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AmScope M150C/M150C-I Biological Compound Microscope Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


This AmScope model is an optical microscope with a magnification range from 40X to 1000X.

It comes equipped with a LED illumination system that can be powered either by using batteries or by relying on an outlet, considering that the adapter is provided in the box. What’s worth mentioning about the lighting is that it is only at the bottom and therefore, can illuminate the specimen from beneath.

All of the optical elements used in the build of this model have been constructed out of glass, and a single-lens condenser with disc diaphragm is an integrated part.

Due to the fact that it has been outfitted with a 360-degree rotatable monocular head, this unit makes an excellent choice for educational purposes.

The framework has been constructed out of metal, which adds to the overall durability of the product.


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In-depth information


Whether you’re looking to invest in a cutting-edge microscope or just a budget-friendly option, the feature that matters the most when prospecting the market for such a product consists of its magnification capabilities. This particular device allows owners to utilize settings ranging from 40X to 1000X, therefore making it possible for buyers to take advantage of its versatility. In other words, there won’t be anything stopping users from seeing both cells and coins and larger items with the same clarity.

While an illumination system is a must-have nowadays, there are several models that still don’t feature it. Thanks to the lighting integrated into this AmScope microscope, you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to glance at crystal clear images of your specimens. Despite the fact that the unit is not outfitted with a dual illumination system, the bottom one still does the trick under most circumstances.

As for the quality of construction, there’s no denying that the engineers at AmScope have put a lot of effort in designing this product. All of its optics are made of glass, and so they won’t be damaged in the long run. Besides, the frame is all-metal, which means that it will withstand the test of time, even if children or students are clumsy when operating the microscope.

In addition to all of this, the monocular head can be rotated in such a way so that you can show to somebody else what you’re looking at without having to stand up from your chair. Therefore, this affordable alternative is a good choice for teachers and other people involved in educational fields as it will allow them to better explain to their students the insights of microscopic life.


Known issues

From what we have gathered by going through the rating system made available by several online retail websites, most of the people who have chosen this option are pleased with their decision. Nonetheless, there have been owners who pointed out that they would’ve liked it if the unit had come with several slides so that they wouldn’t have had to buy them separately.


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