. This 12MP camera can provide you with high-resolution images as well as 720p video so you get a remote pair of eyes both during the hunting season and outside it.

This camera features a PIR motion sensor that can detect movement at distances of up to 80 feet. With a single set of batteries you can get up to 1 year of functionality. The adjustable web belt and ¼-20 socket allows you to mount this little device just about anywhere.

You can program the trigger to intervals between 1 second and 60 minutes. You get a lightning-fast 0.3-second trigger speed and a mode that can capture between 1 and 3 pictures at a time. You can also program the video mode to record between 5 and 60 second clips.


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3. Bushnell Trophy HD Essential E3 Digital Camera


The E3 is a trail camera from Bushnell that comes with a 16MP resolution that can provide you with beautiful images of your favorite spots in full color during the day or elegant black and white during the night. You also get to shoot videos of up to 60 seconds and adjust the trigger interval for both photos and videos from 1 to 60 seconds for the perfect frames.

With the fast 0.3-second trigger speed, this camera ensures that you don’t get blank photos even when fast animals are passing by. The 100-foot range of the motion sensor can detect any movement, while the auto-exposure capability ensures a proper exposure of every single shot.

You can scout your outdoor spots for up to 12 months thanks to the long battery life and efficient energy consumption. The low-glow LEDs also offer high performance even in poorly lit environments without spooking wildlife.


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4. Bushnell 8MP Camo Trail Cam with Mounting Bracket


If you’re looking for an affordable trail camera, then the Bushnell Camo 8MP is surely a fine pick. This device can shoot pictures with a resolution of up to 3MP during the night with its low-light sensor, and 8MP photos during the day, via interpolation. You also get 30fps video capabilities as well as a 1-second trigger speed.

You can now observe your hunting spots and look for prospective game without having to be there. With its 12 low-light sensors and 30-foot flash range, you can obtain crisp and clear images even during poorly lit nights so you can check out the preferred trails or habits of deer and other wildlife.

You can set the trigger delay between 5 and 59 seconds or between 1 and 10 minutes so that you can adjust to the particular species and individuals you want to monitor. This unit comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation.


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5. Bushnell 20MP Trophy Cam Low Glow Trail Camera


The Bushnell Trophy 20MP is a high-end trail camera that can help you observe and monitor your favorite game. Its high-resolution offers sharp photos with amazing colors while its 36 low-glow sensors ensure quality photos even during the night.

The passive infrared motion sensor has an effective range of 100 feet, which means it can detect movement from afar and take photos without actually disturbing wildlife. Thanks to the ultra-fast 0.2-second trigger you will never miss a shot or get a blank picture. The 0.5-second recovery allows the camera to take multiple pictures in a short amount of time.

You can program the camera to take 1920x1080p videos of 5 to 60 seconds as well as to record sound. You can easily watch the high-resolution 20MP images on the 2.4-inch color display. This unit offers smooth performance in harsh environments and at temperatures ranging from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


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