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AcuRite 01080 Pro Accuracy Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21

Main technical features


You will have no issues reading the information displayed by this hygrometer that also serves as a thermometer to help you gauge the conditions in your home at any given moment.

Another thing buyers appreciate in this model is the excellent accuracy, as you will get an error of only half a degree for temperature, and 2% for humidity.

Users like that this unit updates its information every 10 seconds, to provide the most accurate readings all the time.

You may enjoy the fact that there is an alarm feature that notifies you when the humidity becomes too high or drops too low; the comfort indicator at the top of the screen will offer you the information you seek at a glance.

Buyers receive a 1-year warranty and also professional support from the team at AcuRite.


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In-depth information


Maintaining a suitable living space in your home can be challenging, as you might not be able to tell the temperature or the humidity levels without a proper measuring tool. This hygrometer that is also a thermometer will show you the information you need to adjust the living conditions in your household.

One thing that this model has that others don’t is the alarm feature. When the humidity levels drop too low or become too high, you will be notified, and thus, you will be able to choose the measures to take so that you can bring the air humidity back to standard. It is crucial that the hygrometer you use is precise and that is exactly what this unit provides. Due to its high sensitivity sensor, it will show you accurate values, eliminating all the guessing work.

Convenience is essential for a measuring tool like this one. It serves to know that the unit is compact and it is also easy to mount on any surface you might choose. For instance, you can install it on your fridge as the magnetic surface at the back allows this. Because it is so small, you will have no issue finding a place for it, on your nightstand, or a table. The mounting alternatives available also include a wall mounting feature. As you can see, no matter what decision you make, you will be able to place the hygrometer where you want it to be.

When you use a hygrometer and a thermometer, you want your unit to provide up-to-date details. Rest assured that this model satisfies this need, as it updates the information provided every 10 seconds. Together with the professional accuracy provided, the AcuRite 01080 Pro Accuracy satisfies even the most demanding users, and it helps you maintain proper living conditions in your home.

Known Issues


The display could have come equipped with a larger screen, according to some users who complain that they do not find it easy to read.

Others report that they are not thrilled with the calibration feature that they do not find particularly helpful.


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