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Best magnasonic jewelry cleaner

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners – Buying Guide & Comparison


If time is of the essence, but you want to find the best Magnasonic jewelry cleaner, this short paragraph might assist you in doing just that. Based on our findings, it appears that the model you should consider is the Magnasonic UC71 as it is convenient, budget-friendly, and rather easy to utilize. Besides, this particular model has a tank with a capacity of 850 milliliters, thus allowing you to use it for a variety of parts and jewelry pieces. Unlike other units in the same line, the UC71 can employ its dual-wave ultrasonic technology for cleaning various items, whether you intend to make your eyeglasses or medical instruments look like brand new. The tank has been made out of stainless steel which is an indication of the quality of the product and the way it will last over time. If the UC71 is no longer available, you should consider the second best ultrasonic case cleaner, the Magnasonic CD2800.



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If you’ve been meaning to purchase the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner from Magnasonic but you’re finding it hard to tell what model best suits your needs, we’re here to help. We’ve created a buyer’s guide that can take you through all the factors you should consider before finally deciding to invest your cents in a particular model. If you have the time, don’t hesitate to keep on reading.

Your purpose

If you’ve ended up here, you’re probably looking for a cleaner that can be used for jewelry. Or are you? The fact is that these devices can be quite versatile and can be utilized for a broad variety of applications. For example, dentists and people interested in cleaning lab samples can use such a product because they might not require a too large model.

Something other that you need to look at is whether or not you may want to clean anything that has been dipped or smeared with grease or oil. In this case, it would be a better idea to choose a unit that has been equipped with a heater as it will do its job more efficiently. If you plan to clean samples or parts that have been contaminated with blood, you do not require this heating feature.


Consider the size of the device

Not all options are constructed the same, which is to say that they can be made out of various materials, but they can also vary in terms of dimensions. It goes without saying that one of the first things you must do is analyze the size of the equipment or jewelry you intend to clean with the product.

Look at the largest samples or parts and purchase your cleaner in accordance with their size. Math their specific dimensions to those of the basket and not with those of the tank. In order to prolong the life of your cleaner, you will have to use a basket as the bottom of the tank vibrates and can get damaged far more quickly when jewelry pieces and other samples are placed right on its surface.


Consider the ultrasonic frequency

The majority of the units we have come across while performing our research operate at frequencies ranging from 35 kHz to 45 kHz. Choosing the right frequency matters because a lower one can be used for different things compared to a higher one.

For example, 25 kHz might do wonders if you are looking to remove polishing paste or abrasives from carbon steel or stainless steel parts; however, the same rule does not apply in the case of soft metals that boast polished surfaces.

So, if you want to clean fine jewelry and electronics pieces, you’d need a frequency of over 100 kHz. This way, the machine would be able to create smaller cavitation bubbles that would do the trick exactly.


Crucial features you ought to look for

While some functions you could do without, other features make the difference if you are planning to get a good-quality alternative. We suggest purchasing a model that has been outfitted with a tank made out of stainless steel.

Also, it would be a good idea to select a unit that can be plugged directly into the wall as it is said that batteries do not produce enough electrical current for such machines to work properly.

Both the basket and the cover should be provided in the deal, and that’s not only because they will save you some extra pennies. You have a better chance of getting a basket that’s entirely compatible with the tank if it comes in the box from the manufacturer. This choice will save you precious time that you’d otherwise spend testing and measuring baskets so as to make sure that they work for your tank.


Convenience is key

Although you might prefer to focus on the features you need when you use a professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you should never forget those things that can make its use comfortable for you. For instance, you should always pick a unit that’s easy to operate.

You can tell more about this aspect by checking the literature provided by the manufacturer with your purchase. For instance, you should see if the unit you intend to purchase comes with preset cleaning cycles. These preset cycles can be very convenient when you need to clean different types of jewelry.

Also, it definitely serves if the unit comes with a digital display that can show you what setting you picked or other details, such as the time needed for a cycle to finish. Depending on the price range, the digital display can provide you with more information than others.

While you might think of it this way, such conveniences are also a sign of quality. You can’t have a professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner without proper settings and features for the owner to use with zero headaches. Therefore, always check for good quality models that offer such conveniences.



