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Best Affordable Trail Cameras in 2021 – Comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Top Affordable Trail Cameras this Year – Guide & comparative analysis


If you are scouring the market in hopes of finding the best affordable trail camera, but you don’t have the time to read all the info that we have prepared for you, this paragraph should help you get a good idea. After analyzing aspects such as overall brand quality and users’ feedback in regards to the products, we have concluded that the X-Lounger Game Trail Camera is the model that you should invest in. This product has a 0.5 seconds trigger speed, an 85 ft. day detection range and it comes fitted with 940nm Black IR LEDs for night time hunting. Moreover, the unit can work during periods of the year when the temperature varies from -4°to 140°F. If the X-Lounger Game Trail Camera is unavailable, you should consider the AUCEE Hunting Camera as it is an equally reliable unit that you might also enjoy using.



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Deciding on the best inexpensive trail camera is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you are a rookie in this line of products. To help you out, we have put together a short but generous list of features that you should consider before making an investment.

Flash and recovery time

According to many reviews of affordable trail cameras, one of the most important features that you should have in mind when shopping for a new unit is the flash. From this point of view, you can opt for infrared or incandescent models. Still LED cameras, no glow infrared units or red glow infrared devices are also available.

On the one hand, the infrared models that you can find online are capable of taking pictures without emitting a bright white flash, which is a significant advantage from the perspective of seasoned hunters and wildlife observers. However, these units only take black and white pictures that might not show a lot of detail.

On the other hand, incandescent devices are more similar to highly appreciated night vision monoculars, and they are known for depicting colored photos that help hunters get a good understanding of the game’s size and type. However, these models use flashlights in order to get a good image, which is a reason why many animals might get scared and run away.

Likewise, red glow units emit a faint red light when a photo is taken and produce clear pictures. Lastly, LED models can produce colored images no matter the time of day. Still, they are visible to others, and they might be stolen by those that notice them.

What is more, these various types of good cheap trail cameras have different recovery times. Therefore, while infrared models recover fast, and can take new pictures in a timely fashion, incandescent units might take a more extended period of time to do their job.


Detection zone and trigger time

Before you start going through the countless models that you can find up for sale, our advice to you is that you take some time to read about the product’s detection zone range and trigger time ratio.

Similarly to the FOV in birding binoculars, the detection zone of a unit lets you know just how far an object has to be for the camera to be triggered. This feature is measured in ft. Not all devices have the same detection zone. Still, you should settle for a device with at least 65 ft. Nevertheless, before you make a purchase, it might be best that you read what previous buyers have to say about a model’s capabilities as manufacturers are known for not being honest about the product’s features.

What is more, you should also spend some time considering the trigger time of the device. This term was coined to designate the period of time between when the product picks up the heat and/or the motion that is necessary to activate such a camera and the actual time when the picture is taken. It is best that you invest in a model that can do so in about/or less than a second.


Other crucial features

As you already know, any type of hunting device, including wildlife viewing binoculars, has to be lightweight. Although this is also true in the case of game cameras, it should not necessarily count as a deciding factor because you won’t have to actually keep the unit in your hands at all times.

Furthermore, just like some night vision binoculars, not all products that can be found online are very proficient. Still, it is recommendable that you read what others had to say about the product that you like and that you only make an informed decision.

Lastly, just like when acquiring a new thermal monocular for the money, you should make sure that the item that you order comes with a series of additional features that you might like. For instance, some units come provided with carrying cases and tree mounting straps.


5 Best Affordable Trail Cameras (Reviews) in 2021


If you are still unsure of what product to select, keep on reading this article. Below, we have put together a list of units that you should consider purchasing.


1. X-Lounger Wildlife Trail Camera Trap 1080P 


One of the most appreciated units in the market at the current time is the X-Lounger Game Trail. The model was developed in 2017, and it comes provided with a handful of features that you are bound to find attractive. For once, this camera can support a Wi-Fi connection, and it can be fitted with a memory card that has up to 32GB.

Moreover, the device can take 12 MP pictures and 1080P videos that depict rich details that you might find useful while out hunting. The unit’s trigger speed is of 0.5 seconds, and the camera also includes a 2.4 inch LCD screen that you can use to watch the already recorded videos/photos.

The product has a flash range of 65 ft. during the night and 85 ft. during the day. Likewise, a 90-degree detection angle that is quite wide is also one of the unit’s capabilities.



This trail camera has a lot of attractive features as it is a pretty new model made in 2017.

For more memory capacity, this camera can be fitted with memory cards up to 32 GB.

It also supports Wi-Fi connection so you can maneuver it easier.

The camera can capture most details while hunting as it takes 12 MP photos and 1080p videos.

You can watch the videos and pictures already recorded thanks to the 2.4-inch LCD screen.

Another very useful feature of this product is the wide 90-degree detection angle.

The flash range of this model is 85 feet during the day and 65 feet during the night.

The trigger speed of this camera is 0.5 seconds.



This camera is made more for daytime hunting even though it includes night features.

Some buyers complained about the night pictures as they are quite noisy.


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2. Hunting Camera TEC Bean 12MP 1080P Full HD Trail Camera


Another product that you should have in mind is the AUCEE Hunting Camera. This model has a resolution of 12 MP, and it can record 1080P videos that have outstanding clarity. This trail camera functions by using infrared technology, and it is well liked by previous buyers.

