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10 Best Bow Sights Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 27.02.24


Best Bow Sight Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Using quality gear when hunting has a direct and significant impact on the results of your session and if you’re on the lookout for the best bow sights to up your experience, this short paragraph might be of help. Browsing the many products available for sale might take time and, to simplify your shopping session, we have examined some of the most popular items in this line and concluded that the first model to consider is the Trophy Ridge React Pro 5. The unit is not only durable due to the stainless steel and aluminum used for its construction but also easy to use and extremely accurate. It takes just two pin adjustments to benefit from remarkable accuracy at any distance. Moreover, the item is lightweight and packed with exclusive React technology. In case this product is currently out of stock, another unit worth considering is the Trophy Ridge 5-Pin Bow Sight.



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10 Best Bow Sights (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the best hunting bow sights for your needs might turn out to be a time-consuming process, considering the many products available these days. If you don’t have too much time at disposal, this list of bow sights reviews might be of help.



1. Trophy Ridge React Pro 5


Featuring premium specs and the exclusive React technology, this bow sight is bound to take accuracy to a whole new level and serve your needs for a long time. Durability is ensured by the aluminum and stainless steel used for the construction of this unit and ease of use by the thoughtful design and remarkable features.

Available in .010” and .019” pin sizes, the unit comes with ultra-bright fiber optic yardage indicators that ensure visibility even in less favorable environmental conditions. Thanks to the second and third axis adjustments you can make, you can strengthen the accuracy even at severe angles and at any distance.

Furthermore, the windage and elevation adjustments will enable you to make the necessary corrections in no time. Despite the materials used for its build, the item is lightweight and packed with a variety of features that will help you use it with ease even in low-light conditions.



Built with the exclusive React technology and quality materials, this model is an option you might want to consider if you’re interested in enhanced accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

To make sure you know where your arrow is pointed, the product features the React technology and several other specs that will help you achieve high accuracy at any distance.

Ease of use is another benefit you will get with this item as it takes only two pin adjustments to strengthen the accuracy at severe angles.

Thanks to the ultra-bright optic fiber pins, you will enjoy great visibility even in low-light or changing environmental conditions.

The product is available in .010” and .019” pin sizes and comes in models suitable for left- and right-handed use.



The plastic knobs featured to unlock and move the sight and the brackets used to keep the fiber optics in place might not be that durable.

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2. Trophy Ridge H5 5-Pin Bow Sight


High accuracy, ease of operation, and durability are the benefits you get to enjoy with this bow sight. The product was built to ensure speed and accuracy and, therefore, is equipped with the innovative React technology and premium specs that will significantly contribute to the success of your hunting sessions.

One such feature is the Ballistix Copolymer System featured, a spec that makes it possible for the unit to reduce vibration yet still remain lightweight and provide strength. Rest assured that you can employ this bow sight even when it’s dark as the item boasts a rheostat light that will enable you to adjust brightness.

Making the corrections needed to enhance your experience is further simplified by the advanced windage and elevation adjustments featured. The dual-axis adjustment system is easy to use, so you can strengthen accuracy in no time. The product is available for right- and left-handed use.



Boasting quality materials, advanced technology, and a design that ensures ease of use, this bow sight model should not be ignored before you make your final decision.

Due to the exclusive React technology featured, your hunting sessions will be paired with speed and high accuracy.

The product can be employed even in low-light conditions as it is equipped with a rheostat light that will help you make the required brightness adjustments.

Furthermore, thanks to the dual-axis adjustment and windage and elevation adjustment systems, you can easily make the necessary corrections to strengthen the accuracy and meet your particular needs.

The 5-pin bow sight also features Ballistix Copolymer System for vibration reduction and is available in models that can be used by left- and right-handed people alike.



The light might go on and off and even break after short use; however, replacing it when that happens shouldn’t cost much.

