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Best UV sterilizers for saltwater aquarium in 2021 – Comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Top UV Sterilizers for Saltwater Aquarium This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you’re not sure where you can find the best UV sterilizer for saltwater aquarium, maybe our thoroughly documented research can be of some help. First of all, you can either spend your time reading countless UV sterilizer for saltwater aquarium reviews or you can quickly browse through the suggestions presented in our buying guide and get all the information you need. Our findings show that the first item you should consider is the New Unbrand Adjustable Pump, due to its many useful functions. It’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, and it can clean up to 150 gallons at a time. What’s more, a 13 Watt UV light is included, so there’s no need to worry about additional purchases. Should this product be unavailable, you should definitely try the SUN Adjustable Pump instead, as it would make for a great second choice.


Among the many items currently available for sale, it can be fairly difficult to find a UV sterilizer that works fine, which has a decent price tag and manages to fulfill all your requirements and expectations. Luckily for you, we’ve got many pieces of advice to share in your buying guide and we’re here to help you make the best decision. If you’re in the market for UV sterilizers, you might want to consider researching articles on similar topics such as a reliable autoclave sterilizer or a great lab glassware washing machine.


When looking to buy a sterilizer, the first thing you need to consider is the total volume of water that you wish to clean in one cycle. If you’re a businessman and you need this device for professional purposes, your best bet is to think big and get one that’s suited for this type of activity, despite the fact that it might be slightly pricier.

However, if you’re merely an aquarium owner and want to make sure that your fish live in a healthy and safe environment, a smaller device might do the job just fine. Stick to one that can filter the entire volume of your fish tank in one cycle, because that’s probably the easiest alternative that you have.

The usual size varies somewhere between 50 and 150 gallons of water in one cleaning cycle, but you can adapt these measurements to your particular situation. It’s also crucial to make sure that the device that you end up buying is suitable for the type of water that you use, be it freshwater or saltwater as is the case for most of the items featured in this guide.

While we’re on the topic of liquid handling, in order to make sure the water has the perfect chemical composition, make sure you check out our articles on high-quality dropping pipettes or reliable electronic pipettors.


Design specifications

In order for you to make the most of your choice, you need to make sure that you carefully read the product description file and that you consider all the information delivered to you by the brand which manufactured the product.

For example, it’s important to pay attention to details such as maximum water flow or features such as the UV light included, its power and extra accessories that might be included or that you might need to purchase. The usual UV light varies somewhere in between 7 and 9 watts.

The filtration system needs to be carefully designed and it needs to meet all your expectations, so make sure you don’t forsake quality for a lower price because, in the long run, you’ll regret the choice you have made.


Extra features to consider

In order for a product to be suitable for any type of user, the instructions need to be clear and straightforward and last but not least, it needs to be easy to use. Avoid complicated systems if you’re not used to them and stick to simple methods of operating the cleaning device such as a one pump prime button.

An optional tool that might prove to be useful under many circumstances is an adjustable water flow regulating nozzle, that will give you full control over the volume you get to clean in one cycle, allowing for better rationalization of your resources.

Last but not least, make sure that you carefully consider your requirements before setting off to buy a new UV sterilizer, because it’s a matter of safety and health for the inhabitants of your aquarium and we’re sure you don’t want to put their lives at risk



5 Best UV Sterilizers for Saltwater Aquarium (Reviews) in 2021


When looking for a good UV sterilizer for saltwater aquariums, the best choice you have is to get some inspiration from the products that are most appreciated by the customers. Luckily for you, we’ve showcased a collection of our favorite items below, in order to offer useful information on what features to consider when making a choice.



1. Sun UV Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter Aquarium


A cheap but reliable alternative from New Unbrand, this model manages to offer many useful characteristics within a reasonable price range. For example, it’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater and it uses an 8-watt water pump that’s built into the design.

A 13 watt UV light is also included in order to aid the sterilizing process. For better efficiency, the device comes with an optional adjustable water flow regulating nozzle. This way you will be able to control the volume of water that you choose to sterilize at a time.

In terms of capacity, this sterilizer can fit up to 150 gallons of water in one cleaning process, meaning it can be efficient for sterilizing large amounts given its impressive capacity. By using UV control, it kills all harmful microorganisms and free-floating algae and turns your aquarium into a safe living space.


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2. Sunsun Uv Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter Aquarium


This similarly priced option offered by SUN manages to clean up to 50-150 gallons of water in one cycle, meaning it’s more than efficient in cleaning a large size aquarium in just one process. Its maximum flow is of 210 GPH or 800L/H, with an H-max of 2 feet.

It works using a built-in 8 watt water pump and a 9 watt UV light that helps disinfect the water and kills all the harmful microorganisms and algae that might inhabit the environment of your pet fish. The water is left clean and sterilized, ready to be your pet’s new home.

In order for the customers to have more ease of use, the device comes with an optional adjustable water flow regulating nozzle, which makes it easier to decide exactly the volume of water that you will be cleaning. It works for both freshwater and saltwater, but it’s important to mention that the UV sterilizer does not come with bio-chem cotton.


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3. AquaTop UV Canister Filter with UV Sterilizer


A much more pricey but definitely more reliable option, this device from AquaTop is the choice to consider in terms of UV sterilizers. It features a multi-stage filtration system using built-in UV lights to kill all the unwelcome microorganisms and bacteria living in the fish tank.

It’s suitable for medium sized tanks, being able to sterilize up to 60-90 gallons of water at a time. It can be used for larger models as well, but it will take a longer amount of time to get the job done. However, it works for both freshwater and saltwater environments just as fine.

The device includes a 7-watt UV lamp that helps disinfect the water and a patent-pending one-pump prime button for ease of use. This way you won’t have to worry about complicated instructions and you’ll get the job done in no time at all.


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4. Aqua UV Wiper Sterilizer


A much more professional alternative, this Aqua Ultraviolet model is basically a freshwater sterilizer that can clean up to 500-1200 gallons at a time, which makes it more suitable for extremely large volumes of water, perhaps for industrial purposes. Its flow rate is as high as 1200 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2SUP.

It incorporates both a freshwater clarifier that filters up to 4000 gallons in one cycle and is best used for tending to water gardens, and a saltwater sterilizer that can filter up to 150 gallons at a time, at a flow rate of 400 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2SUP.

The device roughly measures 26.25” x 4” x 2.5”, and it includes an inlet of ¾” barb or FPT and an outlet of ¾” barb or FPT. Given its high price tag, this is an alternative best used for professional or industrial purposes.


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5. Jeboa UV Clarifier Sterilizer for Koi Fish Pond


This model has a flow rate of 4400 gph, and is suitable for ponds up to 8000 gallons or aquariums up to 400 gallons. It delivers satisfying results in both circumstances and manages to turn the water into a safe living environment for the inhabitants.

It roughly measures ¾” x 1” x1-¼” & 1-½”, and it comes with a 22 feet cord and sealed plug that’s included in the packaging, in order for you to avoid unpleasant additional purchases and to have everything that’s needed to use the device right out of the delivery box.

The packaging also includes a 4-pin 36 watts UV lamp, fixing brackets and a holder for the UVC light bulb, in order for the cleaning process to become easy to perform by any type of customer. An instruction manual is added to cast aside any misunderstandings that might occur.


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