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Optiscope Night Vision – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main technical features


The vision range at night, for this unit, is 328 feet, so that you can cover more ground without any hindrance when you go hunting, hiking, camping, or getting engaged in surveillance work.

A built-in zoom feature makes this model stand out, as you will find it easy to focus on details, and that without having to operate additional buttons.

For those interested in getting the most for their money, the video and image capabilities will surely sound great; transferring them to other devices is intuitive, as well.

Equipped with multi-coated optics, this night vision monocular maximizes the amount of light it captures so that it can render a clear picture, even in dim light conditions.

You can make good use of the available 4GB mini SD card, by storing all your pictures and videos, without the need for an additional device on hand.


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In-depth information


As far as night vision goes, you will find that this model offers some substantial benefits and performance. It comes with an infrared LED illuminator so that you can see in the darkness. For a model this cheap, it is its overall performance that will convince you that it is an excellent buy. Equipped with multi-coated optics, this model will maximize the amount of light that goes through the lens to offer a clear image, or as clear as it could be in dim light conditions. Other features that will increase the overall satisfaction when using this model is the 328-foot vision range at night and the zoom function that lets you bring the image in front of you three times closer.

Many people appreciate being able to snap pictures and record videos with the help of their night vision monocular, and this model from Optiscope readily offers such capabilities. Not only you will be able to record your videos and take pictures, but you will be able to store them on the provided 4GB mini SD card and transfer them later to your PC. You can also see them on your TV screen, which is another big plus.

The overall quality of the materials and the workmanship employed in making this night vision monocular will convince you that this model is worth taking a closer look at. The position of the buttons for a smooth operation was thought with the user’s ergonomics in mind, and you will find it comfortable to use, in any situation. As the manufacturer places great trust in this product, it offers one-year of limited warranty, and also provides all users with access to its customer service for any issues that you might encounter with its products.


Known issues

Some reviewers comment on the fact that working with the eyepiece adjustment feature is awkward and somewhat tricky.

While good for nighttime observation, it is not the most indicated option if you want a device that can work in complete darkness with the same ease as in the daytime, other buyers say.


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