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3. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical


When it comes to bow sights, precision is highly important and this model from Trophy Ridge stands out for delivering high accuracy. It thus comes paired with a few specs that will help you aim at your target with increased precision and a design that makes it easy to use.

The vertical pin will allow you to dial-in the yardage required for your specific settings and make highly-precise adjustments easily. Keeping your operation silent is of utmost importance when hunting and, therefore, the item comes with Delrin bushings, so you can make the required adjustments silently.

What’s more, the rheostat light enables you to employ the bow sight even when it gets dark and the way this unit was designed ensures an unobstructed view of your target. The aluminum used promises to last and the item comes in two models for both left- and right-handed users.



The bow sight is designed to ensure easy and silent operation as well as high accuracy; therefore, it is ideal if you want to up your experience and make sure your hunting sessions end successfully.

Due to the vertical pin, you will be able to easily dial-in the yardage needed for your specific settings and make precise adjustments; what’s more, the vertical pin design ensures a clear view of your target.

Since silence is essential when hunting, the unit sports Delrin bushings, so you can make the needed adjustments quietly.

Thanks to the rheostat light, you can adjust the brightness to suit your specific settings; furthermore, the glow-in-the-dark ring ensures visibility even in low-light conditions.

No need to worry if you’re a left- or right-handed person as the product comes in two models to meet both needs.



The screw on the slider might scratch off the finish on the riser you use if you back it out too much.

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4. Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pins


If you want a bow sight that will help you aim at your target with increased precision and get an unobstructed view of it, this vertical pin model is worth adding to your list of options. Featuring various systems that will allow you to make adjustments to suit your hunting conditions perfectly, the unit is silent and easy to use.

The vertical in-line pin technology enables a clear view of your target whereas the ultra-bright fiber optic pins, rheostat light, and glow-in-the-dark light ensure visibility even in low-light conditions. You can adjust the brightness to meet your specific visibility conditions and make windage and elevation adjustments effortlessly.

Thanks to the aluminum used for its construction, the unit is not only durable but also much lighter than other products in this category. It is built to reduce vibration and ensure comfortable use. This model is available in designs that will meet the needs of both left- and right-handed people.



A bow sight is meant to increase your chances of success when hunting and this model is bound to help you do that easily, silently, and comfortably.

The unit boasts the vertical in-line pin technology that will not only make it easier for you to narrow in on your target but will also provide you with a clear view of it.

Using the bow sight even when it gets darker is possible thanks to the ultra-bright fiber optic pins, the glow-in-the-dark light, and the rheostat light.

Due to the aluminum used for its construction, the item can be employed for a long time; it also ensures comfortable use as it is soft to the touch.

Furthermore, the item comes in two models to suit the needs of left- and right-handed users.



Even if this bow sight model is lighter than other items in this category, it still might be a bit heavy.

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5. IQ Compound Bow Sight Retina Lock


In case you’re interested in compound bow sights, this model might be cut out for you as it is packed with a durable and easy-to-use design as well as specs that will make sure you get the precision required for successful hunting.

One of the features that render this unit outstanding is the Retina Lock Technology used, an addition that will provide you with instant feedback when even the slightest anchor point or torque change is identified. Adjusting elevation and windage to an exact position is an easy task due to the micro-adjust knobs featured.

The second axis is adjustable to further help you personalize the operation according to your needs. Thanks to the dual position mount, you can find the right position for your hunting style. The product is available in models with three, five, or seven pins as well as designs that can be used by left- and right-handed people.



If you’re on the lookout for a bow sight that ensures easy operation and high accuracy even over long distances, this model comes equipped with the needed features to deliver such benefits.

The compound bow sight boasts the Retina Lock Technology that will identify torque and anchor point changes, so you can pursue your goal successfully.

The unit was built with ease of use in mind and, thus, sports micro-adjust knobs for elevation and windage adjustments as well as an adjustable second axis.

Mounting the sight according to your style and needs is simplified due to the dual position mount.