3 Best Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners (Reviews) in 2021


Should you be willing to save some time, you might want to have a look at the following products. They have been selected following an analysis of the best Magnasonic jewelry cleaner reviews. Based on the feedback we’ve come across, they seem to be perfectly capable of doing what they’re supposed to.



1. iTronics Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer


In spite of the fact that it is one of the most reasonably priced choices we have come across, the Magnasonic UC71 manages to offer plenty of bang for the buck. It’s a professional grade cleaning system that can be used to get rid of grime and oil that your tools and jewelry pieces might have been covered in over time.

Besides, the dual wave ultrasonic technology employed by this device makes it possible for the parts to avoid getting damaged, which, of course, is something any prospective buyer should be after. The unit boasts a digital display that can be used to select just the right settings with ease.

It’s also worth noting that the model has been outfitted with an auto shutoff feature that makes operation safe. You have the freedom to choose from any of the five available cleaning cycles that range from 90 to 600 seconds.

The tank that the UC71 has been outfitted with is made out of stainless steel, and its capacity is estimated at 28 oz (850ml).



The UC71 comes with a tank that’s been made out of stainless steel.

The digital display that this model has been equipped with makes it easy to utilize, especially as prospective buyers can select any of the five available cleaning cycles that the device is preset with.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the items you can clean with the UC71 as it can be utilized for anything from dentures to watches and necklaces, as well as glasses.

The 28-oz tank capacity appears to be more than enough in most cases.



There have been owners who have reported that cleaning eyeglasses should be done with care as the frame can be damaged if it is painted.

It appears that adding some dish soap to the water used in the ultrasonic cleaner helps if you want to get rid of dirt and grime from any rings.


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2. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Machine


If you’re in the market for a somewhat more affordable cleaner, perhaps you should take the time to look at the specs of the CD2800. It’s compact, easy to utilize, and has been found to do its job both efficiently and conveniently. Over four thousand owners have taken to the internet to express their favorable views on how this device helps them on a regular basis.

As for versatility, the CD2800 can be utilized to clean a wide array of items, whether you wish to make your combs, instruments, or rings look like they are brand new. Granted, the capacity of the tank that the CD2800 has been equipped with is somewhat lower when compared to that of some of its competitors, but this detail doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker.

The 20 oz (600ml) stainless steel tank will give you the opportunity to clean both large and small jewelry pieces at the same time. You can use tap water with this model as it doesn’t require anything else; however, if you’d like to take the cleaning process to a whole new level, you can add a small amount of detergent.  



This model doesn’t cost a fortune, which is something you ought to keep in mind if you want to make sure you’re getting a budget-friendly jewelry cleaner.

A cleaning cycle takes as little as three minutes, thus allowing you to save some time and get back to enjoying your items once again.

The capacity of the tank seems to be more than satisfactory as there have been users saying that they’ve managed to clean four rings, two necklaces, a watch band, as well as two bracelets on a single session.

The unit has acquired the appreciation of more than four thousand customers, which practically speaks for itself if you were to estimate its quality.



There aren’t many options in terms of cleaning cycles as you can either use the 3-minute one or repeat the process time and again, in case the jewelry pieces are particularly dirty.


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3. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner 


In case you have bigger plans for your ultrasonic cleaner and don’t intend to utilize it for home applications, the MGUC500 bonus pack might interest you quite a bit. It’s composed of not one, but two professional cleaners that can be used for commercial applications. It stands to reason that this shouldn’t stop you if you are resolute on getting a high-quality jewelry cleaner.

The MGUC500 comes with five preset cleaning cycles as well as an auto shutoff feature. On the one hand, the latter makes it safe to use, and on the other, the five cycles will assist you in your activities as you won’t have to set the device time and again.

The digital display is fairly easy to operate, and the neat thing about this model is that it comes with a basket. With other alternatives, you would have been forced to purchase it separately. As is the case with some of the other units we’ve described, this one can be utilized with simple tap water.



The bundle is composed of two easy-to-use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that can generate 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound to get rid of the dirt and grime your valuables might have been hiding under.

The product can be used for a broad variety of parts, instruments, and jewelry, thus letting you make the most of it.

The five preset cleaning cycles help you get rid of some of the hassle associated with the process itself as you won’t have to reset the device over and over again.

The 20 oz capacity is usually enough for most purposes.

A basket is included in the deal, which is an advantage in itself.



If you were to buy just one model, you’d pay less than you would for the 2-piece bundle.


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