The device has a detection range of 65 ft. at night and it also features a convenient 2.4 LCD screen. This model is completely waterproof and, thus, it can be used in challenging weather conditions. You can use the model for both hunting and wildlife monitoring. The camera can take up to 3 pictures per trigger (the unit has a triggering speed of one second).

The product is covered by 18 months of warranty, and the seller supplies its buyers with excellent customer service. If you happen to have any problem with the device, feel free to contact the manufacturer.



One of the main features of this hunting camera is the infrared technology it uses.

It provides great clarity thanks to the resolution of 12 MP for photos and 1080p for videos.

The camera comes with a 2.4-inch LCD screen so you can watch the recorded videos immediately.

This product can be used in harsh weather conditions as it is waterproof.

It has an outstanding trigger speed of 1 second and it can capture up to 3 photos per trigger.

This item is great for both wildlife monitoring and hunting.

To prevent others from accessing your camera, it comes with password protection settings.

The shooting distance at night is about 65 feet and it doesn’t use a bright flash in this mode.



The picture quality is not as great as other models on the market.

When taking pictures, there is a click sound that can’t be turned off.


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3. Akaso 12MP Trail Camera Night Vision 1080P Hunting Camera


If you enjoy using hiking binoculars, chances are that you’ll love the AKASO 12MP Trail. This model has a 120-degree wide angle that can be used to capture plenty of images and a 2.4 LCD screen that is quite effective. Because the product is rated IP66,  it is safe to say that this device is both waterproof and dustproof.

The camera can capture 12MP pictures and 1080P videos (with sound) during the day and the night. The trigger distance for the infrared detection range of the model is of about 65 ft. The device is said to be effortless to install both in the comfort of your home and/or in wildlife.

Password protection, time lapse, temperature, date, time, a real-time reply of your videos, as well as other useful features are also included in the price of the unit. The model runs on 4 AA batteries, but you can use eight of them if you want the device to function for a more extended period of time.



The special thing about this trail camera is the wide angle of 120 degrees that captures a lot of surrounding details.

Its 2.4-inches LCD screen helps you review the captured photos or videos fast, without plugging the camera to a computer.

This device can withstand any weather condition as it is both dustproof and waterproof.

The camera provides 12MP pictures and 1080P videos with sound in both day and night mode.

Due to the infrared technology, the device’s detection range is 65 feet.

The installation process is very easy and it doesn’t take your time.

For your security, the camera can be password protected.

The camera works with 4 AA batteries but for a prolonged performance, you can use 8 batteries.



The buttons are a little bit hard to operate.

The flash is quite bright and you need to cover it with some tape if it’s not convenient in night mode.


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4. Distianert Trail Camera 16MP 1080P


Another popular product that current users seem to appreciate is the Distianert Trail Camera. This model shares, in part, the characteristics of a Moultrie trail camera, which is a reason why so many like it.

This unit comes supplied with the ability to take 12 MP photos and 1080P videos that have excellent quality and that any hunter will likely find practical. Moreover, the device has a 0.6 trigger time and a detection range of 80 ft. The LED lights that the model uses to take pictures in the dark have a flash range of 65 ft.

Last but not least, this unit is user-friendly, and it has very intuitive settings, a motive why both seasoned hunters and the novices can make use of it. Nonetheless, the product is highly durable, and it can also be mounted on a tripod for extra stability. The device is also waterproof.



This camera is very practical for any passionate hunter no matter what his or her level of experience is, as it has intuitive settings and it is user-friendly.

The camera has a great resolution as it takes 12 MP pictures and 1080P videos.

The 80-feet detection range is wide enough to capture important details for your hunt.

You can take pictures during the night thanks to the 65-feet flash range of the LED lights.

For more protection, the product is waterproof to withstand any weather conditions, having also a durable construction.

For added stability, you can mount the device on a tripod.

When there is no movement detected, the camera switches to a state of energy saving to preserve its power.



The device doesn’t come with a remote to turn it off when you want to approach it without taking a raft of pictures.

This camera is not rechargeable but you can use rechargeable batteries.


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5. Enkeeo PH730S Trail Camera 1080P 12MP HD


We couldn’t have ended this list without mentioning the ENKEEO PH730S Trail. This device has a 12 MP camera that offers its users the ability to shoot 1080P videos that can truly capture wildlife. The product has a trigger time of 0.2-0.6 seconds and a broad 120-degree detection angle. This way, you can be sure that you’ll catch all the action!

Similarly to the already disused products, this item comes provided with night time vision. In fact, the model comes fitted with 850nm black low glow IR LEDs that are said not to scare the animals. Moreover, the unit includes a vision range of 65 ft.

The product performs well under any circumstances, and it has been described as user-friendly. Besides, this device can support no less than two modes of time lapse. To use it, you have to fit it with 4 AA batteries that you have to purchase separately.



If you are looking for a trail camera that doesn’t scare the animals while hunting, this is a great choice as this model comes with black low glow IR LEDs.

The 12 MP camera offers you quality photos and 1080P videos to have a great hunting experience.

It has a wide detection angle of 120 degrees to capture as many details as possible.

The trigger time is about 0.2-0.6 seconds so it captures any moving creature immediately.

It can capture images over a distance of 65 feet.

This user-friendly device works with 4 AA batteries.

The device also captures high-quality sounds while filming.

For a clear understanding of the product, it comes with an instruction manual.



The batteries are not included so you have to buy them separately.

Some customers complained about the quality of the pictures at night as being poor.


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