The product is available in various versions featuring three, five, and even seven pins as well as designs that allow for left- and right-handed operation.



Given the materials used for its construction, the bow sight might not be as silent as desired.

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6. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight


What you get with this model includes high accuracy, personalized operation, and a durable construction that will keep up with many hunting sessions. The unit was carefully built with quality materials to ensure such results and comes packed with a variety of noteworthy features.

The bright fiber optic pins ensure high visibility even when you employ the unit in low-light conditions. Moreover, the rheostat light enables you to adjust the brightness to suit your hunting conditions and the sight has a green hood accent ring to maintain visibility in low light.

Strengthening accuracy over long distances is easier thanks to the adjustable second-axis featured. Windage and elevation adjustment is also available, which further contributes to the personalized operation ensured by this model. The item comes in three versions with three, five, or seven pins, so you can easily find the one that best meets your needs.



Packed with specs that ensure high accuracy and comfortable use, this bow sight is bound to elevate your experience and last.

It can be employed in various light conditions thanks to the bright fiber optic pins and green hood accent ring featured; what’s more, the rheostat light will help you maintain visibility in low and changing light environments.

The adjustable second axis will enable you to strengthen accuracy according to your needs and light conditions.

Sight operation is further simplified by the tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustment system; what’s more, this system will help you customize the results delivered and thus meet your specific requirements.

Thanks to the three sight versions available, you can easily identify the one that best covers your needs; you will find this model with three, five, or seven pins.



The unit is designed for right-handed use and might be a better option for casual users.

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7. Trophy Ridge AS845 V5


Offering a clear view of your target and high precision, this bow sight is an option you might want to try before you make your final decision. It features React technology and vertical in-line pins, so you can enjoy ultimate accuracy and view your target unobstructedly.

The way the windage and elevation adjustment system was designed will enable you to make the necessary corrections easily. Rest assured that you can employ the sight even when it gets dark and still maintain visibility as the unit comes with ultra-bright fiber optic pins and a glow-in-the-dark ring.

Also, it boasts a rheostat light that you can use to adjust the brightness to perfectly meet your hunting environment. Another feature worth mentioning is the Ballistix Copolymer System used for this sight. It renders the item durable yet lighter than other models in this category. Vibration is reduced due to this choice of materials and design.



Durable yet lightweight, this bow sight is built in such a way to make it easy for you to view your target and get the required precision to aim perfectly.

Thanks to the Ballistix Copolymer System featured, you will get a product that is durable yet that won’t add weight to your bow; moreover, it ensures vibration reduction.

The vertical in-line pins and React technology promise to provide users with high accuracy as well as an unobstructed view of the target.

High visibility even when using the item in low-light conditions is ensured by the glow-in-the-dark ring and the ultra-bright fiber optic pins; also, the rheostat light will help you make the required brightness adjustments.

Windage and elevation adjustments can be made with ease due to the way the item was designed.



The product does not come with instructions and first users might find it a bit difficult to use it properly.

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8. TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight


Since the success of one’s archery session depends on a variety of factors including the gear employed, this bow sight was built to make sure it can only elevate your experience and do so for a long time. The aluminum and carbon composite used for the bow sight construction render the unit not only durable but also lightweight.

Thanks to the Decreasing Diameter Pin design, the item promises to deliver high accuracy even at longer ranges. The Tru Lite Pro rotary light employed will enable you to use the bow sight even when dark settles in whereas the Maxamount bracket makes it possible for you to install the item in various positions according to your needs.

To further increase and maintain visibility in low-light conditions, the item boasts a glow-in-the-dark ring. The extra-long fibers ensure maximum brightness and the coating employed makes the product soft to the touch.



Featuring an aluminum and carbon composite build, this bow sight is bound to keep up with extended use while still being lightweight.

The Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP) design ensures high accuracy even when you use the product for longer ranges.

