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7 Best IQ Bow Sights – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 15.07.24


Top IQ Bow Sights – Guide & Comparison


Interested in finding the best IQ bow sight available at the moment? We have here all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our researchers concluded that the IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight is the model you should pick from the crowd as the winner, due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received so far, as well as the high number of sales and other indicators. First of all, this model comes equipped with the innovative Retina Lock technology that will help you increase your accuracy and shoot at lengthier distances. For windage and elevation, you have easy to use adjustment knobs and clear markings at your disposal. Due to the dual position mount, you will be able to adjust the bow sight to your particular shooting style. In case you can’t find this model anymore, the IQ Ultralite 5 Pin Bow Sight is another model we highly recommend.



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7 Best IQ Bow Sights (Updated Reviews) in 2024



As you may know, there are plenty of IQ bow sights, and they all seem to enjoy a lot of popularity due to their outstanding performance. However, if you want to pick only one, you will find it easier to make a choice if you consult the list below.



1. IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight


If you are looking for an IQ bow sight 5 pin configuration, you will find this model to be ideal for your needs. First of all, it has the well-known Retina Lock technology in place, which means that this bow sight will work wonders for your precision. Because it is capable of providing you with immediate feedback, if you modify your position, you will be able to correct it and gain superior accuracy.

Many archers like the convenience of being able to adjust windage and elevation and lock them in place, and that’s precisely what this model offers. First of all, you can make instant use of the micro knobs available for making adjustments. Then, you can lock them in place without any tools, which is another great plus.

You can actually get this model in 3 different configurations, with 3 pins, 5 pins, or 7 pins, so, depending on your skill level, you can choose the right one for your needs.

Another thing that will please you is that the dual position mount allows you to mount the bow sight so that it fits properly to your shooting style. At 7.4 ounces, it is a pretty light bow sight, and it will be a pleasure for you to use it.



One of the essential features of this model is the Retina Lock technology, used for helping you improve form and precision and that in an intuitive manner.

Reach for the micro-adjustment knobs available and fiddle with them to get the right windage and elevation; then lock them without using any extra tools.

The .019 fiber optics pins are handy, and you will be able to adjust your bow so that you are always on target, depending on the distance.

There is an adjustable second axis, which makes this bow sight even more versatile than many other models available on the market.



On some bows, you will have to reverse the mounting to make the sight work as intended.

An extra light is almost a necessity, as the fiber optics are pretty dull on this model, so getting an additional accessory is highly recommended.

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2. IQ Ultralite 5 Pin Bow Sight


When you go shopping for a bow sight, there are specific requirements you have in mind for sure. This IQ bow hunting sight is ideal for most shooters because of the multiple benefits it offers. First, let’s explain why this model is called Ultra Lite. The reason is simple; the bow sight weighs only 5.6 ounces, which is not something many other models on the market can compete with.

The construction of the bow sight is entirely from fiber polymer, a type of material that’s highly resistant to impact. Another nice touch you will notice is that the sight comes with a silent coat finish, which makes it look cool and deadly.

Another thing you may like about it is the fact that it’s an affordable IQ bow sight, so people who shop on a budget will surely find it attractive. The 5 pins available have a .019 configuration, so you can count on them for precision and not covering your dot for extra accuracy.

In case you want to mount an extra light on the sight, it is possible, as this model is compatible with the Rheostat sight light S15000, but unfortunately, this accessory is not included with your purchase.



Eliminate all the guessing work from your shooting sessions by getting this bow sight that comes with the critically acclaimed Retina Lock technology that helps you develop muscle memory and better form.

With tighter groups, you will start shooting with greater accuracy at longer distances, and that without investing in expensive archery classes.

It is a right-handed model, and it comes with 5 .019 fiber optic pins that will help you lock any target with maximum precision.

Due to its polymer construction, this bow sight is lightweight, at only 5.6 ounces, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability and sturdiness for it.

Its silent coat finish and affordable pricing make it a very attractive option for many shooters who are shopping on a budget.



Using it without a peep might provide you with erratic results, as it appears to work well for some archers, but not so great for others.

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3. IQ Bowsights 7-Pin Micro Bowsight


It is a well-known fact that shooters who want to challenge themselves, go for a configuration with multiple pins, which is why this IQ 7 pin bow sight may be right up your alley if you belong to this category. Other than more pins than its siblings, this model shares the multiple advantages they offer.

For instance, you should expect the Retina Lock technology and all its benefits to be available. This innovation introduced by IQ serves well when it comes to increasing precision. Although using pins already helps with adjusting accuracy over long distances, it is commendable that this manufacturer decided to go the extra mile and introduce this particular technology that contributes to better form and consistency.

