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AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21

Main technical features


This model is a two-in-one type of product, as it is both a hygrometer and a thermometer, giving you essential information on the climate in your home.

Its range for temperature goes from -4F to 158F (which is -20C to 70C), while the humidity levels are calculated between 1% and 99%.

You will get some vital information when you’re reading the display, such as all the highs and lows over a 24-hour period; you can also get the same info for all-time usage.

The mountable options are a great selling point, as the model can be mounted on metallic surfaces, due to the magnet included in the back, as well as on any wall. If you desire, you can use it as a tabletop model.

Its excellent accuracy recommends it, and the fact that the values are updated every 10 seconds says something about the overall quality of the product.


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In-depth information


When you purchase a hygrometer, you want precise readings. The same thing goes for a thermometer, and this unit excels in both areas. If you decide to invest in this model, you will get accurate readings all the time for both temperature and humidity levels so that you can choose whether or not you should crank up the heater or the air conditioner, depending on environmental conditions. With an error of just half of a degree for the thermometer part of things, and 2% for humidity, this unit is precise and an excellent addition to any household.

Another thing that will be to your liking in case you like to fiddle with electronics, in general, is that you can use the calibration feature of this unit to get even more accurate readings. This can be done manually, and you will see that the instructions manual that comes with your purchase can guide you through the process with great ease. The reward is that you will be able to increase the accuracy of your unit even more.

The available mounting alternatives offered increase the appeal of this model. You cannot go wrong with a model that can be used to sit in an upright position on a flat surface, like any tabletop model, and that can also be mounted on any vertical surface, be it a wall or an appliance, such as your refrigerator.

Besides offering you essential information on the levels of humidity in your home, the unit will tell you whether the said value is too high, too low, or just perfect. Achieving the ideal climate in your home is no easy feat, and that is why it is essential that you find the perfect balance. This unit will help you in this endeavor.

Known Issues


Some buyers consider the way the highs and lows are displayed to be a bit too cumbersome for the information on the screen, and they say they could live without it. However, this is a matter of preference since other people may like to have access to such details.


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