Due to the Maxamount bracket used, you can install the item in multiple positions to meet your shooting style.

The extra-long fibers deliver maximum brightness whereas the rotary light will help you enjoy high visibility even when it gets dark; the item also features a glow-in-the-dark ring.

To ensure comfortable use, the bow sight is not only lightweight but also soft to the touch thanks to the technical coating used.

Making windage and elevation adjustments is easy and the item can be adjusted for right- and left-handed shooters.



The pins used for this model might be a bit small and the light might pose some issues at times.

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9. Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin


Whether you’re a left- or right-handed archer, this bow sight will help you get your next session one step closer to ending successfully thanks to the features it comes with and its reversible design. To ensure high accuracy, the product sports four ultra-bright .019” horizontal pins; however, it is also available with three pins.

Due to the precision bubble level featured, you can easily align shots and do so properly. What’s more, adjusting the pins, windage, and elevation levels can be done effortlessly as well. The rheostat light enables you to adjust brightness whereas the green hood accent ring maintains visibility in low-light environments.

The multiple mounting holes enable the user to mount the unit in various positions whereas the reversible design provides both left- and right-handed archers with easy and comfortable use. The materials used promise to withstand the test of time.



Thanks to the technology and materials used, you can employ this bow to take your archery experience one level higher and do so for a long time.

The sight has four ultra-bright .019” horizontal pins that can be easily adjusted and that will help you carry out your activity even when it gets dark.

Adjusting brightness, windage, and elevation is also an easy operation thanks to the way the item was designed.

Since archers may have different shooting styles, the sight comes with multiple mounting holes to ensure various mounting positions.

The unit has a reversible design and can be employed by both left- and right-handed archers; moreover, it is available in models with three and four pins.

The green hood accent ring will further help you maintain good visibility when shooting in low-light conditions.



The unit comes with a plastic guard around the pins and this part might vibrate and get a bit noisy.

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10. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin


Whether you’re new to bow shooting or you’ve done this before, this is a bow sight you might want to take into account as it was built to up your experience and help you aim with great precision. The unit boasts five ultra-bright .019” horizontal pins that ensure great visibility and that can be easily adjusted thanks to the system and markings featured.

Enhanced visibility is ensured by the green accent ring, fiber optic pins, and rheostat light; you can thus use the item even in low-light settings. The Ballistix Copolymer construction ensures durability and vibration reduction while keeping the unit lightweight.

The mounting holes make this unit a versatile model that can be mounted in different positions. Moreover, the bow sight has a reversible design, which means you can employ it whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. Adjusting the windage and elevation levels according to your needs is also an effortless task.



Suitable for both left- and right-handed archers, this bow sight is committed to lasting and ensuring high accuracy.

It has five ultra-bright .019” horizontal pins you can easily adjust thanks to the markings and adjustment mechanism featured; they ensure remarkable visibility even if you decide to use the sight when it gets dark.

The item was designed to ensure ease of operation and, therefore, comes with a user-friendly windage and elevation adjustment system.

What makes this product durable yet lightweight and soft to the touch is the Ballistix Copolymer and coating employed.

The item has a reversible design that enables right/left-hand use as well as holes that allow for different mounting positions.

Visibility and brightness are further ensured by the rheostat light and green accent ring featured.



The sight bracket featured might not be that durable and the light might go on and off at times.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Using the right gear when bow shooting holds great importance as far as the results achieved are concerned. From the way the products you use are designed to the materials employed for their construction, everything counts. The bow sights you use for your archery sessions significantly contribute to your experience and how your hunting ends.

If you’re new to bow hunting sights and you need a bit of guidance, the features highlighted below will help you find the items that best meet your needs with greater ease.

Types of sights and number of pins

When in the market for affordable bow sights, whether they’re long range bow sights or models for casual shooters, you need to consider the number of pins featured. You will find single-pin and multi-pin bow sights and choosing between the different types available is a matter of personal hunting goals and shooting style.