It does so by detecting as soon as the torque or anchor point changes so that you can correct it all on the go. You will also like about this model that it comes with micro adjust knobs that can be used for choosing and locking windage and elevation.

The stack tight pins and the sight level that come with the model will convince you that this is an excellent bow sight when you want to shoot at vast distances. It is essential to notice that the bow sight is lightweight, despite its many features present on its configuration.



7-pin configurations are for those archery shooters who want to prove themselves by shooting at larger distances, so this model is precisely what they need.

With the help of the knobs present on the construction of the bow sight, you will be able to pick the right windage and elevation so that you can increase your precision significantly.

If you are interested in adapting the bow sight to your shooting style, the dual position mount will allow you to do so with zero effort.

Another benefit is the built-in sight level that will keep your sight aligned correctly and that without having you make adjustments all the time.

The Retina Lock technology will let you know immediately if your torque and anchor point change their values.



You must get an extra sight light if you want to hunt in low light conditions, as the fiber optics don’t appear very strong, and you will need the additional illumination.

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4. IQ PRO XT 5-Pin Bowsight


From all the IQ bow hunting sights available at the moment, you will not regret choosing the IQ PRO XT 5-Pin Bowsight. A configuration with 5 pins can be as helpful for a beginner as for someone with a bit of experience under his or her belt, which is why this model comes highly recommended.

One of the most important innovations brought by this manufacturer to the field of archery is, without a doubt, the Retina Lock technology that is also present on this bow sight. What happens is that this technology allows the bow sight to let you know when the anchor point or torque change so that you can correct them right away.

That will create the possibility for you to develop better habits. As you use this bow sight, you will notice how your muscle memory modifies for higher accuracy, and you achieve proper form and consistency.

These are not the sole advantages offered by this particular configuration. With the help of the micro-adjust knobs, you will be able to choose the right windage and elevation each time. The adjustment increments are extremely low, at .0015, so you can easily imagine the high accuracy you will achieve.



With .0015 per click adjustments, this bow sight is superior in its performance and accuracy, and you will have no issues locking in the right windage and elevation.

Because of the Retina Lock technology available on this model, you will be able to realize when torque and anchor point changes occur before shooting.

Due to the 6-inch extension bar, you will find it easy to adjust the bow sight to your configuration so that you achieve a precise alignment with zero headaches.

Its Retina Lock is 50% smaller than what you see in other models for increased accuracy and sensitivity.



Adjustments can be time-consuming, although the advantage of having the Retina Lock on your reticle is very helpful, otherwise.

Out of the box, it might be too tight, so you will have to work on it a little to adapt it to your needs.

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5. IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight


Another 7-pin configuration that makes it to our list is this model that comes with some pretty neat features that will convince you that it’s just the right choice for your shooting needs. You will like the OLED display that shows the yardage in blue and the battery indicator in yellow. Its scan mode will serve you well.

You will find the Retina Lock feature built-in the construction of the bow sight, and you will notice some other, very helpful characteristics. For instance, this model has a precision bubble level, and its micro-adjust knobs can be operated and locked in place without any tools.

Another nice touch is the included sight light, something you will not find in other models available on the market. With 5 brightness levels, this light will come in handy when you want to hunt in low light conditions.

Its battery-powered range-finding feature is a great thing to have, and its accuracy at 150 yards is excellent, with an error of only one yard. Also, it comes with built-in angle compensation, which means that you will get superior accuracy if you pick this particular bow sight from the many offered by this manufacturer.



The integrated Retina Lock technology will help you improve your skills as an archer, and you will be pleased to find that the slightest change in torque and anchor point is signaled right away.

Its range-finding unit is an excellent add-on, and you will be able to observe everything on the bright OLED display that comes with it.

With a 2-minute scan mode, the range finder will give you accurate information that you can use right away, while on the field.

The bow sight comes with micro adjust knobs that can be used for modifying windage and elevation so that you always manage to hit your target.

You will also like the .019 fiber optics pins that are thin enough so that they don’t obstruct your view.



The setup process for this bow sight is quite demanding time-wise, and that’s something to bear in mind when you make a purchase.

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6. FeraDyne IQ PRO XT 7-Pin Bowsight


Several things make this model from IQ stand out from the rest, even among other bow sights created by the same manufacturer. While it comes with the same Retina Lock technology you will find on many other products carrying the name of this brand, for this one, the manufacturer made it 50% smaller so that it is more sensitive and accurate.

Also, there is an extra 6-inch extension bar that allows you to mount the bow sight in such a way that you can achieve perfect alignment from the first try. You will be pleased to learn that the model comes with a mounting block that makes it quiver compatible.