The ones featuring a single aiming pin come with dials that will enable you to adjust the pin according to the distance your hunting setting involves. The multi-pin sights have three, five, or even seven pins that are individually adjusted for specific distances; therefore, each pin is employed to aim at a given distance.

For example, if you choose a three-pin bow sight, then you can use one of the pins to accurately aim at a yardage of 20 yards, another one to aim at 30 yards, and the third one to aim at 40 yards. Both types come with ups and downs.

While single-pin sights are preferred for their ease of use and providing a clearer view of the target, the ones boasting various pins can save you time when out there. Make sure that, no matter the type you go for, it ensures ease of pin adjustment.


Durability and materials used

Even if your budget limits you to buying cheap bow sights, you should still consider the materials used for the construction of the model you’ve set your eyes on. Metal is ideal as it provides durability. Aluminum and stainless steel models are appreciated for keeping up with extended use.

Regardless of the materials employed, it is best if the bow sight does not add weight to your bow set. Thankfully, you can now find sights that are durable yet lightweight. Another feature you need to consider is how silent the sight is. When you have metal-to-metal contact, it is likely for the sight to get a bit noisy, which might affect your hunting efficiency.


Visibility and mounting positions

If you intend to shoot even in low-light conditions, getting a bow sight that ensures high visibility in the dark is essential. Many bow sights available for sale these days come with fiber optic pins that will make it possible and easier for you to continue your hunting session even when the light conditions change and night settles in.

A rheostat light that allows you to adjust brightness and a bright shooter’s ring are also nice features to have as they will improve your experience in unfavorable light settings. Don’t overlook the mounting positions ensured by a specific model. It is best to get an item that allows for multiple mounting positions if you’re a more versatile shooter.

Consider if you’re a left-handed or a right-handed archer before purchasing. Reading a bow sights review might also help.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are bow sights universal?

To know if a bow sight is universal for left and right-hand users, you should check the product’s features before buying it. Many of them are indeed universal and boast a reversible design that can easily be converted to meet the needs of both left and right-hand archers.

However, if you don’t see this specification mentioned in the product’s description, it is best not to assume that it works both ways and get it as you might be unpleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn’t.

Also, if you’re left-handed, make sure you get a bow sight from a trusted brand. Getting one from a generic company where quality control might not be given too much consideration unfortunately increases your chances of purchasing a sight with unsatisfying accuracy. When it comes to bow sights and hand orientation, you can’t simply flip a left-handed unit for right-hand use.

Q: How many pins should a bow sight have?

Bow sights are divided into two main categories based on the number of pins featured: single-pin and multi-pin sights. Each of these two types comes with advantages and disadvantages and choosing between them is a matter of preference. If you want to set pins to several yards, then a sight featuring three, five, or even seven pins is recommended.

Such a model will help you focus on your game instead of spending time readjusting the pin every time you change the yardage. With a single-pin sight, things get a bit complicated as you will have to adjust the pin on the fly.

If you’re an experienced archer, that might not be a problem, yet if you’re new to this, it is best to practice before employing the sight for a real hunting session. Practicing is essential even if you use a multi-pin sight as beginners might easily choose the wrong pin when aiming.


Q: How do bow sights work?

Bow sights are devices designed to be mounted on the riser of an archer’s bow and to help the shooter aim at the target of interested with great accuracy. Such a unit will tell you where your arrow is pointed.

Although the mechanism behind the various models available for sale is the same, some units come with different features that involve different steps when using them. For example, a fixed-pin sight with three pins is one of the simplest bow sights available.

The pins can be set for various distances with the top pin being used for the shortest distance and the lower ones for the longest distances. Once the sight pins are set, they remain fixed during use.

A movable single-pin sight requires you to adjust the pin before each shot. No matter the sight type you go for, it will make it easier for you to aim at your target with high accuracy.



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