The tool-free locking knobs are another great thing that you will find on this model, as well as on others. It is easy to adjust your sight for the perfect windage and elevation, as the .0015 click adjustments permit that. When locking them in place, you won’t need any tools.

If you want, you can mount an extra light since this model is compatible with the Rheostat S15000, which, however, is not included with your purchase, and you will have to purchase separately.



The Retina Lock feature on this model is 50% smaller than on others, which means that you will get extra sensitivity and accuracy, something that matters for the most ambitious archery shooters.

Equipped with 7 pins, this is the bow sight to pick if you intend to increase your accuracy at large distances, something that other configurations can’t do for you.

Due to the tool-free knobs employed for making micro-adjustments, you will discover that it is easy to pick the right windage and elevation and then lock them in place.

With a built-in sight level and stack tight pins, the configuration on this model will satisfy even the most pretentious archery shooters.

You can mount a light on this model, although one is not included in the price.



You must bring in extra brightness as the pins don’t light up as much as you would expect from a bow sight in this price range.

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7. IQ Ultralite 5 Pin Bow Sight


Another lightweight model that IQ sells under its brand is this 5-pin bow sight. As you may already expect from a bow sight carrying this name, accuracy is one of the first advantages you will be able to enjoy. This happens because of the Retina Lock technology in place that helps you correct your errors before shooting.

Even the slightest change in torque or anchor point can make you miss your target, which is why the Retina Lock is so handy. When such changes occur, you will get instant feedback, and that will modify your habits, too. Not only will you get better accuracy by being on target each time, but you will develop your skills, too.

It should be mentioned that this is a left-handed model, which is something to bear in mind since you should always get the right accessories for your bow so that they fit your shooting style. Because of its fiber polymer construction, the model weighs just 5.6 ounces, which is almost half of what most models weigh.

Since the fiber optics pins cannot be particularly bright when shooting in low light conditions, you might want to install an extra light on your bow sight. This model is compatible with the Rheostat S15000, but you will have to get it by shelling out more money.



This left-handed bow sight is ideal for archers who can’t use right-handed models, and it offers all the expected benefits.

Due to its lightweight construction, made possible by the fiber polymer material used for the body, it won’t encumber your bow in any way.

Its 5 pins are enough for shooting at the most common distances used by hunters for taking down prey, so you can make maximum use of what is offered.

Since it comes with a silent coat finish, this bow sight looks excellent, and it will also help remain concealed when you are stalking prey in the wild.

The Retina Lock technology will detect the slightest change in torque or anchor point and will provide you with immediate feedback.



You might experience some trouble with the process of setting up the bow sight, and you might have to consult additional information on how to do it correctly.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


You must have heard plenty of great things about the best IQ bow sights, and now you want to get one for your bow. However, as you will see right away, there are many bow sights made by this brand, and telling them apart is not an easy job. We are here to help you by providing some guidelines on what aspects to focus on when making a purchase.

How many pins do you need?

The bow sights sold by IQ and its parent company FeraDyne Outdoors come in various configurations, so that’s the first thing you should focus on. You will find models with 3 pins, with 5 pins, or with 7 pins, and you may wonder what’s the difference between them.

Because these bow sights come with multiple pins instead of a single one that must be adjusted, they are easier to use. They eliminate the guessing work as you just need to change the pin, and you will get the accuracy required at a certain distance with minimal effort on your part. They will help you shoot at various distances, such as 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and so on.

The more pins you have, the larger distances you will be able to cover. As you may well notice on your own, most of the IQ bow sight reviews you can read online recommend getting first a model with fewer pins. This recommendation is explainable by the fact that most shooters won’t aim at targets that are, let’s say, farther than 40 yards.

However, if you are the type of archery shooter who wants to shoot at targets that are located at farther distances than 40 yards, you will want to go for a 7-pin configuration, which is pretty much addressed to professionals. Still, anyone can pick such a setup in his or her struggle to become better.


Weight and overall construction

As you compare various models, you will also notice that there are also differences between the materials used and the features added, which can have a significant impact on the overall weight of the sight. If you want a cheap IQ bow sight, you might also see that it is one of the lightweight models, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it is less sturdy and durable.

A common choice for bow sights, as far as materials are concerned, is fiber polymer. This material offers the advantage of being lightweight, and that without sacrificing durability. IQ is a brand well-known for the sturdy models it makes, and that is why you can rest assured that they are an excellent choice.

As for weight, if you need a model with multiple pins, those with more numerous pins will be, as a rule of thumb, heavier. However, you should know that the differences in weight are not extremely important, which means that, no matter what model you choose, unless you are particular about not encumbering your bow with extra accessories.

Retina Lock and what it does

Read any IQ bow sight review, and you will notice that the vast majority talks about something called the Retina Lock technology. This innovation was introduced by IQ to ensure that people purchasing its bow sights will have the possibility to increase their accuracy tremendously and develop some good habits in the process.

With the help of this technology, you will know whenever a change in torque or anchor point occurs. Why is this aspect important? First of all, even the minutest modification in torque and anchor point can throw your aim on target off by quite a lot. That means that it greatly serves to have an assistant that provides you with immediate feedback on what you’re doing wrong.

In time, this feature helps with the development of muscle memory so that you quickly align your reticle on target, and you will also achieve better form and consistency. While this feature is present on many IQ products, you will discover that models with higher performance have a more sensitive Retina Lock, designed to be smaller and provide even greater accuracy.

Therefore, that’s one aspect you should verify when you browse through the various models available from this brand.


Are there any accessories included?

By definition, fiber optics pins are not designed to perform exceedingly well in low light conditions, which means that you should consider purchasing some accessories that can make your bow sight work regardless of circumstances.

One of the most common accessories you will need is a sight light, but you may notice that not many IQ models come with one included. If that’s the case, you should check to see what kind of light the bow sight can accommodate so that you know what to purchase. A range finder is also a cool addition you might find on some bow sights made by this brand.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are bow sights universal?

One thing you must be interested to know is whether you can pick just any bow sight and mount it on your bow or not. The good news is that most models you can currently find on the market are, indeed, universal, and you can mount them on any bow you want to use them for maximum accuracy.

However, you should be more concerned with getting the right bow sight for your needs. For instance, if you want to use it for bowhunting, you should go for a model that is lightweight and compact. In case you’re more interested in target practice, you will need one that’s heavy and comes equipped with a long bracket.

Regardless of the bow sight you purchase, you can be assured that your accuracy will increase, and you will be able to hit more targets than usual. That’s the primary role of a bow sight.

Q: How many pins should my bow sight have?

There is quite a bit of a debate regarding this topic. You will find many expert hunters that suggest sticking to only a few pins, as having too many of them will only cause only confusion. That is why you will hear plenty of people telling you that having 3 pins on your bow sight is enough.

However, if you are interested in increasing your accuracy with target practice, having 5 or 7 pins can come in handy, as you will challenge yourself to pick the right pin quickly. Depending on what’s your ultimate goal – to take down prey fast or become a better sharpshooter – you should choose the configuration you believe in working better for you.

Also, another thing you should know is that multiple pins are handy when shooting at large distances, such as more than 40 yards. In case you’re not interested in this aspect, you will do just fine with a reduced number of pins.


Q: How do bow sights work?

Another essential question you must find an answer for is how bow sights work. Understanding the basic principles will also help you in the process of picking the right now. First, you must know that there are single-pin sights and multiple-pin sights.

The first category comes with a single pin that can be adjusted while on the field. The others are also called fixed pin sights because the role of the multiple pins is to be set up for certain distances. Adjusting them once you are out on the field isn’t easy, hence the name.

You will notice that the pins can be set at various distances, such as 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and so on. Make sure that you understand the limitations of your bow so that you can set the pins accordingly. Also, don’t tighten the screws too much when attaching a sight, as that could end up damaging your bow.


Q: Is IQ a good brand for bow sights?

While shopping for bow sights, you will notice that there is a brand that pops out in any top for recommended gear of this type. The brand is called IQ, and it is part of the FeraDyne Outdoors company that gathers multiple brands under its umbrella.

What you should know about this brand is that it produces top of the line bow sights, so if your mind is set on one of its products, you can’t go wrong. First of all, it doesn’t make only bow sights, but anything archery related, such as crossbows, arrows, targets, and so on.

If there is one thing that makes an IQ bow sight stand out from the rest is the Retina Lock technology used for achieving proper alignment. This feature is a light that the user adjusts so that the black dot gets in the middle. That will reduce the possibility of losing accuracy by moving while you pull back the string.


Q: Where are the IQ bow sights made?

IQ is part of FeraDyne Outdoors that has its headquarters in Wisconsin, USA, but most of the products it sells are made overseas. Therefore, they are imported from China, where manufacturing facilities are located, and sold in the US via outlets and online shops.

However, the constant innovations employed on the bow sights IQ makes put them right on the same place with models made in the US, and it is clear that the manufacturer doesn’t spare anything when it comes to ensuring the highest quality.

That is why you will find that many people, even experienced hunters, prefer bow sights made by IQ, especially since they are also a bit more affordable. Even if they are made overseas, these bow sights will convince you that they are the right tools for increasing your accuracy. Their pricing remains unbeatable for the quality they provide.



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